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tf games site
From: Nptox18 , 3 months, post #1
Hi to all.

For those who play games from the tfgames site - - which ones do you recommend??? For what reasons???

i really much like both Student Transfer and Press Switch for the ideas and stories. Any similar???

Best Regards

From: no1 , 3 months, post #2
If you like those 2 you will probably also like "High Jynx". Its another renpy game whose author has 3d rendered tons of images. Almost identical plot to the 2 you listed. High school student gets powers and changes either himself or other students, this time via a cute genie who is almost always high, and often misinterprets his 3 wishes. Plenty of TG in both directions.

Rad Science is also similar. 3d rendered renpy. In this one, 2 college boys get hit by some science goop and slowly transform over several days. Mtf and male to shemale. The author updates it in chapters and the art/animation/backgrounds get better as it goes on.

From: guest , 3 months, post #3
hmmm I dont see anything called High Jynx on the site

From: no1 , 3 months, post #4
Oh no! That sucks.

It looks like the game's creator asked for it to be removed earlier this year...

(I accidentally mistyped it. It's "High Jinx")

From: Nptox18 , 3 months, post #5
its a shame yje game got removed...would probably really liked to play it...

and thanks for the other sugestion will try it...

but the idea is not just to suggest similar games to the ones i posted but ones you play or liked to play...

best regards...

From: no1 , 3 months, post #6
Here are a few RPG Maker Games I enjoyed.

The Proteus Effect
The Male Protagonist is fresh out of College, after having barely getting the minimum GPA to graduate in "General Studies". He's desperate for a job and signs up to test a new Virtual Reality Game. Something goes wrong and now he's stuck not as the Hero of the fantasy game, but as a Farm Girl NPC. ---- I found this one to be very funny. It is story driven. There isn't a lot of fighting. Most of it can be avoided, or completed without too much effort. The author tries to add 1-2 erotic 3D render scenes (each of about 5-10 images) every update. It's largely a lighthearted comedy between the Playtester and one of the game's Developers, Ana, who also gets trapped in the game.

This Female Protagonist grew up in a medieval fantasy world in a small village. Her uncle, a mage who lived in the big city, has recently passed away and the Female Protagonist has inherited his house. She encounters the big city life and the world at large for the first time with all of its magical and erotic temptations. This game is very open world and has many quests and jobs you can take on which almost always corrupt the protagonist in one way or another. The transformations are slow and usually require you to do the same job over and over again before you can see a noticeable change in the art on the character page. Most changes hurt your character's stats which will change how she interacts with people. Some changes lock you out other quests of the game, so after playing it once or twice, you may want to look at walkthrough if think you may be missing out on some quests. Again, while this does run on the RPG engine, there is not a lot of fighting. Mostly it is story based and solving puzzles.

From: no1 , 3 months, post #7
Oh, and I would hate myself if I forgot to mention:

The Exile of Aphrodisia --- AKA The Oregon Trail with Transformations.
Humans went to a magical world of Elves, Dwarves, Demons, Snake People, Dragons, Nymphs, etc... Though they've now lived there for many generations, they have never truly been accepted by the natives. Recently, the King of the Humans went to war with the Demons and lost. Now, all the humans are exiled from this magical world. They must race back to the ancient magical portal that their ancestors used to come to this magical world. Failure to make it means enslavement by the demons.

You play as a male or female Elf who has been hired by the humans to escort them to the portal. During the game you buy supplies and manage money, food and the humans' health (and lust) just like in The Oregon Trail. Encounters along the trail lead to skill checks on the humans, and failure can lead to transformation. MTF, FTM, Inanimate, Monster Girls, Absorption, Anthro,.... There are over 100 different vignettes that describe many different types of transformation. Even your player character (the elf) can end up being transformed.

The Author commissions art from various Transformation Deviantart Artists to accompany the transformations. The game is a work in progress, but the author seems very active, updating people on his Discord. I appreciate too that the author has programmed in tags for each story and you can exclude content you are not comfortable with before the game begins.

From: guest , 3 months, post #8
You guys might also enjoy Alone Amongst Demons, Hot-LEGS and Miss-Adventures of Fred Ace ( the last one is not exactly body swapping but still great). Thanks for this post anyway, I've been looking for new games for a while, I hope some more will share a few good ones they like

From: Nptox18 , 3 months, post #9
nice sugestions...

any game you like that could be played in a browser that you enjoyed from the ones in there???

The Company - was one i thought are a guy that works on a serum that you can give suggestions for people to follow, and you keep developing new serums for the company will try to corrupt or be corrupted by people around you...

From: guest (Redface5x) , 3 months, post #10
@guest poster #8, I'm glad that you like my games!

From: treecatt , 3 months, post #11
no1: I assume you have the install for High Jinx. If so, would you be willing to make it available?

From: no1 , 3 months, post #12
@Guest (post#8). Thank you for the recommendations. I hadn't tried them yet.

@Guest (Redface5x) (post#10). Thank you! I went through Miss Adventures of Fred Ace over the past couple days, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for all the hard work and creativity you put into it.

@Treecatt (post#11). I do have High Jinx v0.58, v0.81 and the most recent v1.00 (that was only downloadable for less than a week in February). I can look into putting it up on mega or some other hosting site. I've never done that before, so I want to look into it a bit to see what's involved in that. v1.00 is pretty big. It has about 2300 rendered images. (v0.81 had 1400 images.)

From: guest , 3 months, post #13
@Redface5x I love your games, thanks for all the work. I really look forward to see them continued :D

From: guest (Blackjack) , 3 months, post #14
@no1 I think this is it here!4ocB3aAT!0sH-tax-dykQFqIxpGjgBD-9XScr9UXPsTbxpzdJwDY

From: treecatt , 3 months, post #15
@guest (Blackjack) Thanks!

From: Nptox18 , 3 months, post #16
thanks for posting the link...

and thanks for your continued effort on this post...

i recently started played the game Betrayed and it seems really good as well...

Best Regards...

From: guest (IndyJ) , 2 months, post #17
Interns of Ecstasy Island by UsagiTripleSix - It isn't long as Usagi is still working on the overall game mechanics so he's concentrating on that rather than updating the endgame but he adds some new stuff now and then. Awesome graphics. Ren'py game.

Magical (Girl) Camp - BY HLF. Veeerrrryy Slooooow long change but awesome none the less. Not done yet. RPG Maker game.

And Last but not Least The Weekend by Tufty. It has an ending of sorts but is insanely well written and has a few interesting hand drawn pictures. Has 4 paths I believe that you can reach the end of 3. Long time between updates but I look forwar to them. HTML game

From: guest (K) , 2 months, post #18

Potion Lab is by far my favorite game on there. I wish there were more transformations or AR but it's so good I don't even mind.

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