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What makes you aroused in MtF/FtF/etc scenes ?
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From: guest (razor) , 7 months, post #1
I'm simply curious, what is it that actually really got you interested when you are watching scenes of your fetishes ?

For me, I like MtF/FtF possessions and transformation. The scene that I really enjoyed is watching the TF'ed or possessed female's face right after the process is complete. Those smirks, evilish smile, or even the blank face they showed when they close the camera up, really makes me aroused instantly.

I also like the process of entering/transformation itself and their actions to 'feel' their new body, but since lots of these are very short or even not shown, it didn't really turns me up compared to their face expression. Nudity and/or sex scene are of course exciting, but I feel they're just a cherry on top.

What are your preference ?

From: Greg , 7 months, post #2
I'd say when it's against the will of the "transformee" the awkwardness, the feeling that something is not right and having to pretend that nothing is wrong. When it's by choice the deception, the ability to be something completely different by choice while remaining the same inside.

From: guest (someone) , 7 months, post #3
Hard to explain, feel like I'm totally alone with this but I'm a totally straight male who gets turned on by female with male voice. Have kept this a secret for over ten years now and I'm in a relationship

From: guest (blabla260) , 7 months, post #4
It realy is the transformation itself. Basically the power to change something. It could be inanimate, animal, AR, AP, but with MtF / FtF comes an another fetish bonus, so it's the strongest one. I truly belive, that any kind of fetish has a strong connencion to something suppressed/unrealisable in our subconsciousness.

From: guest (Bud) , 7 months, post #5
I'd have to agree with the comments about going against the will of the transformee and awkwardness. I love seeing them being taken out of their comfort zone and being forced to do things that make them uncomfortable and awkward especially if it's a macho man or a man whore.

From: guest (Tights) , 7 months, post #6
Men struggling to put pantyhose <3

But, if I have to be more specific I would say that it's this kind of "silent humiliation" of a man trapped inside a woman's body having to wear a cute dress. Like, he's being "humiliated" but to other, they just see a girl wearing a cute dress – something absolutely normal.

They don't know about this person embarrassment. They don't know about his humiliation.

From: guest (PrepareYourself) , 7 months, post #7
Shapeshifting / possession from ugly/average man into a beautiful woman is really satisfying, especially if they gain the right memories of the person.
I love it when they successfully trick someone to believe they are the real deal, usually by seduction or flirting

From: yoyo , 7 months, post #8
I like the idea of a bland, unattractive person or thing turning into something incredibly hot. And since i like hot women... You get the idea.
Then there's the sense of loss. Having to deal with it while struggling to accept the gains... Not just bodyparts, but losing the pride and power they had. Something beyond awkwardness, humiliation and embarassment. Something deeper and long lasting. I like it when they go through the stages of grief, basically.
Although usually nothing beats witnessing the transformation itself. Seeing how the face changes, some bodyparts disappear, others take their place.
I prefer MtF, like most, but FtF and FtM can be just as captivating sometimes.

From: Bodyswap1 , 7 months, post #9
Transformations are the best for me. I like how they do it in detail over every last bit.

From: DB Cooper , 7 months, post #10
I like it when the change is not what anyone intended, but the transformee is nonetheless somewhat excited. Not the 'Ooh, let me feel my new boobs' way, but like the idea of changing genders isn't upsetting to them.

From: guest (drek) , 7 months, post #11
I am more into M to F possession , and it should be on screen where transparent image merges into opaque object turn me on , I don't know why it turn me on ... I also call it as weird fetish , I got attracted towards such clips

From: guest (Jill) , 7 months, post #12
The scenes were they replace the person dressing in their clothes, acting like them, fooling the other people around like the husband or boyfriend, or wife or girlfriend. Then rubbing it in to the other person who they swapped with, while they have to be forced to become that person watching helplessly as their body and life gets taken over. Something I think could be done without much of an issue, at least I could

From: guest (Misty_Hyde) , 7 months, post #13
I agree with Jill a lot on her aspect . With me its the horror of walking up. Seeing your old body naked getting dressed, Looking down your trapped in a cd males body or that or elderly person.

From: guest (observer) , 7 months, post #14
I agree with Jill. Especially if I had the chance to replace the right person.

From: guest (Condor44) , 7 months, post #15
I agree with what most of what "yoyo" says above, tho I'm strictly a fan of mtf (full transformation, no tv, no she-males). I find most nude scenes in tg or non-tg films merely passe. The best part of any tg video for me is the tg character trying out the sexiest clothes. Who wouldn't like the idea that another beautiful woman who knows how to be a beautiful woman has been gifted to the world? There was not much to say good about Barkin's SWITCH, but her character Amanda really knew how to dress. A series of good mini-dresses will usually uplift even a mediocre script.

From: guest (troll) , 7 months, post #16
OH GOD, I'm aroused after reading this thread.

From: guest (Penguinattack) , 7 months, post #17
I like guys who are relatively average or skinny looking to become thick/chubby/bbw. Maybe cause I’m relatively small myself, but the thought of becoming a chubby beauty turns me on.

From: guest (Polo) , 7 months, post #18
For me, it's all about the identity theft. I feel like as people we're bound by who we are by our bodies, by how we look. Personality is dependent on how people treat you in that body that you've been born with. I just love the idea of feeling new experiences, to feel things that you were never meant to feel outside of your own experience. The feeling of long hair, the smell of a natural female body, the feeling of being small and petite. I find swaps where the two people have stark differences very appealing. Like ugly to beautiful or young and female to old and male. The ability to become something else, that's what makes me tingle.

From: guest , 7 months, post #19
Can't remember where i head this but holds true

"Power gives me wood"

From: guest (Sarion) , 7 months, post #20
I like some of the ideas mentioned above (especially the one where the tg guy who was a regular sort before, or even an alpha male starts to dress like knockout and enjoys doing it). But I would like to see something fresh, too, something that I have never seen in a tg movie. It is common for a male and female married couple to swap and carry on their in love in each other's body. It is common for two strangers that swap to become lovers as they work through their shared disaster. But I'd like for a change to see a couple, either married or already very into each other, find that after swapping they don't feel the old attraction they had had. Instead, they drift into the arms of new lovers and make new couples, for a twist on the happy ending idea.

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