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Where i end & you begin
Where I End & You Begin
Ezra Slevin has had a crush on Imogen since the fourth grade. Now a high school junior, as he's trying to work up the courage to have a conversation with his dream girl, let alone ask her to prom, something strange happens. On the night of a solar eclipse, Ezra swaps bodies with Imogen's BFF, Wynon ...more
From: theobserver , 14 months, post #1

From: guest (Jayzie) , 14 months, post #2
Oh, if I was the sort to read books this is definitely something I'd read. I love it when a swap involves a guy and a girl who is cruel to him. This sounds fun.

From: Valkan , 14 months, post #3
If you're not into reading books there is the audiobook version

From: guest (huh) , 14 months, post #4
nothing is lazier writing then the crappy trope boyfriend did girl wrong, so he deserves to the hot girl deserves nothing and the nerd/ugly/fat person is good and deserves the basic

From: kreplach , 14 months, post #5
I'm only halfway though this book, so not a full review but I wanted to post on this thread before it rolls off.

This book is SO good. It's YA, basically a PG-13 rating, so nothing sexually explicit but there's a ton in here that TG fans will love. Also, it's just a good book with sympathetic 3D characters, an interesting plot and a mystery surrounding the bodyswapping at its core. It's well written, none of the previously mentioned tropes in sight.

As for TG content, here's just a taste of what's transpired up to near the midpoint. The narrator describes waking up after the first long term swap in just panties and a tank top. He's embarrassed at that point but it quickly becomes apparent that he really enjoys being in a girl's body. He loves dressing up in her clothes and rocking her 80's chic style. He learns to walk in heels. He describes getting naked for a shower in her body for the first time, and looking at her boobs, nipples in particular, and her "va-jim-jam" (it's not graphic, but more than I expected in YA). He enjoys the powerful feeling of looking good and the effect his flirting has on a boy. This one I'll post as a spoiler.Click to show spoiler
Ur trgf nyy qbyyrq hc ol uvf pehfu (uvf obql'f OSS) gb tb ba n qngr jvgu uvf orfg sevraq.

If you like TG, I highly recommend this book. If you're indifferent to TG, I highly recommend this book. And just to be clear, I have no connection to the author and only heard about the book from the OP.

From: guest (Domino) , 13 months, post #6
@kreplach This was a pretty good read that satisfied my M2F itch - thanks for the recommendation!

From: guest (Spectre) , 13 months, post #7
Won't be able to read but I might cave on the audio book,
can you please give more spoilers to see if its worth it?

From: kreplach , 13 months, post #8
Thanks go to @theobserver. I wouldn't have known about this book otherwise.

I don't usually read YA since I'm not remotely "Y", but I enjoyed it immensely, and because of the TG aspect I couldn't stop thinking about it. The protagonist, Ezra, like the author, doesn't feel completely male and seems to really enjoy exploring his feminine side.

Here's one quote I won't make a spoiler tag for since it's included in the free to download Kindle edition preview: "I opened my eyes. Glanced down at my hands, palms flat against the cold tile. Except they weren’t my hands. They were smaller. Thinner. Smoother. Each fingernail was painted electric blue. That’s when I noticed the tufts of electric-blue hair framing my periphery."

Click to show spoiler
Gur svefg rkgraqrq fjnc: "V fng hc va orq. Furrgf bs ryrpgevp-oyhr unve pnfpnqrq qbja rvgure fvqr bs zl snpr. Bu fuvg. V ernpurq hc gb gbhpu zl snpr. Arvgure zl snpr abe zl unaqf sryg snzvyvne. V fjnyybjrq naq tynaprq qbja. V jnf jrnevat n ybbfrsvggvat Ina Unyra gnax gbc. Zl tnmr, ubjrire, fubg fgenvtug qbja gur inyyrl bs gjb fbsg zbhagnvaf nggnpurq gb zl purfg. Jung gur shpx, jung gur shpx, jung gur nofbyhgr shpx? Zl urnq fanccrq hcevtug. V ebgngrq zl tnmr hagvy V jnf ybbxvat ng zl ersyrpgvba va n fyvqvat-zveebe-qbbe pybfrg. V jnf Jlabaan shpxvat Wbarf."

Click to show spoiler
Zber sebz jnxvat hc: "V chyyrq zlfrys bhg bs zl orq/avtugfgnaq abbx, xvpxrq zl yrtf bhg bs gur furrgf, naq fgnttrerq gb zl srrg. Gur ragver zrpunavpf bs zl obql sryg bss. Sbe fgnegref, gur uvcf. Gurl jrer irel zhpu…gurer. Ohg gur fhogyr qvssreraprf va gur jnl V zbirq jrer bayl n fyvtug qvfgenpgvba sebz gur snpg gung V jnfa’g jrnevat nal cnagf. Jlabaan’f obql jnfa’g jrnevat nal cnagf. Whfg n cnve bs fbsg oynpx cnagvrf gung uneqyl sryg yvxr gurl jrer gurer. Gurl uhttrq gur ovmneer pheirf bs zl obql, rzcunfvmrq gur snpg gung zl ohytr unq orra uvwnpxrq, naq jrer arngyl ghpxrq vagb zl ohgg."

Click to show spoiler
"Bu tbq. Zl avccyrf. Gurl jrer yvxr n cnve bs gjva cvfgby oneeryf, ybpxrq naq ybnqrq naq ernql. N oen. V arrqrq n oen."

Click to show spoiler
Jlabaan vf syrkvat va Rmen'f obql, nqzvevat uvf qrygbvqf. Gb Rmen va ure obql orsber urnqvat bss gb gur fubjre: "Bxnl, crrc fubj’f bire, cerggl ynql."

Click to show spoiler
Trggvat zber pbzsbegnoyr va uvf fjnccrq obql: "Jlabaan’f obql jnf jrveq. Naq V qba’g zrna gung nf “hanggenpgvir.” Zber yvxr harkcrpgrq. Ure gvgf unq n ovmneer funcr (abg nf ebhaq nf V rkcrpgrq), naq ure avccyrf unq n fgenatr pbybe (oebja, irel oebja), naq gura gurer jnf gur fb-pnyyrq in-wvz-wnz. Rkprcg vg jnf xvaq bs uneq gb trg n tbbq ybbx ng vg orpnhfr vg jnf pbirerq va unve. Ntnva, abguvat hanggenpgvir nobhg vg. Vg jnf whfg…jrveq. Yvxr V jnf na nfgebanhg rkcybevat gur fhesnpr bs na nyvra cynarg. Harkcrpgrq naq vagevthvat."

Click to show spoiler
Trggvat qerffrq: "V chyyrq ba fbzr cynva oyhr cnagvrf gung svg pbzsbegnoyl. Gurer jnf znlor n cneg bs zr gung gubhtug V unq gb zngpu Jlabaan’f unve naq anvyf. Gura V ehzzntrq guebhtu Jlabaan’f wrnaf hagvy V sbhaq jung V gubhtug jrer gur avprfg cnve. Gurl jrer gur bayl cnve gung jrer fbyvq punepbny, jvgu ab snxr evcf be grnef. Gurl jrer fxvaal naq sbezsvggvat, ohg abg guvpx naq fgvss—hayvxr arneyl rirel cnve bs wrnaf V unq rire bjarq. Gur zngrevny jnf syrkvoyr naq svg yvxr n tybir nebhaq zl nff—na nfftybir—juvpu fbhaqf ubeevoyl vainfvir, ohg tbq, gurl sryg fb evtug! Arkg hc: gur oen. V frggyrq ba n oyhr bar gung zngpurq zl haqrejrne—abg gung nalbar jbhyq xabj, ohg V jbhyq, naq zngpuvat frrzrq vzcbegnag gb zl zragny urnygu evtug abj. Gurer frrzrq gb or n ybg bs fgencf vaibyirq, ubjrire, naq vg gbbx zr n fbyvq guvegl frpbaqf gb svther bhg juvpu raq jnf gur gbc. Vg gura gbbx zr svir jubyr zvahgrf gb ernyvmr gung gur bayl jnl gb pyvc vg gbtrgure jnf nebhaq zl jnvfg. Jura V fbyirq gung zlfgrel, vg fyvq hc fzbbguyl, naq fyvqvat zl nezf vagb gur fubhyqre fgencf jnf rnfl-crnfl."

Click to show spoiler
Nsgre Jlabaan gryyf Rmen gung Vzbtra ybirf qbvat znxrbiref sbe fcrpvny bppnfvbaf: "Lbh'er tbvat gb ybbx yvxr n Qvfarl cevaprff."

Click to show spoiler
Orsber gur qngr jvgu Ubyqra, Rmen tbrf frzv-sbezny qerff fubccvat, trgf n znav-crqv naq tbrf gb gur fnyba. Vzbtra qbrf uvf znxrhc naq ur obeebjf fbzr urryf sebz ure zbgure. Gur qngr tbrf ubeevoyl jebat jura Ubyqra trgf n ovg sevfxl, onfrq ba nqivpr sebz Jlabaan nf Rmen ("Jlarmen" va gur obbx) jub jnf ubcvat gurl'q or fjnccrq onpx ol gura. Nf guvatf ner oybjvat hc, Rmen rkcrevraprf Jlabaan'f crevbq fgnegvat.

Click to show spoiler
Ng bar cbvag, gurl fgnl fjnccrq jvgubhg fjvgpuvat onpx sbe n zbagu.

Click to show spoiler
"Lbh'er fhpu n frafvgvir thl, Rmen. V yvxr gung.""V'z ba zl crevbq", V fnvq favssyvat.

Click to show spoiler
Gur obbx raqf jvgu gurz hafjnccrq. Gur ubhe gung gurl unir orra fjnccvat jura va gurve bja obqvrf cnffrf, vzcylvat gurl znl abg fjnc ntnva. Ohg gur ehyrf bs gur fjnccvat punatrq orsber (jura gurl fgnlrq fjnccrq) fb vg'f abg pyrne gung gurl jba'g rire fjnc ntnva.

From: guest (Spectre) , 13 months, post #9
I was absolutely loving this until the extended swap.
The book goes into excruciating detail about stuff(like 30 minutes on the mc's Depp impersonations) but as soon as they stay swapped more than a few hours it cuts immediately to a month in.

just about killed my interest.

From: DB Cooper , 13 months, post #10
I got my copy from the library, anxious to read. Where were these books when I was a teen?

From: cj , 13 months, post #11
Thanks for the recommendation.

From: DB Cooper , 13 months, post #12
I personally enjoyed this. In other teen body swap books/movies, the boy is almost always horrified at the thought of having to act like a girl. Our hero, Ezra, is just the opposite. He says he's not transgender or genderfluid, but he doesn't consider himself to be 100% male, either, and really makes an effort to look good as Wynona. He views Wynona's body as more of a curiosity rather than a peepshow, noticing things like having different teeth and a different laugh. He inherits Wynona's dyslexia and she get his insomnia. Also...

Click to show spoiler
Gurve cyna gb jbb gur bgure'f qernz crefba fhpprrqf, jvgu Vzbtrar yvxvat Rmen naq Ubyqra yvxvat Jlaban. Rira nsgre gurl pbasrff gung gurl'ir fjnccrq obqvrf. Vzbtrar vf ovfrkhny naq unf ab ceboyrz jvgu xvffvat Rmen va Jlaban'f obql. Ubyqra vf fgenvtug, ohg riraghnyyl nyybjf uvzfrys gb xvff Rmen'f obql, fb ybat nf Jlaban vf vafvqr. Guvf obbx jrag n ybg snegure guna zbfg LN obbxf va guvf traer tb.

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