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What turns you on the most in any form of transformation?
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From: guest (Guest) , 15 months, post #1
What do you feel to be the most arousing part of a transformation? Can be TG or animal related.

From: guest , 15 months, post #2
In TG transformations, when they swap bodies via any magical device or spell and end up transforming into each other but keep their own clothes. It's pretty fetish for me, becuase it makes the change more real and intimate, as their own bodies have been magically changed instead of simply changing minds.

From: guest (Tights) , 15 months, post #3
Well, I'm very much into MTF body swap (I also enjoy stories in which the man is transformed into women, but what I really like is the body swap thing), what most excites me is the male character struggling to put the pantyhose or tights while being in the woman's body. I think it's because it's such a foreign experience for them, it's not the kind of thing that men are used to.

So you have this man, this macho man, being forced to wear this super girly-ish thing. And this always excited me as hell.

As you can see in all these scenes:

From: guest (Guest) , 15 months, post #4
Tail growth, especially when the person transforming is a girl.

From: guest (Redface5x) , 15 months, post #5
For me it's when the transformed individual is not happy about being transformed.
Be it that they are angry from it, or distressed, shocked or what ever.

Nothing ruins a TF for me than the transformed being happy afterwards. I much prefer forced/unwanted transformations.

From: guest (Gnosis) , 15 months, post #6
My fetish began at the age of six xd
I think what excites me is juxtaposition. Seeing the body matched with another person's personality, or clothes, or voice. Constantly picturing the original body/person doing what he/she does in the new body after transformation/possession/shapeshift/swap. Imagining from the character's perspective inhabiting a body that's not his/hers and having to work through it.
Also I suppose the fact that I am hetero male results in me appreciating TG and ftf much more than mtm...

From: guest (observer) , 14 months, post #7
To me it's becoming someone else, taking their identity, wearing their clothes, and fooling people in their lives.

From: Shard , 14 months, post #8
I'm with observer on this one....I thought I just liked gender swapping until I read the Shudder series by Kripto on literotica! So much more of a turn on when a person can use the hosts memories!

From: guest (carlitos) , 14 months, post #9
i have to go with guest #2 on this one, transforming is a very big turn on for me, especially because of the idea that now you look like someone else, that when they see you they don't really see you but someone else

From: guest (guest05) , 14 months, post #10
@Tights, post #3
May I ask from where the last gif is?

From: guest , 14 months, post #11
I think Gnosis came close to describing the appeal for me. Something to do with the discrepancy between a person's true identity and the body they currently have, making us focus on how they react to and handle the changes, is appealing. Why that appeal is specifically erotic, I'm not sure I could say. But I definitely enjoy examining and exploring it.

From: guest (Tights) , 14 months, post #12
Guest05, glad you are interested – it's one of my favorites TG body swap content, actually.Click to show spoiler
Rfcrpvnyyl orpnhfr bs gur juvgr gvtugf KQ .

The gif is from a somewhat obscure 80s japanese series called "Papa Ga Watashi De Watashi ga papa de" (パパが私で私がパパで) in which a father switches bodies with his daughter. I spent years looking for it online until, about 2 years ago, the japanese channel that produce this series (TBS) reran it and someone recorded and put it online.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that "Papa To Musume No Nanokakan" (2007) is a remake of this show or that at least both are based on the same source (maybe a book?), because the stories of both are sooo similar.

Anyway, if you are interested I gladly would send you the link to download it (I would post here but it's against the rules, it seems). Or if you don't want to wait for my reply, there's a site called "" if you go there and type "Papa Ga Watashi De Watashi ga papa de", you will find all the episodes there.

From: yoyo , 14 months, post #13
I like semi-gradual changes. When the transformation happens in a few minutes, so it's fairly fast, but slow enough so the transformee (and/or observers) can react to the changes as they are happening. Quick morphs and during-the-night changes are kind of a cheat, long drawn out gradual stuff takes too long, and although i don't mind these that much either, the best ones are still the step-by-step transformations.

From: guest (Lassitude) , 14 months, post #14
I agree totally with yoyo.

So, say there's a TG MtF transformation, and the subject starts out as a six-foot-tall guy, and ends up as a pretty, svelte girl who's a foot shorter. Having him shrink down (and loose muscle/body mass) at a rate of 1/16th of an inch per second would have him at petite female size in a little over 3 minutes. He, and anyone around him, would quickly realize that something was going on, as it was happening.

His clothes would generally become looser/baggier. His eye-line would subtly, but rapidly, alter. His sense of physical dominance (or equality, depending on who else was witnessing the transformation) would gradually slip away, and he would experience this loss in real time, rather than have it yanked away in an instant transformation, or foisted upon him in a total surprise, if it was the morning after an overnight change while he was asleep. Same deal with gaining curves, changing genitals, rugged-to-soft facial features, voice pitch/cadence altering, etc.

Equally good is when the transformation is fairly rapid, but a bit too slow to perceive, like trying to watch a candle melt or the minute hand of a clock sweep by. Maybe it takes an hour or so to complete. You can't really see it happening, but whenever your attention is taken away for a bit to see something on TV, browse the web, check your phone, or whatever... a minute or two passes by, and suddenly something is clearly different. The stages of transformation kind of sneak up on you.

Either way, totally hot.

From: guest (guest05) , 14 months, post #15
I found it thanx.

From: guest (Guest) , 14 months, post #16
I agree with the gradual changes thing. Better to see a guy shrink down, hair grow longer, boobs pop out, and ass perk up. It's also a cheat if the person doesn't react to the changes.

From: Bodyswap1 , 14 months, post #17
The slow on screen transformation

From: M To F , 14 months, post #18
Well I am more into possession ,where one transparent figure merges into opaque object or The image penetrate and hope in from some opening of the body and as soon such thing happen host behave like quest in the body ...Great thing to turn anyone on isn't it ?

From: DB Cooper , 14 months, post #19
I like where a man agrees to play a woman for a very short time to achieve a specific end, but then circumstances keep extending both the time and the degree of the feminization until he realizes that he can never go back to his male life. It's even better if the changes are realistic (clothes, hormones, surgery). I think this comes from my younger fantasies of being able to live as a woman without having to admit it.

From: guest (harn) , 14 months, post #20
I like gradual changes, generally willing/voluntary, where the subject becomes the same person of the opposite sex; bonus for couples in the same scenario.

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