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TFs in detective picachu
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From: hskfmn , 3 months, post #21
Click to show spoiler
V guvax vg jbhyq unir orra shaal vs, juvyr va qvfthvfr fur jrer gb unir n “pbairefngvba” jvgu fbzrbar jurer fur jbhyq nccrne gb or “nterrvat” jvgu jungrire jnf orvat fnvq ol ercylvat, “Qvggb” naq jbhyq unir gb fnl vg zhygvcyr gvzrf orsber vg jnf qrgrezvarq gung gung’f nyy fur pbhyq fnl.
From: guest , 3 months, post #22
Any more info on this one yet ?

From: guest (Shiftingfun) , 3 months, post #23
I found the whole video and searched for the scenes where it shapeshifted since I like drawing ditto related stuff lol. It's "ok" the silly derp face kinda threw me off but the shifting effects, and the sounds itself was pretty solid. I would post the link but it would just get removed XD

From: guest (fff) , 3 months, post #24
@post 23 please post the link and the timestamp!

From: hskfmn , 3 months, post #25
We only remove links to full movies and such. If it's a clip, go ahead and post it.

From: guest (Shiftingfun) , 3 months, post #26
Alright cool, i'll edit it and upload it on Mega also it's in potato quality and it's not in english lol

From: guest (Ribby) , 3 months, post #27

I'd like to thank people for being nicely considerate and not spoiling the fact that the majority of the movie is TF based....

Those who've seen it will know what I mean

From: guest (Shiftingfun) , 3 months, post #28!7woETaQJ!jZXt94UTjwzI7RAAmazlSrCCU24-Jcw513cjTZcbSY4

From: guest (Metoo) , 3 months, post #29
Wow just saw it talk about desperate it looked like Alex Mack graphics and the creepy stare come on this is terrible I don’t get why everyone is excited about this creepy Alex Mack dated crap

From: guest (Shiftingfun) , 3 months, post #30
Meh, i'll take what I can get. It's a lot better than what I can do

From: hskfmn , 3 months, post #31
Haters gonna hate...

From: guest (alexmorph) , 3 months, post #32
i love it and i uploaded on my youtube account here you go:

From: guest (Shiftingfun) , 3 months, post #33
Also if you guys get the chance check out my ditto drawings XD

From: guest , 3 months, post #34
Weird how no one has mentioned the much more prominent TFs whereClick to show spoiler
uhznaf raq hc cbffrffvat Cbxézba

From: guest (Guest) , 3 months, post #35
Humans possessing Pokémon

How did that TF look like in the movie, was it well done?

From: guest , 3 months, post #36
Click to show spoiler
gur ivyynva hfrf n urnqfrg gb cbffrff Zrjgjb naq gnyxf jvgu uvf bja ibvpr va gur Cbxézba’f obql. Ur gura hfrf n tnf gb frqngr Cbxézba ng n cnenqr naq hfrf uvf cbjref gb sbepr uhznaf vagb gurve Cbxézba’f obqvrf. Gurfr crbcyr pna bayl fnl gurve Cbxézba anzrf, ohg gurer ner fbzr tyvzcfrf bs gurz ernpgvat gb gur cbffrffvba (n cbffrffrq Znpunzc pna or frra syrkvat).Svanyyl, vg’f erirnyrq gung Cvxnpuh unf Elna Erlabyqf’ ibvpr orpnhfr Elna Erlabyqf jnf cbffrffvat vg gur ragver gvzr.

From: guest (Guest) , 3 months, post #37
Ditto would be the best pokemon to have turn into a hot girl. Sure there's Zorua but then she would have a tail hanging above her butt.

From: guest (Kano2000) , 3 months, post #38
"Sure there's Zorua but then she would have a tail hanging above her butt."

You say that like it's a bad thing.

From: guest (Guest) , 3 months, post #39
Not at all, zorua is a trickster. They'd most likely change only to fuck with you

From: guest (TLo) , 3 months, post #40
@Guest (post #39)

Worth it.

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