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The innate error in most TF writing
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From: guest (KJ) , 42 months, post #41
It fits in with the earlier rant

From: guest (SquidSquib) , 42 months, post #42
Wow, I think of all the TF sites I have ever visited, this one is the cruelest among its commentators. Some of the things you guys say to each other I find just astounding. You could find nicer people in an anger management group after they've all had a few. This is just absurd how rude and demeaning and condescending everyone is to each other. That and the level of generalizations is ridiculous.

I don't know if its the level of anonymity this site offers that attracts such vicious characters or if this site just inherently attracts the underbelly of the TF community. Get a grip guys and gals and realize not everyone shares your tastes. Jesus, I think I'd rather 5 minutes in a tank filled with piranhas that spend a day with any of you. This place is depressing as far as my outlook on humanity goes. You all ought to be ashamed of yourself for treating your fellow man and woman gay or straight or whatever the way that you're doing here.

I encourage everyone in this thread to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask themselves if this is who you really are and if you're proud of the comments you made here. Despicable.

I can honestly say I think I'm going to stray away from this site from now on, it's way too judgmental and just plain vicious. All of you need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and learn some empathy for your fellow man/ woman, regardless of who they are or what interests them. This entire thread is a silly vicious mess.

From: guest , 42 months, post #43

Just go away already.. Nothing of value is lost. You will not be missed.

From: guest (titomrtito) , 42 months, post #44
I would think the problem is readers thinking their opinion matters, it is the authors story or vision...just because you don't like it doesn't mean it is a problem at fact it might be a strength to many who completely disagree with your views

From: guest (titomrtito) , 42 months, post #45
as a reply to squid, part of the problem is mods went crazy trying to ban anyone that said "anything offensive" for a while and people became very thin skinned and lash out in anger any time their view is questioned

From: guest (Nathan) , 42 months, post #46
I don't visit this place anymore, mainly because when I do it's usually just because I post a new entry and that's it. I practically gave up on trying to rejoin this particular forum after I lost my account details and given how ridiculous the attempts at RPing with me got on here, well...I just couldn't do it. I'm fine with people having different opinions than mine, and i'm fine with RPing but i'd prefer to do it on Deviantart or on Discord.

From: guest (RanmaWasHere) , 42 months, post #47
I rarely come here anymore after being both a TF content creator & mod years ago. So many of the comments smell of "whiny entitlement b.s." that often stem from TOXIC peeps whom have made it a personal habit to bash and complain rather than appreciate and respect the community of artists/authors who give.

Negative Projection at TF content providers because of your own internal demons is cowardly & non-productive. Therapy would be better at solving personal issues than lashing out at human beings you don't even know and have feelings of their own. And yes... in the past... the thread probably would have been locked.

And yes Squid... my personal opinion is "anonymity" is a TROLL breeding ground for a place like this.

From: guest (Captain Pickle) , 42 months, post #48
Outside of TF fiction there is another rather disgustingly popular medium where dangerous, criminal and outright offensive acts and thoughts are the norm: Video games.

I've killed SO MANY people in video games. I don't even give it a second thought. I've murdered, eviscerated, decapitated, mutilated and done unspeakable horrors through the digital medium of video games. I've never considered who and what i was a killing as a person, with families, hopes, dreams, thoughts or anything else other than my opponent. And you know what? I LOVE IT.

Do i want to kill people in real life?...


Video games, like stories, TF fiction or other creative works are simply means to explore alternate scenarios and ideas. They speak to our intellectual needs for comedy, violence, sex, curiosity, horror, wonder or excitement. I have friends who love watching slasher flicks, do they wish to grab an axe and start a rampage? No, they would be the first people to stop you if you should try.

Are video games brutally violent? Hell yes.

Does TF fiction present rather misogynist, demeaning and degrading scenarios? I've seen a rather large number do so.

But the crucial point about all these creative works is that extremely few of them *promote* such scenarios as desirable in real life. When i kill ten thousand soldiers in a world war 2 game at no point does the game present world war 2 as something that should be actually repeated. It's entertainment, nothing more.

This is not to say there is no offensive literature out there. Just go to amazon books and you'll find tons of political or hateful literature that actively *promote* bad things to happen to certain people. If you want to complain about the erosion of civil and human rights in literature, start there.

But TF fiction as a whole is nothing like that. I've read a lot and practically all of them are purely written to entertain an idea, not promote it for real life. They are constructed in idealized worlds where real practical issues aren't a problem. For one, do you know how fast STDs would kill a society that was based on any of these works? No one bothers considering STDs simply because the stories are not supposed to be a blueprint for real life, they are blueprints for fantasies.

Just as video games are.

If you really want to throw shade at TF Fiction for being against real life standards of equality, civil and humans rights then fuck.... the video game industry should be shut down for fantasizing about genocide on a galactic scale.

From: guest , 39 months, post #49
Calm down everyone. Why can't we love each other.

From: cj , 39 months, post #50
"Why is it that the TF community, as outcasts, seem to beso mysoginistic and homophobic. Manye stories reduce women to painting nails, playing with dolls, and having babies."

They are the author's fantasies... or at least stories of someone else's fantasies.

"They also seem to fantasize about lesbian relationships, while dismissing gay male relationships. It just seems so hypocritical and ironic to me."

Lesbian relationships? We must not be reading the same stories. That would seem to indicate that we have each read ONLY A PART of the many works in the TF / TG universe.

While I have no interest in any male-to-male romantic relationships, should I suddenly find myself in a female body, I could only GUESS that I'd remain attracted to women... though maybe I'd instead be attracted to men. Hence any story that I'd write would probably not include the male-on-male stuff, as it's not something that interests me. Not because I hate it or disapprove, I just don't understand nor have I imagined myself in such a relationship.

"It's not only that, it's also that many stories present false facts about the differences between women and men. One story claims that women live longer than men, that's actually false. The average is skewed by lowe class men that take more risky behaviors such as drinking and driving. Ther is no biological dictate that has women living longer than men."

Women don't live longer than men? Well that is news to me. All the studies I'd ever read (I'm old, so that's quite a few) stated that occupation and stress, etc. led to women living on average 3-7 years longer than men (actual years depended on what year and which study). But I can certainly seeing this change with time, as well as being related to where in the world we are talking about.

I think a foundation for wanting to TG oneself is that lack of knowledge and experience. So we do the best we can in trying to write about that which we don't know - often for the facilitation of some FANTASY. Remember that these are just stories, not clinical documentaries.

"My main frustration is that so many stories reek of sexism, ignorance concerning biology (especially when it comes to having a period or giving birth), and one sided homophobia. I wish many writers would read more and listen more before
writing stories that while are fiction, present made-up common place misunderstandings as if they were true."

Perhaps the author DOES understand the misogyny and sexism in their story. Perhaps they want to draw attention to it... perhaps they want to experience it themself... perhaps they want their character to rise up through it (from being a misogynist, to becoming a victim of it, to helping defeat it). I can't speak for others' intent.

I'd like to be a heroine in that type of thing. There are things I've done and said that were clearly wrong over the years. I'm trying to combat them now when I see/hear them, because they aren't right. Yet I still find myself tripping up (be it evolutionary biology or ingrained lessons). Perhaps, to experience being on the receiving end of such a thing for a while might be a lesson that helps. Anyhow... experiencing periods (yes plural, because you don't know how to live with/around them, unless you have to live with and around them), and childbirth are like dreams to some of us who can never realize such things - they are that unreachable fruit. Sure they're not pleasant, or mostly-not pleasant - and some of us are missing much knowledge of the realities of those things - but remember these are mainly FANTASIES.

"Doesn't this bother any of you?"

No more so than any of the fantasies where everyone lives "happily ever after", such as a princess in a castle during medieval times. Where it is uncomfortable, dangerous, stinky, messy, and most things are likely to kill you.

From: guest (tapir) , 27 months, post #51
Well said CJ.

From: guest (Befeebe) , 27 months, post #52
It's fetish content. Why the fuck should it reflect reality/ cater to modern beliefs? You do realise that hardly any porn/erotica is realistic, right? That's not his real Stepmom, he's not really in a full-body cast. The content that you have a problem with isn't meant to accurately reflect the struggles/experiences of TG people, it's meant to entertain people.

If you don't like it, fine. If you think it creates damaging/unhealthy mindsets, there's some merit to that, but that's a different conversation.

Nobody is really being harmed in the creation of fetish TG fiction, arguably less so than regular porn. The content creators don't have a duty to satisfy every potential reader's sensibilities, and we as consumers don't have a duty to consume any content we don't want to. It's a good system, let's keep it that way.

From: guest (pory) , 5 months, post #53
Author should be allowed to write what they want.

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