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Does our gender inclusive world as well as new technologies make MTF body swap s
From: guest (Estranhosidade) , 6 months, post #1
So, first of all, I need to make it clear that I don't think a gender inclusive world is a bad thing, not at all, I think it's very good that we live in a world that more and more people accept trans folks.

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With that out of the way... I can't help but think that this inclusiveness ends up making body swap stories, more precisely body swap stories involving the male-to-female thematic, less "interesting". Especially if such stories are taking place nowadays.

At least to me, one of the most appealing factors of a body swap stories was and is the idea of someone being forced to be what they are not. Of course, this factor happens in all body swap stories – including male-to-male and female-to-female – but those stories, in which the person switch bodies with someone of their own gender, they don't have such a "forbidden fruit" aspect.

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And by that I mean: A man who switched bodies with another man can still wear men's clothes, he can even wear the same clothing style that he used to wear. He can still act all tough and manly and in general, he can still date women and so on...

But, nowadays society become more and more accepting of... let's say... different gender identities. People, especially in Europe and Western countries, accept more the idea of gender dysphoria, and don't see trans people as freakies, as weirdos.

So if you wake up in a woman's body... the whole "you are trapped" thing seems less challenging today, and by consequence seems a little less bit interesting, from a storytelling point of view.

If this happened nowadays... you wouldn't be so "trapped", or not as trapped as you were in the 80s or 70s. You could undergo through hormonal therapy and sex reassignment surgery and be able to go on living as a man or as a woman...

Another thing worth highlight is how technological evolution is allowing, and will be allowing, more and more people to change their bodies and appearance – I think it's a matter of time until trans women are able to get pregnant. I mean, a couple years ago they were talking about these Chinese scientists wanting to perform a head transplant.

So it's not completely unthinkable to wonder that still in our lifetime we will see a "whole body transplant". Let alone the possibility of full immersive VR in which you are able to put a headset and suddenly you become anybody you want, and any physical form you wish.

So I think that these two factors: social acceptance as well as new futuristic technologies (body transplants, VR, etc...) make the body swap stories less interesting, basically, because there is the possibility of people, thanks to this acceptance and technologies to just change their new bodies or, just flat-out get rid of them.

P.S: Sorry for my shitty English.

From: guest (Estranhosidade) , 6 months, post #2
Ops, the title got cut:

Does our gender inclusive world as well as new technologies make MTF body swap stories less interesting*

From: guest (Passing Through) , 6 months, post #3
I think you underestimate the challenges someone faces as gender dysphoric in today’s world.

That said, a good number of MTF stories involve a bit of mental change, ie the swapee eventually finds themselves comfortable in their new sex/gender, possibly with their sexual orientation altered. And while we’ve still to achieve true gender equality in our world, things are definitely easier for women now than even thirty years ago. I enjoy historical transformation stories for that very reason— the challenges for the protagonist are greater

From: guest , 6 months, post #4
New technologies may one day make body swaps possible, does body swap fiction loose out when that happens?

Maybe a little, in the way Pre 1969 Sci Fi could do anything, humans with goldfish bowls on there heads on the moon, humans surviving in space with a breathing mask on etc. nowadays such Sci Fi looks really silly as we know what is possible and what space is really like. Yet there are still Sci Fi shoes.

I’d say “less interesting” is wrong. Less creative maybe, but change is good. Maybe in a future where people are swapping bodies for fun every weekend old body swap films and stories will look as silly as old Sci Fi shows, but good story tellers will still find ways to make interesting stories.

In my opinion.

Also we will never know what the “soul” is, so debated over our bodies and souls will continue forever.

From: guest (Estranhosidade) , 6 months, post #5
I always thought about how the changes in real life affect the stories that we tell in fiction, as well as vice-versa – and here I'm talking in a general manner. Not especially about this case.

Many times such changes, whether they are social or technological (or both), they end up closing a given story path. And by that I mean, for example:

Those suspense stories like "There is a killer on the loose and we are alone here in our woods cabin" don't work as much, or as easily, nowadays, since smartphone as well as service coverage area are so widespread. A person being haunted by a serial murder could easily call for help.

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