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who would you make swap in comics?
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From: guest , 2 months, post #41
I find it interesting if
Sonya blade switch bodies with kano, an army special officer with a criminal terrorist
Kitana with Baraka the most beatiful woman in Mortal kombat with the uglist character
And lastly
Sindel, the most spolied queen with kolector, a slave who worked very hard and also very greedy

From: guest (SwappingXMen) , 2 months, post #42
Soul | Body

Iceman becomes Emma Frost
Emma Frost becomes Cyclops
Cyclops becomes Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch becomes Wolverine
Wolverine becomes Psylocke
Psylocke becomes Sabretooth
Sabertooth becomes X-23
X-23 becomes Juggernaut
Juggernaut becomes Jubilee
Jubilee becomes Beast
Beast becomes Polaris
Polaris becomes Multiple Man
Multiple Man becomes Mystique
Mystique becomes Nightcrawler
Nightcrawler becomes Blink
Blink becomes Quicksilver
Quicksilver becomes Shadowcat
Shadowcat becomes Colossus
Colossus becomes Pixie
Pixie becomes Angel
Angel becomes Jean Grey
Jean Grey becomes Magneto
Magneto becomes Rogue
Rogue becomes Gambit
Gambit becomes Miss Sinester
Miss Sinester becomes Mr Sinester
Mr Sinester becomes Rachel Summers
Rachel Summers becomes Pyro
Pyro becomes Storm
Storm becomes Iceman

Hehe I wanted to swap a large selection

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #43
Don't we all....

Mystique becomes Invisible Woman

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #44
Mystique becomes Invisible Woman, wait scratch that. Because there's already a character called 'Malice' and it wouldn't be any different.

Black Cat swaps with Mary Jane Watson...
Peter must've wonder about the new 'Mary Jane' that's living with him. Sweet on the outside but naughty on the inside, how would Peter handle her?

A while later, the 'Black Cat' crashed in on their parade claiming to be the real Mary Jane Watson. She had no place to go as Black Cat besides Peter's and had no 'clean' job besides helping Spider-Man for the day.

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #45
I'd buy if there's more to this... Magneto becomes Rogue. Marvel already had one in "X-Men Millennial" cover., its basically a comic of multiple 'What If's' but only for a few pages for each case.

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #46
And sorry for more What If's but I think Marvel wasted the 'Mosaic' character since he's already known as a hero instead of an 'Anti-hero'. There's only Deadpool for marvel whose not inhibited by morals these days.

  • Imagine Deadman whose not bound by Rama Kushna, and became one of those funny characters that popped-in the lives of the DC Heroes to have fun, though could've mess up as well.

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #47
Well a dead character got nothing to do right, but he/she could actually do many things.

From: guest , 2 months, post #48
Hmmm i think it would been better if spider man'S enemies swap bodies with his love ones like
Black cat with king pin, since he is responsible to give her powers so its fair he can take it back plus hes huge while black cat has more of an athletic body
Mj and dock ock, dock ock have always been unactracive so gaining mj's beatiful body will be interesting and lastly
Gwen and vulture/green goblin beacuse of age difference

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #49
Well Black Cat isn't much of a hero...
I also figured an accidental swap gig would be nice; between Aunt May and Ghost-Spider for another Mentor-Rookie theme.

Or Aunt May and Black Cat lol, both would butt their heads if Aunt May (as Black Cat) changed clothes and donate her money to a charity organization F.E.A.S.T

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #50
Sorry, my gears and fantasy got grinding again

Remember the spider-hero named 'Silk'?
And a gag-villain named Paste-Pot-Pete or The Trapster

Funny to me if he's got her body and her powers.
The Trapster will gone mad with the UNLIMITED organic webbing she had. lol

It'll be like the villainy but still comedic version to when Doc Ock swapped with Spidey.

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #51
Another gag swap to think of
"Boomerang" whose Peter's roommate and former gag-villain
Mary Jane Watson, Peter's (finally again) sexy looking girlfriend

From: guest (Max) , 2 months, post #52
Wonder woman & Dr Cyber
Daisy & Grandmaw Duck
Toad & Rachel

From: guest (yeah) , 2 months, post #53
Waldo (Where's Waldo) & Carmen Sandiego

From: Sola , 2 months, post #54
It would have to be someone who is not a super logical and smart hero, Batman or Captain America would probably remain calm and immediately asses their new body's strengths and weaknesses and adapt to them, so if I had to make a bodyswap issue I would chose:

The DC's male super teens: Billy Batson, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne swapping with Wonder Woman, Power Girl and the Green Lantern Jessica Cruz respectively and send them on a trip around the cosmos to escape Granny Goodness and her obsession with recruiting them as Female Furies while at the same time learning the convenience of using bras with plenty of support.

Spiderman and Jessica Jones, in a story where Spiderman has to go undercover as a PI to stop a plot to attack a fashion show where MJ is set to appear and of course he gets to model some clothes himself while at the same time having to juggle with his new responsibilities as a mom and wife to Luke Cage. A rivalry between he and his own wife as lingerie models is born.

Iron Man and Captain Marvel, in an issue where Tony Stark has to go as his own date to a party at the Latverian Embassy, how will he handle having to rely on his own powers instead of advanced technology? Will he manage to adapt to wearing a very revealing dress instead of his old armor Why does Doctor Doom want to marry Carol Danvers?

Archie and Veronica, how will Archie react to being the maid of honor in his own wedding to Betty Cooper?

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #55
Gizmo becomes Starfire

you know how sexy and revealing her costume is in the comics

From: guest , 2 months, post #56
A double swap with maywheater with betty, going from principle to student while old smither switch with veronica, going from hire help to one of the most richest daughter in the city, and both new girls are more friendlier than the former girls but their hormones prevent that, as they feel a thing for archie

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #57
Hmm triple swap.....

Wolverine - Rogue - Phoenix (Jean Grey)

  • Rogue would get to be free to touch anyone in years
  • Lots of complaints from Jean about Logan's short and hairy body
  • Well, Logan wouldn't get his hands on anyone yet as he's trying not to touch himself.

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #58
Meg - Bonnie - Quagmire

  • enough said

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #59
Meg - Lois - Quagmire
  • enough said

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #60
Black Cat swaps with MJ
want to see a cat fight between those two

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