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Hollywood is officially out of ideas... (sigh)
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From: jasobres , 15 months, post #1
Have you seen this ish?!

I mean srsly? A black reverse remake of Big? Haven't we been through enough of this story with 13 Going on 30 (which I liked by the way) and 17 Again?

From: guest , 15 months, post #2
i don't think it's that unoriginal... not to say that it's what i'm looking for in TG content but it deserves a defense

From: guest , 15 months, post #3
pedowood has been creatively bankrupt ever since the first avengers movie, capeshit has destoyed what little quality they produced

even star wars is now modeled after the marvel capeshit universe in execution

From: guest , 15 months, post #4
Message deleted by JayGee. racist trolling
From: guest , 15 months, post #5
Ah the hate against Superhero Movies never gets old.

From: guest (CuriouslyCurious) , 15 months, post #6
  1. 4 Probably why we need to have a registration process for this forum

It deserves a defense sure, and I'm sure it'll gain an audience, doesn't look like a bad film at all, but the vibe of it seems to suggest an F2F between her and her assistant more than an age regression deal.

From: JayGee , 15 months, post #7
I removed it, CuriuslyCurious,

Little might be funny. I'm optimistic. I don't think it will be a great classic, but I'll probably see it.

From: guest , 15 months, post #8
>being such a brainlet you unironically enjoy capeshit

From: guest (bb) , 15 months, post #9
This doesn't seem like a remake of "Big" to me. The jokes and ideas to explore when an adult becomes a child will be different than a child becoming an adult.

From: guest (Guest Tool) , 15 months, post #10
It's not that they're out of ideas, its more like they're unwilling to take risks and most of the theater going audience has been reduced to a younger crowd as they don't like casting people over 30.
Discovering that half your "Industry leaders" are pedophiles and philanderers doesn't help either.
The P.C. Culture is also a big issue. Movies like Blazing Saddles couldn't get made today because too many people are too busy being offended to be able to realize that humor was one of the best tools to use to tear down racist stereotypes.
You could make a pretty amazing version of "Turnabout" today. Avoid the slapstick humor and stupid jokes and you could make a good movie about modern gender expectations, but alas we'll never see it.

From: guest (Alicia) , 15 months, post #11
Issa Rae's involvement in this certainly makes it interesting. She is absolutely brilliant.

From: guest (Bud) , 15 months, post #12
She's got a nice booty too.

From: guest , 15 months, post #13
Message deleted by The Man. Yeah you can just leave your shit elsewhere on the internet
From: guest (8 4 3 6) , 15 months, post #14
Also, let's not forget everybody that due to the #MeToo Movement in Hollywood, they have to remake gender-swapped versions of 80s classics (i.e. Ghostbusters, Overboard) that usually only bash males as a agenda for feminist. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they rebooted Trading Places with Kate Mckinnon and Leslie Jones respectively replacing the roles of Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy someday.

From: guest , 15 months, post #15
For an industry that virtue signals how progressive they are, they sure are conservative and creatively bankrupt when it comes to making a movie that isn't another shitty sequel or isn't some garbage remake that no one asked for where the twist is the main character is now a woman like the new star wars movies.

From: guest (KJN) , 15 months, post #16

You will never find someone more regressive than a progressive

From: guest (SuperGuest) , 15 months, post #17
Sees a black person, automatically thinks it's because of PC culture.
Are you all okay?

From: guest , 15 months, post #18
Someone is showing their stupidity here. Ghostbuster reboot was made because of MeToo? My ass.. MeToo didn't even exist yet at the time the film were made...

Are you okay? or do you need to take your medicine?

From: guest (7 6 4 1) , 15 months, post #19
I'm surprised that they have never remade A League of Their Own yet, but then again if they did they probably would've have male hate as well.

From: guest (Be Our Guest) , 15 months, post #20
I think it's less that Hollywood is out of ideas and more like audiences only respond to nostalgia these days.

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