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female body swap and posession drama or movie
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From: herdasulistianto , 47 months, post #561
  1. 560 not found

From: guest (suparman susanto) , 47 months, post #562 or you can watch it at pianba tv and copy paste this title 美人皮

From: guest (leman) , 47 months, post #563
Garnier serikan hatimu season 2 female to female bodyswap short story
every monday

From: guest (leman) , 47 months, post #564
serikan hatimu 2 episode 1

From: guest (help3r) , 47 months, post #565
is there more from serikan haitmu 2? Seems like episode 1 was posted a while ago. Also does he original serikan hatimu have to do with a F2F swap as well?

From: guest (leman) , 47 months, post #566
the season 1 serikan hatimu have a different story the women have the power of hearing,the season 2 have a female body swap swap,just aired last night every monday 9.50pm malaysia time ,the show started trailer last week.

From: herdasulistianto , 47 months, post #567

From: guest (pb) , 47 months, post #568

what is the title of this

From: guest (Gnosis) , 47 months, post #569
@pb It's from Ichhapyaari Naagin

From: guest (nazaro) , 47 months, post #570
great finding

From: guest (Rx) , 47 months, post #571
Do you know what episode this is?

From: f2flover , 47 months, post #572
Excellent multiple F2F bodyswaps in Art of the Devil (2020) Thai Lakorn. 2 orphans steal the bodies of beautiful rich girls.

Click to show spoiler
Cenr naq Fnv jrer becunaf naq gurl jrer nqbcgrq ol n jbzna Sba jub jnagrq gurz gb jbefuvc gur 3 rlrq tbq. Fnv ena njnl ba ure 15gu oveguqnl nsgre fgrnyvat unys bs gur cbjre bs Sba jura fur qvfpbirerq gur gehgu.Cenr unq ure yvsr ehvarq ol n tebhc bs ornhgvshy sryybj fghqragf jub gubhtug gung Cenr fyrcg jvgu Nln'f oblsevraq Oenir jura vg jnf npghnyyl Nln'f orfg sevraq Yvyva jub frqhprq Oenir naq unq gurve grnpure uryc senzrq Cenr. Cenr jnf encrq ol n tebhc bs uverq zra naq unq oynpx zntvp pnfg ba ure gb xvyy ure. Sba fnirq ure ol genafsreevat ure erznvavat cbjre gb ure. N qlvat Sba gbyq Cenr gung fur arrq gb erpbire gur bgure unys bs gur cbjre be xrrc fjvgpuvat obqvrf ryfr fur jvyy or pbafgnagyl or va terng cnva naq qvr.Cenr pnfgengrq Oenir naq qrpvqrq gb fjnc obqvrf jvgu Nln sbe n serfu fgneg. Gur arj Nln xvyyrq ure byq obql. Yvyva naq ure oblsevraq Qna neevirq gb pbasebag Nln. Qna fubg Nln naq Yvyva gbyq uvz gb tb svaq uryc.Nsgre Qna yrsg, Yvyva erirnyrq gung fur vf npghnyyl Fnv. Jura Cenr naq Fnv jrer va gur becunantr, n xvaq yvggyr tvey Yvyva bsgra ivfvg gur becunaf jvgu ure jrnygul cneragf. Fnv jnf raivbhf bs gung Yvyva'f unccl snzvyl. Nsgre ure rfpncr, fur punaprq hcba Yvyva naq xvqanccrq ure. Fnv fjnccrq obqvrf jvgu Yvyva naq xvyyrq ure byq obql, fhpprffshyyl gnxvat bire Yvyva'f yvsr.Yvyva erpbirerq Cenr'f unys bs gur cbjre ol rngvat ure syrfu. Cenr qvrq. Naq jr nyfb qvfpbirerq Qna unf orra haqre n ybir fcryy pnfg ol Yvyva. Yvyva yvirq unccvyl rire nsgre.

From: guest (Townsiam) , 46 months, post #573
What episode?

From: guest (Patos) , 46 months, post #574
where can i watch

From: guest (Stag) , 46 months, post #575
Episode 8.

begining of the episode (2minute mark) and towards the end (30 minute mark)

From: guest (Curious) , 46 months, post #576

From: guest (Stag) , 46 months, post #577

From: guest (Gnosis) , 46 months, post #578
Surprised this isn't talked about on the board, as I feel this would appeal to many of us here:

Kasane (累 ―かさね―): Japanese thriller movie based on manga of the same name. An ugly, timid girl with brilliant acting talent and an beautiful aspiring actress with no talent arrange a deal to swap faces using a magical lipstick so they can both get what they wanted.

From: guest (Joseikarada) , 46 months, post #579
ลองของ 3

From: guest (Stag) , 46 months, post #580
Thanks f2flover (post# 572) & Gnosis (post# 578) for sharing!! These are awesome additions and both are something I'm into.

Please continue to share additional tv shows/movies like these, especially from the Asian markets. I'm not as familiar with those regions for F2F and I'm sure there are still a bunch of good things we're missing. :-)

Thank you!

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