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New M2F movie ["Socorro, Virei Uma Garota!"]
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From: DB Cooper , 62 months, post #21
Oh, I misread that. In that case...perhaps Julio will become Julia permanently. Probably not, but we can dream, can't we?

From: guest (Saint) , 62 months, post #22
Probably not but at least this movie has a few fictionmania tropes I rarely (if ever) see in live action. First, a parallel universe were only the transformee remembers being male. Second, the new girl confiding in a male friend for help. Third, the new girl actually enjoying being a girl.

I imagine a couple of things will happen. Julia will come to realize that the girl he had the hots for is very shallow. Julio's crush will probably treat his old friend poorly and he'll realize that popular people have a lot of empty 'friends;.

I think there are hints in the trailer and on instagram that Julio is smart nerd (see the rubics cube in her hand in the trailer at 55sec. On Instagram she and her buddy are at a Mathematics tournament). Julia will probably have a mean girls moment where she supports/stands up for her friend.

I'm not sure what the culture is like in Brazil but I remember they made a point of having their version of Lalola switch back. I was surprised at the swearing in the trailer. It'd be cool if Julia ditches her "boyfriend" and dances with her nerdy friend at wherever she's dressed up to go. Can't wait to see it!

From: guest (Tights) , 62 months, post #23
Brazilian here...

The girl who plays Julia, Thati Lopes, is somewhat famous in Brazil. She's one of the members of the popular comedy youtube channel called "Porta dos Fundos" (Back Door). I'm glad she was casted for this movie.

I'm just disappointed that brazilian body swap movies often don't show the guy in the woman' body struggling to put tights. I know that wearing tights is not something common nowadays in most of places of the world, but especially in Brazil a tropical country and yadda yadda.

Anyway. I just hope the movie is better than "If I Were You" (Se Eu Fosse Você).

From: guest (Saint) , 62 months, post #24
Thanks for info, Tights.

I agree that there appears to be a lack of tights in this film but overall it looks like this could have a lot going for it.

From: guest , 62 months, post #25
My favorite style of transformation is reality change transformations, where the character becomes a female version of himself and everyone remembers him always being female. Like Saint said, it's very rare to see that style of transformation in mainstream movies, shows, and the like, so I'm very excited about this. :)

From: Tuggy24g , 62 months, post #26
Since the girl is a fashion icon on YouTube. I wish that she would have to make a fashion video and fail miserably at. Also she would hanging out with her friend not know how to dress like a woman and walk in high heels.

From: JayGee , 62 months, post #27
It looks pretty impressive. I wonder if it will make it to America?

From: Tuggy24g , 62 months, post #28
No this will not be made in American. We MIGHT get English subtitles but that is as close as we will get

From: guest (Saint) , 62 months, post #29
One of the things that has me excited from the trailer is we can see Julio gradually embrace being Julia.

The highest quality trailer I found was on Daily Motion and you can see a lot of little details. So, it's interesting that in this story reality has been changed and yet the new girl is wearing boys clothes for the first half of the trailer. In the shot at the mall her jeans are rolled up at the cuffs and her red flannel is covering her hands. Who's clothes are these? A brother?

She goes shopping and gets high heels. I like how she trips at first but by the end is a natural.

But she doesn't change right away with one shopping trip. The next scene she is wearing a cross between male style and women's fashion. In the convertible she's wearing a variation of the first outfit but more feminine. A checkered shirt with a low cut tank top with lace.

Next, she's wearing earrings when she tells her friend "being a girl is like being in the X-men and I'm Wolverine."

After that she's dancing on the beach in a bikini top and then (in my favorite shot) she's eating popcorn on the couch, with her friend laying across her lap. In HD you can see her toenails are painted and she's got a lot of new braceletts on her left wrist.

I really like this gradual transformation. It's what I loved most about the Belgium Lalola. That had a very gradual adjustment between clothes, hair, and movement. I just found one shot that has got me excited. It looks like it's from later in the movie but it shows more of her room. At the 53 second mark she is spinning around. It looks like the same room where she does her Youtube videos. Check it out.



From: Greg , 62 months, post #30
Saint could you provide the link to the Daily Motion trailer? I've had no luck finding it.

From: guest (Saint) , 62 months, post #31
whoops. It's Vimeo. Here you go

From: guest (Bud) , 62 months, post #32
So does he become a thong woman or panties woman? I'm thinking when he gets in that red dress that he's probably wearing a thong or g string.

Is a change in reality swap least harmful swap of all forms of swap? If you're a guy and you wake up in a reality in which you have always been a woman, is that really as bad as if you had swapped with some woman you know or some random woman you don't know? Or if you had simply been transformed into a woman that doesn't even exist? Seems like a reality change gender swap wouldn't be that bad because you would still exist and your family would exist. The only catch would be it that you would be female. I guess if you were dating or married and had kids then things would get complicated.

From: Greg , 62 months, post #33
Thank you.

From: DB Cooper , 61 months, post #34
Looking at the trailer, I have to wonder if 'Julia' doesn't start falling for that slightly overweight male friend of hers.

From: Tuggy24g , 61 months, post #35
They seem to be really good friends and I think it would be kind of awkward knowing that your best friend who was a male turned into a woman. Now you're dating a dude.

From: guest (Metoo) , 61 months, post #36
When does this movie come out?

From: Greg , 61 months, post #37
June 6th

From: DB Cooper , 61 months, post #38
Tuggy: It wouldn't bother me. I think it would be kind of sweet, actually.

From: Holly Dunn , 61 months, post #39
I think you guys are going to be disappointed if you think there will be any M/F romance. It looks like it is set up between the main character and the girl he has a crush on. The new female punches a guy who tries to kiss him/her in the trailer, and sprays mace on another male that he is on a date with. It looks like at a prom situation the main character realizes the mistake he made as the girl falls for another guy and then he will change back.

From: guest (saint) , 61 months, post #40
There is a F/F kiss but it’s on the same green screen beach set so it’s probably a quick kiss before she changes back into a He.

Either way, I still think this looks like the best TG movie I’ve seen in a looooooooong Time.

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