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New Captain Marvel teaser
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From: guest , 11 months, post #21
we are 5 days away hopefully we get more fun this week!

From: guest (Troll) , 11 months, post #22
CM is released in Korea now.
No sexual themed TF.

From: guest (Gnosis) , 11 months, post #23
Doesn't have to be sexual, any TG would do. Are there?

From: hskfmn , 11 months, post #24
Why would it need to be "sexual"? It's a Marvel Comics movie not a porno...was anyone really honestly expecting anything even remotely risqué?

From: guest (Gnosis) , 11 months, post #25
Click to show spoiler
Fb V thrff vg'f pbasvezrq ng yrnfg bar fxehyy vzcrefbangrf Pneby.

From: guest , 11 months, post #26
In the movie credits, one actress plays the Talos surfer girl role, so i guess he morphs into that girl shown in the beach.

From: guest (Gnosis) , 11 months, post #27
@post 26
Two girls actually, and they look like twins. I wonder what that's supposed to imply....

From: guest (JustSawIt) , 11 months, post #28
Hello, just saw Captain Marvel. The main Skrull does turn into the surfer girl and he speaks in his same voice for a very very brief scene. and yes a Skrull does impersonate Carol at one point but that too is pretty short. Still pretty nice though.

From: guest , 11 months, post #29
The girl morph it only lasts for that scene? No more of her in all the movie?

From: Greg , 11 months, post #30
Yep that's it.

From: guest (freaky1991) , 11 months, post #31
I just saw it too actually two skrulls turn into surfer girl haha

From: guest , 11 months, post #32
Oh, that sounds cool! Pity they didn't give the girls some extra scene

From: guest (Anyone) , 11 months, post #33
The part where a Skrull impersonates Carol -- is there female with male voice in this scene?

From: guest (Guest) , 11 months, post #34
@Anyone, no.Click to show spoiler
Gur fxehyy jnf fubg ol Lbtteba(Vz abg fher nobhg gur fcryyvat), gura gur fxehyy'f snpr punatrq sebz Pneby onpx gb uvf bja. Ohg uvf obql znvagnvaf gur qvfthvfr. Gurfr fxehyyf pna nyfb vzvgngr gur pybgurf gurl jvyy vzcrefbangr naq jvyy punatr onpx bapr gurl jrer uvg. Vjbaqre jul gur fxehyy qvqag punatrq onpx uvf gehr obql nsgre ur jnf fubg.

From: guest (Anyone) , 11 months, post #35
Thanks guest

From: guest (LuisEdu) , 11 months, post #36
I'm so excited to watch this movie, I want to see Captain marvel, the cat, nick fury, Captain Marvel's best friend, the sruklls and their shape shifting abilities and watch MTF scenes in the film
But I think movie would have its own porn movie parody coming soon, I mean this movie will be a huge success, Thanks Marvel and Stan Lee and their crew!

From: guest (freaky1991) , 11 months, post #37
its pg-13 i wonder why there is no chessy scenario a little bit to those transformations

From: guest , 11 months, post #38
Certainly. I expected at least one joke or two with the surfer girls.

From: guest (Guest) , 11 months, post #39
Actually, there was one joke.Click to show spoiler
Hayvxr gurve pbzvp obbx pbhagrecneg, Fxehyyf va ZPH npgf dhvexl, ng yrnfg gb bar bs gurve yrnqre Gnybf. Qhevat gurve Rnegu neeviny/Fhesre fprar. Gnybf jnf nppbzcnavrq ol frireny(3 vs zl zrzbel freirf zr evtug) fxehyy urapuzra. Bar bs gurz funcrfuvsgrq jvgu gur fhesre tvey gur fnzr bar nf Gnybf funcrfuvsgrq vagb. Gura ur fnvq, va Ora'f ibvpr, gung ure vzntr gnxra naq nfxrq gb funcrfuvsg vagb bgure crefba.

From: guest (guest) , 11 months, post #40
Dont forget that a Skrull transform into Monica Rambeau.

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