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Jumanji 3
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From: Valkan , 17 months, post #21
Colin Hanks who used to control Nick Jonas's avatar is supposed to play a role in this one. They also added Dania Ramirez to the cast but they haven't said what her role is.

From: guest , 17 months, post #22
I would love to see Kathy Bates and Gary Busey made into avatars.

From: guest (5 0 4 8) , 17 months, post #23
It would be nice if John Cho teamed up with Karen Gillan in the third Jumanji film. besides both of them had worked on the short-lived ABC sitcom Selfie.

From: Valkan , 17 months, post #24
Ooo. John Cho would've been a great addition.

From: guest (4 3 8 2) , 17 months, post #25
But Valkan, would John Cho be playing a hero or a villain in Jumanji 3?

From: guest (3 3 3 1) , 17 months, post #26
Off-topic I know, but it seems pretty unbelievable that Charlie's Angels is getting the woke style cinematic reboot treatment in 2019. But since we have a lesbian-type character (Kristen Stewart) in the film, then why not continue in the diversity route by hiring a feminist and a transman as the angels? As a matter of fact why don't they hire three good-looking male actors (a.k.a, gender-reversal) replacing the actresses let alone hiring an actress as the voice of the mysterious Charlie.

From: guest (6667) , 17 months, post #27
@3 3 3 1 Yeah you’re right that is off topic.

From: guest (Jessk) , 17 months, post #28
@3 3 3 1 that's extremely off topic but hey I'm all here for thinking about Charlie's Angels as avatars in a videogame which the kids from Jumanji jump into

From: guest (Guest2) , 17 months, post #29
@3 3 3 1, ultra feminist would hate that idea. But I love to see that version of the franchise. Imagine, the male angels disguising as females using some elaborate bodysuits or masks. Just like the original one's disguising as males.

From: guest (3705) , 17 months, post #30
True Guest2, not only ultra feminist would've hated the idea of three guys playing the Angels, but also it would've been against the #metoo movement as well.

Folks, lets just hope and pray that their won't be a TV adaptation based on the 2019 version in the future.

From: guest (CobraNai) , 13 months, post #31
Based upon the new trailerClick to show spoiler
gurer jvyy nyfb or navzny gsf va guvf bar. Orgunal vf fubja va gur obql bs n ubefr. Yngre fur vf nyfb fubja nf gur wnpx oynpx ntvna.

From: guest , 13 months, post #32
I swear to god if no guy ends up in Karen Gillen's body...

From: guest (Pappelmousse) , 13 months, post #33
It's not really a spoiler as its pure speculation at this point --- but i'm betting that-
Click to show spoiler
Nyrk raqf hc nf Njxjnsvan. Guvf vf zbfgyl onfrq ba gur snpg gung gurl unir pbafvfgragyl abg fubja rvgure bs gurve gjb punenpgref, vgf gurersbe gur cybg gjvfg. Nyfb Njxnjsvan, orvat n pbzrqvna jbhyq znxr n cerggl tbbq tb bs cynlvat n thl.

From: EthanGrace , 12 months, post #34
Just thought I'd revive this. Saw the final trailer at the cinema tonight -- and can confirm there will be a Horse TF/Posession. Bethany (pretty cheerleader) ends up as a Fresian mare by the looks. Super excited about this, my personal favourite TF. Can't wait to see how they handle it. Also looks like she will be ridden/tamed.

From: EthanGrace , 12 months, post #35
Correct time link:

From: guest (Shaun) , 12 months, post #36
I think the theory previous people have about the characters changing avatars multiple times is correct, based on that trailer. Looks like there's animal TF involved too.

Kinda loving the premise!

From: EthanGrace , 12 months, post #37
I'm hoping that the rules of the gem (seen in one shot of the trailer) apply to Bethany at some point and the game thinks she is just an animal so she could be mind controlled by it. Or that there is some psuedo-danger of her "losing herself" to the horse before she returns to Jack Black.

From: guest , 12 months, post #38
So based on tv spots I have seen and a new ones for each avatar I have a theory I will put in spoiler tags just in case

Click to show spoiler
Va bar bs gi fcbgf fubjf jung ybbxf yvxr wnpx oynpx naq xnera tvyynaf punenpgref ubyqvat unaqf gung tybj gura trg guebja onpx, nabgure fubjf fbzrbar fgrccvat va jngre jvgu n fvzvyne terra tybj gura orgunal va wnpx oynpxf ningne. Gb zr guvf uvagf n fjvgpuvat. Ba gur Ningne Ehol GI fcbg vg fubjf ur whzcvat naq xvpxvat gur nve jvgu n ibvprbire "or pnershy gung obql'f abg n gbl" sebz wnpx oynpx. Nf gur svyz vf anzrq Arkg Yriry naq gurl unir zhygvcyr ybpngvbaf V nffhzr vg vf ng gur punatr bs gur yriry va gur tnzr gurl fjvgpu.

From: guest (TheRock) , 12 months, post #39
So, will this film have a ftf body switch?

From: guest (jessk) , 12 months, post #40
Was flicking through the Jumanji article in Total Film (latest issue on shelves in Australia) and Karen Gillian said that for a third Jumanji film (if that happens) she'd like to play a chauvinistic man stuck in her avatar, while the Rock would like to play a woman stuck in his... possible foreshadowing?

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