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who would you make swap in comics?
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From: guest (blinkers) , 18 months, post #1
inspired by the upcomin comic body-swaps

DC,Marvel or whatev else

Batman = Poison Ivy
  • they swap after Poison Ivy escaped Arkham so "Batman" tries to return "Poison Ivy" back for revenge but can't find her! picturing "Poison Ivy" making a makeshift Batwoman suit after a while!

Superman = Lashina
  • Superman swapping with one of the Female Furies on Apokolips! now "Lashina" has to find a way back to Earth and stop Superman!

Wonder Woman = Maxwell Lord
before my time but these two are linked in a story and the shady Maxwell in WW would really anger WW in Maxwell!

Hal Jordan = Lyssa Drak
Sinestro's leading lady! Hal prob fights Sinestro as her

The Flash = Killer Frost
picturing after she commits a crime!

prob noticed the common theme of good guys/girl with bad girls/guy but when thinking about who with who those fascinated me XD

From: guest (TLo) , 18 months, post #2
Hey! You've reminded me of a Reddit thread exactly about Batman and Ivy switching bodies!

Enjoy! :D


From: guest (Eric) , 18 months, post #3
How about comic comics?
Betty & veronica?

Scrooge Mc Duck & Magica Despella


Jessica Rabbit & The detective Sam

Minnie Mouse and Black Pete

From: theobserver , 18 months, post #4

From: guest (THEWORLD) , 18 months, post #5
Power girl with lext Luthor or gorilla gross now either one of these would have power and sexiness , while powergirl is in powerless form

Cat woman with one of batman lamest enemy
In which inside her body, he becomes the most well known criminal than he ever was in his body

Black manta with mera, now he is the queen of atlantis

From: guest (MAG) , 18 months, post #6
Batman and Cassandra Cain

From: guest (ComicSwapper) , 18 months, post #7
Lois Lane and Wonder Woman would make for a fun series

From: guest (Emoney901) , 18 months, post #8
Superman with Wonder Woman
Batman with Catwoman
Spider-Man with Black Cat
Spider-Man with She-Hulk
Wolverine with Storm
Captain America with Black Widow
Captain Marvel with Spider-Woman
Deadpool with any women in Marvel
Superman with Black Canary because I want to see the Man of Steel defeat the Legion of Doom in Black Canary’s body without his powers.

From: guest (blinkers) , 18 months, post #9
@TLo cool to see a discussion on it!

bodyswapping makes for really fascinating ways to for characters to fight! *cause if even if you win you still kinda lose XD

lots of amazing stories these would make!

From: guest (THEWORLD) , 18 months, post #10
Tebra tg made a little comic about it legion of dooms villains switching with superoines I think it was called the legion of dames, and the switching grounds got inspired of doing a caption about it

From: guest (CaLL Me YouR PaPi) , 18 months, post #11
It would be interesting to see kingpin spiderman arch nemis swapping with black cat spider man's lover
Or the xmen girls exchanging bodies with the males brotherhood of mutants or vice versa

From: guest (CaLL Me YouR PaPi) , 18 months, post #12
Or doc oc with Mary Jane and vulture with gwen stacy as all of spiderman enemies with his love interest

From: Dale Ribbons , 17 months, post #13
In my Yahoo Groups, I've done quite a few re-captioned comic book covers based on this theme, though not necessarily the same ideas. Reading this thread inspires me to do more. Thanks!

From: guest (THEWORLD) , 17 months, post #14
I'm glad to hear that

From: guest (blinkers) , 17 months, post #15
@Dale Ribbons

wow sweet! i think i actually seen some of your recaptions before, your name looks familiar, Good luck if you decide to do more! :D

love marvel and dc and my fav trope is gender bodyswaps cause fun fun! so the combo is of course awesome

From: guest (blinkers) , 17 months, post #16

Magneto = Kitty Pryde
  • Magneto has a moment he realizes Kitty is Jewish and sees how bad he became from another perspective

Cyclops = Storm
  • Cyclops is normaly the leader but what if he swapped with the next up? Would his alpha personality remain being Storm? What would Storm think always seeing red? *plus race/gender swaps are a double whammy

Quicksilver = Blink
Super speed and teleportation swapped! This may take a looong time to get used to but they've potential to be as fast as they were but got to learn a different method!

Wolverine = Pixie
One of the Manliest X-Men with one the Girliest X-Men for hilarity!

Deadpool = Domino
Disaster! Just a disaster!

From: guest (Cornerodaweb) , 17 months, post #17
Basically anyone with Wonder Woman just due to the power and obviously just being a goddess in strength and beauty.

I am slightly partial to a story like this although the new Wonder Woman story "Whatever Happened to Wonder Woman" is absolutely amazing.

This is a great Joker/Batgirl swap as well. Such a great understanding of the characters and it feels like a natural progression. Joker at his core having "one bad day," and then having that fate be given to Barbara who is driven insane by the irony.

And then of course this one. Lex Luthor to Lois Lane. Enough said.

From: guest (Cornerodaweb) , 17 months, post #18
Here is Joker's Best Jest which I forgot to link.

From: guest (Guy) , 17 months, post #19
Superboy (Kon-El Conner Kent) and Power Girl or Matrix (Supergirl)

From: guest , 17 months, post #20
I always thought doing one long term ala superior spiderman would be great. Could you imagine if the Spidey Ms Marvel swap lasted a year in both books?

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