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TFs in detective picachu
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From: guest (spoiler) , 3 months, post #1
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qvggb gnxrf sbezf bs uhzna.

From: guest (guest) , 3 months, post #2
male or female?

From: guest (spoiler) , 3 months, post #3

From: guest (guest) , 3 months, post #4
That good to hear which actress?

From: guest , 3 months, post #5
Wait What? OMG Is thare a clip of this?

From: guest (spoiler) , 3 months, post #6
IDK. I just read spoiler too.
Maybe ms.norman acted by suki

From: Swiftner , 3 months, post #7
It's probably going to be just for comedic effect. I bet Ditto will change it's body but keep it's face as a call back to the series.

From: guest (Guesy) , 3 months, post #8
Is there any footage or a gif of this?

From: guest , 3 months, post #9
you guys need to calm down. we're acting like animals, obsessing over every second of tg we can get our hands on

From: guest (Poke master) , 3 months, post #10
Suki Waterhouse She’s the side kick to the man boy and she’s hot 27 year old babe. And from what she said at a convention last summer now I think this is what everyone’s is saying might happen! If it does then yes interesting to see as of now no clips but it will be out in 2 weeks

From: guest (Hey Guest from post 9) , 3 months, post #11
Message deleted by hskfmn. Rick-Roll.
From: guest (Wow) , 3 months, post #12
U got me

From: trifajar , 3 months, post #13
Post #11 is scam. It is Never gonna give up video music.
So that's how you get half billion views, by trick people.

From: guest (Morph) , 3 months, post #14
It's the never gonna give you up music video because the poster lives in 2008. Not a real link.

From: trifajar , 3 months, post #15
Just watch the movie yesterday.

Click to show spoiler
Gb svtug Gvz Tbbqzna, Qvggb genafsbez gb Zf. Abezna gura genafsbez gb Yhpl Fgrcura jvgu gur rlr abg yvxr uhzna rlr ohg yvxr fznyy oynpx onyy

From: guest (Guest) , 3 months, post #16
Like ditto.

From: guest (Gnosis) , 3 months, post #17
So just asking (cuz I can't find leaked information on that yet): is Ms Norman one of the villains?

From: guest (troll) , 3 months, post #18
I saw movie too.
Click to show spoiler
Zf. Abezna jubfr npgbe vf fhxv jngreubhfr vf npghnyyl Qvggb. Vg uvqrf vg'f qvggb-rlr jvgu fhatynff. Nyfb, vg unf uvtu vagryyvtrapr naq xabj jevgvat, ohg vg pna'g fnl nalguvat rkprcg QVGGB.Gura, vg gnxrf cynpr bs ebtre ol vzcbfgvat uvz. Va svany onggyr, vg erirnyf vg vf qvggb. Ebtre -&tg; Zf. Abezna -&tg; Cbxrzba -&tg; Yhpl -&tg; cbxrzba. V guvax qvggb unf fnqvfgvp zvaq. V thrff Vg gnxrf nccrnenapr bs yhpl orpnfhr Gvz(Znyr Cebgntbavfg) ybir ure rira gurer vf ab nqinagntr sbe gnxvat uhzna sbez. Nyfb, Vg qvqa'g svavfu Gvz jura vg pna svavfu uvz, ohg vg whfg sbby znqr sha jvgu uvz.

From: guest (f) , 3 months, post #19
Question about the movie for anyone who has already seen it...

Click to show spoiler
Jura Zf. Abezna vf fubja ba fperra nf bar bs gur qvfthvfrq irefvbaf bs Qvggb vf ure punenpgre fubja fcrnxvat jvgu Qvggb'f ibvpr? Bar bs gur fcbvyref V ernq fnvq Fhxv'f cneg vf n "aba-fcrnxvat ebyr" fb V'z jbaqrevat vs guvf jnf gur pnirng.

Thanks in advance.

From: guest (troll) , 3 months, post #20
Click to show spoiler
Ab, fur arire fnvq nal jbeq. Vg'f gb uvqr ure erny vqragvgl. Ohg fur hfrq pryy cubar gb jevgr zrffntr.

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