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Novels about possessed little girls
From: guest (Lori) , 12 months, post #1
Hey everybody. I just got done reading the novel "Grandma's Little Darling" by Stephen R George, and absolutely loved it. I'm looking for more novels along the same line- A young girl gets possessed or is forced into a life exchange. I would prefer it be F2F but I dont have a problem with a male possessing a little girl. I would prefer it not be demonic possession like in the Exorcist, where the enity was never human to start with. Any suggestion would be appreciated!

From: guest (Marcus) , 12 months, post #2
Try "The Influence" by Ramsey Campbell. A little girl's great aunt forces her out of her after she dies, the girl spends most of the novel as a ghost fighting to regain control of her body. Its a bit dated (early 80s) but still a good read.

From: guest (Syberia) , 12 months, post #3
"Hitchers" by Will McIntosh contains a minor example (if you're reading it just for this element, you're probably going to be disappointed). An terrorist attack causes a percent of the population to share their body with a ghost. A scene or two contains a little girl possessed by a pedophile.

From: guest (Rico) , 12 months, post #4
Its funny you mentioned Stephen R George, because he wrote another book with that very subject. It was called Torment. A young piano prodigy from a poor family dies in a car accident, then takes possession of the body of another girl from wealthy family that she always envied. It doesn't just happen all at once thought. The other girl gradually takes on her personality and talents. The possessed girl's father even has an affair with the dead girl's mother, much to the ghost girl's delight. Its pretty twisted, it was part of the old Zebra horror novels that "Grandma's Little Darling" came from, hence the reason I remembered it.

From: guest (Rico) , 12 months, post #5
Sorry about spelling, english is not my first language.

From: guest (glyph) , 12 months, post #6
What was the twist ending of the novel?

From: guest (Rico) , 12 months, post #7
Do you mean Torment? I said it was twisted as in disturbing, not twist ending. I would say the ending was pretty standard for horror novel. The dead girl's spirit gets exorsized and is joined with her mother in the afterlife who died during the course of the novel. The living girl's father reconciles with his estranged wife. That's about the best I can remember. Its been at least 10 years sense I read it.

From: guest (Lori) , 12 months, post #8
Well, that certainly meets my criteria for a novel about possessed little girls, and by the same author no less. Any more suggestions? Please keep them coming everyone!

From: guest (glyph) , 12 months, post #9
I meant "Grandma's Little Darling", but sure I'll try and look for more novels. I think I remember one.

From: guest (Lori) , 12 months, post #10
Warning Spoiler for Grandma's Little Darling:
In the book Nora is a foster child who finally gets adopted by a loving family, although be it with a creepy Grandmother. The Grandmother was actually possessed months before during a car accident by a being called Lemena. 5,000 years before she was the trophy wife of a wealthy Arab merchant. She was a vain and selfish woman obssesed with her own beauty and wealth and jealous that her beaufiul teenage daughter had been chosen to marry a wealthy prince. She goes to a local magician who offers to switch her and her daughters bodes if she will convince the prince to allow him to live in the palace. She agrees and their bodies are switched. The prince is quite happy with his highly sexual but still virgin wife. When the magician comes to the palace to get his part of the bargain, she goes back on her deal for fear that her secret will be found out. So the magician ends up telling the prince about what has really occured and they go to confront his newest wife. Instead they find her a near mindless drooling simpleton, and the magician reveals that he didn't just switch her body but gave her the power to switch bodies with any other female. Believing that Lemena is possessing one of his other wives bodies he orders that they all be burned alive. Its revealed that Lemena had actually switched bodies with an infant that had been transported through the palace earlier. Fast forward 5,000 and we end up with the current situation with Nora and the Grandmother. Lemena had been forced to possess the aged body of the grandmother when her previous host had been fatally injured in a car accident and the grandmother and her husband had stopped to help her. The grandfather later realized that his real wife had died in the injured body of the driver and that this being had taken over her body in exchange. Unfortuantely, this revelation comes months later and he is disgusted by both this creature and the fact he repeatidly allowed himself to be sexually seduced by it. He dies of heart attack (during sex) and the "grandmother" goes to live with her "son" who thinks that her personality change is just do to grief over her husband's death. So this is the situation Nora finds herself in when she comes live with her new adoptive family. It turns out the Invader has been waiting just for her because it can only possess female bodies and knew that the family was adopting a 12 year old girl. One of the other powers of the invader is to retain the memories of each host, so thats why its targeting Nora. Eventually the switch does occur and Nora is trying to convince people to believe her, like her adoptive brother and her former social worker Cheryl who was very close to her. Eventually she does convince the two of them of her plight but not before she suffers a heart attack and is forced to go to the hospital. While there she realizes that she can also view the past memories of her body and even switch bodies like the Invader. She almost switches bodies with a young nurse but pulls back at the last moment when she realizes how wrong it is. Eventually they try to capture the Invader in Nora's body but this is easier said than done due to the Invader being able to enhance the speed and strength of its host. Eventually they get Cheryl's husband to drug the Invader into unconscienceness and its seems like Nora is about to return to her real body. But at the last minute the Invader blocks the exchange just as the grandmother's body suffers another heart attack. Desperate not to die, Nora forces an exchange with the only other female body available which is Cheryl who dies in the grandmother's body. Fast forward a week and Nora uses Cheryl's memories to do her job as a social worker. She even checks in on the Invader/New Nora who is amused by the fact that there are now two of them. The adoptive brother complains to "Cheryl" that "Nora" still doesn't seem quite right but Cheryl brushes aside his concerns. Later Nora/Cheryl is realizing that she will need to jump to a new body real soon after her "husband" becomes suspicous of her after she uses a new sexual technique on him that she plucked from the Invader's past memories. The very last page ends with Nora/Cheryl regretting her final actions and the fact that she will also never get to see Cheryl in Heaven, but also the sinister note of how she is also excited by all the new lives she is going to be able to live from now on.

From: guest (glyph) , 12 months, post #11
That was better than expected, thank you! It does leave you wanting for more.

From: guest (Rico) , 12 months, post #12
Hey Glyph,
You said that you possibly had a similar book that you wanted to recommend. What was it's title?

From: guest (Willie) , 12 months, post #13
Have you considered the more obvious ones like Freaky Friday? Mother switches bodies with her teenage daughter. Just saying....

From: guest (stag) , 12 months, post #14
Thanks Lori, the summary sounds like it was a great story! Would love to see that made into a movie sometime. :-)

From: guest (Petro) , 12 months, post #15
Ok, Lori, you got me hooked on this subject. I just placed an order for Grandma's Little Darling, Torment, and the Influence from Amazon. Got any other suggestions, anyone?

From: guest (glyph) , 11 months, post #16
You should check The Stolen by Alex Shearer.

From: guest (4of11) , 11 months, post #17
"The influence" has been adapted into a movie which was released in spanish cinemas last week.

Click to show spoiler
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From: guest (Witty) , 10 months, post #18
That does look pretty cool. Still, i wish someone would adapt "Grandma's little darling" into a movie instead. With that fantastic summery Lori gave it just sounds like the best story mentioned so far.

From: guest (Joan) , 5 months, post #19
Just finished "Grandma's Little Darling." Single best body swap story I've ever read. Thanks for posting it.

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