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Hollywood is officially out of ideas... (sigh)
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From: guest (7 7 2) , 15 months, post #21
Like the upcoming Charlie's Angels 2019 reboot right?

From: Monsta , 15 months, post #22
Charlie's Angels getting restarted...again? Wow, this is depressing.

I wrote a "Movie Listings" series on Fictionmania with synopses for movie ideas I had. Yeah, none of them are Citizen Kane, but if a wannabe hack writer like me could come up with a couple dozen original-ish movie ideas JUST on transformation themes, why can't Hollywood's finest multi billion dollar studios put out something new?

From: guest (2 0 6 9) , 15 months, post #23
"Charlie's Angels getting restarted...again? Wow, this is depressing."

Depressing Monsta, but true. According to sources, it supposed to star Ella Balinska, Naomi Scott and Kristen Stewart as the three angels. It also features Patrick Stewart, Djimon Hounsou and Elizabeth Banks (who also is the director of the film) as the three Bosleys. Is slated for a release of November 1, 2019. Originally it was supposed to be released on September 27, 2019.

From: guest (Zukui) , 15 months, post #24
People like Monsta are the problem, they claim Hollywood have no original idea but they never put the money where the mouth is by supporting the type of movie they want to see in cinema. Please see the list of 50 biggest box office bombs every year. Some of the movies are real garbage, but many are movies that received high audience score & praised by critics. The problem is that they are original idea type of movies which are not sequels & not based on popular properties, therefore they have no fanbase to support the box office no matter how good the quality of the film & how many money the company sink into promotional costs. Nevertheless they all flop while old those "recycled" idea movies that people like Monsta deride raking billions. Hollywood bosses are not idiot. They see the numbers & formulate strategy accordingly.

Please, before you complain, take your time to think. This is not 1990s anymore. Going to cinema to watch movie is not the primary form of entertainment anymore. Nowadays watching movies is more of a "special event" kind of affair & many people only really buy ticket to see movie that they think they really want to see in cinema, which most of the time are existing properties, therefore there is limited space for original idea movies to thrive in this environment.
If you really want to support original movies, please take your time to check entertainment news every day to see which original movie is being screened in cinema & help to promote it. If the box office of these movie begin to improve perhaps we could see more original fims being made.

From: guest (Estranhosidade) , 15 months, post #25
It's been a while, if we are being honest. I mean, the only place you see TG being addressed through a different outside-the-box angle is in non-mainstream media, like mangas (such as "Shishunki Bitter Change") or in a independent films, such as the movie "Pulse".

It's funny how there are some alternatives that are in 99% of the time are just ignored, like, for instance the possibility of such transformation being permanent, and the protagonists ended up having to "get used" to their new lives/bodies.

Actually, to be honest, such alternative is sometimes (very rarely) portrayed in mainstream movies, such as "The Skeleton Key", but usually in a really dark way, like "you are trapped in a decrepit old body now"way.

The only time I remember seeing permanent body swap being portrayed through non-dark, even slightly positive, lens was in the soap opera "LaLola".

From: guest (2 1 5 9) , 15 months, post #26
It has to be hard to make any kind of movie in Hollywood without being offended to a certain public nowadays.

I really didn't know that Monsta was a problem for the Movie industry or this site at all.

From: Monsta , 15 months, post #27
Monsta has always been and always will be the problem. It's what I do.

I do try to support independent films that sound good, by buying them when they finally become available online. I also DON'T support Hollywood trash remakes, by hardly ever going to the theater anymore. But Hollywood seems to be doing just fine without my money, as they have lots of other people perfectly willing to sit through "Spider-man Reboot 3, Part 3: Spider-man Meets the Transformers". So I suggest the actual issue isn't that people like me are not supporting original films, the issue is there are too many people supporting the other movies instead of original films.

There are 2 main issues driving Hollywood's decent into the abyss:

1. Most people don't want to think during their entertainment. The general Public's attention span isn't what it once was, and exploding dinosaurs fighting robots are a great thing to glance at occasionally while you are browsing Instagram.

2. The movies are being made for a global audience now, so they have to appeal to everyone but end up being made for no one in particular. Getting 5% of the global movie audience to show up to your CGI slideshow is enough to make it profitable.

The only good news right now is that transformation seems to be more popular in China than it is in the west. So, if a few homebrew Chinese films with TF themes go mainstream, maybe Hollywood will place a few bets on something new.

From: guest (George) , 15 months, post #28
Well, I am not convinced by think the 2 main issues you refer to:

"1. Most people don't want to think during their entertainment. The general Public's attention span isn't what it once was, and exploding dinosaurs fighting robots are a great thing to glance at occasionally while you are browsing Instagram."

Then how would you explain the rise of TV at the same time? We are in a Golden Age of TV now. While the cinemas are filled movies seems more cookie-cutter nowadays, the TV scene is filled with diverse set of popular series ranging from extremely silly to extraordinarily intelligent. Whether you want to see stupid sitcom or witty comedy, slapstick superheroes show or serious superhero drama, idealistic political series or cynical political backstabbing, you could find it all. If people don't want to think, how would you explain the fans who thoroughly analyzing & researching all the clues in the shows like Westworld etc?

"2. The movies are being made for a global audience now, so they have to appeal to everyone but end up being made for no one in particular. Getting 5% of the global movie audience to show up to your CGI slideshow is enough to make it profitable."

The same "global audience" has been used to explain why TV is getting much better now. Basically with access to global audience the producers could make tv shows with niche topics that wouldn't be made in the past because small audience everywhere in the globe will add to to the number that will make it worth the money. So if this is true in TV why isn't this the case for the movies?

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