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Why Japan is so interested on body swap?
From: guest (Tights) , 45 months, post #1
So... it's no secret that Japan is weird, or at least "peculiar" – if you wanna be polite. It's a wildcard sort of place. You have the octopus porn and the worn panties vending machines and that penis festival and all that kind of stuff.

But one of the peculiarities, and that people usually don't talk about, and that caught my attention these days while I was looking a list of body swap movies and series is that... Japan seems to have an unusual interested on body swap in comparison with other countries of the world.

Especially because, unlike US or Canada, many of the content wasn't broadcasted outside Japan, so it's not like they were producing this with the hope of selling the broadcast rights oversees.

And maybe this is just my impression, but hear me out:

We see body swap on anime movies, such as "Kimi no na wa" (Your Name) from 2016, we see these in mangas, such as "Shishunki Bitter Change"(2012-), we see these in doramas, such as "Papa to Musume no Nanokakan" (2007). We even see this on really obscure TV shows and movies, such as "Ore ga aitsu de aitsu ga ore de" (2002), "Papa ga watashi de Watashi ga papa de" (1989) and "Henshin! Ponpoko-dama" from 1973!

Click to show spoiler
yrg nybar gur WNIf, yrg nybar gur WNIF

1973, for god sake! So, it's not like just a few stories here and there, it's pretty recurring theme in japan popular culture. And I was cracking my head trying to know why is that?

And, before I move on, I think it's important to highlight that many fetiches... it's not like they are born in a bubble outside society, there's a whole feedback loop, there's whole bunch being influenced by society going on. Even if we look up really weird things, such as, again, octopus porn. We see this I think "this new trending is super weird", but this is not a new trending, this shitty is fucking old!
This painting is 200 years old! And a woman is being fucked up by a two octopuses on it! So many things seems to be embedded in that culture mindset.

But, going back to the body swap thing... I was googling around and I found out this really old japanese story "Torikaebaya Monogatari", it's like old as hell, like thousands years old. It's a tale involving, not body swap per se, but it seems to involve a brother and a sister switching roles, and engaging in crossdressing and so and so forth

So I think the japanese interest on body swap might exist because of this tale, what you guys think about it?

P.S: Sorry for any grammar mistake.

From: guest , 45 months, post #2
They also seems to have something for skinsuit too

From: guest , 45 months, post #3
Oh don't forget they have many female possession thing too

From: guest , 45 months, post #4
Not only Japan...China has also some fetish for body swaps. And some other asian countries. Maybe it's something new for them or maybe it is related to some cultural traits.

From: Valkan , 45 months, post #5
But it's not new to them. OP discussed how it has a history of body swap media.

So it comes down to a cultural thing. Which begs the question, what specifically about Japan, China, or other East Asian cultures make gender transformation media (whether that is body swap, skinsuits, or possessions) more widely acceptable than it does in Western culture.

From: guest (Tights) , 45 months, post #6
All those places, especially Japan and China, throughout a major part of their story stayed away from the rest of the world, kept themselves outside global politics, not for nothing you had "the great wall of china", this probably lead to changes regarding how those societies perceive gender and gender roles, as well as sexuality as a whole. I mean there are kinks and fetishes that it seems to only exist in japan.

Europe shaped the rest of the world, whether we are talking about America or Australia - but it didn't shape (as much) these asian countries, so I think these places provides an interesting glimpse about what a place without european influence would look like.

Anyway, I know that this is not an answer to your question though, it's like saying that A is this way because of B 😂

From: guest (Tanya) , 45 months, post #7
I think part of it is that the United States is just not as open sexually as other parts of the world. It's a country based on the American Dream, be a husband and wife have kids, own a house, work your job etc. Anything that deviates from that people have a hard time accepting, like something is wrong with that person, it's improved a little over time but not as much as other countries.

From: theobserver , 45 months, post #8
the solution is to subscribe to the cignal using a vpn and record everything on the platform

From: theobserver , 45 months, post #9
Excuse me i was wrong

From: guest , 45 months, post #10
I think the believe in reincarnation is a factor.

From: guest (Luv_To_Switch_Bods) , 45 months, post #11
That is interesting guest. Do you think that men who think
about swapping bodies with women were women in their
past life?

From: guest , 45 months, post #12
Yeah I wonder this a lot too. If I could speak Japanese and/or Chinese, there would be no shortage of content. There's so few stuff in the west comparatively

From: guest (Laika) , 45 months, post #13

In East Asia culture, their culture have a root from Confucius. People determined and have the roles (king-people, male-female, etc. you can find about hierarchy relations in Confucius Philosophy )that they must follow for harmony in social community (in Confucius harmony is the most important thing that make communities get peace) Japan receive Confucius and chinese philosophy in Heian period. Japan strongly believe in the roles of harmony and you still can see this in japan social nowadays.

In my opinion the obviously roles make people feel tense and have a question in their roles and the others.As we know male and female in Asian culture have a long renge in social equality but in some point of their roles they have some an advantage in their position in social. I think from this point they absorb in about switching the roles and became the one of fantasy and some kind of fetish.

I'm an Asian and sorry for my bad english ^^"

From: guest (Tights) , 45 months, post #14
Your english is fine. That's a pretty interesting insight about asia culture!

From: guest (Tights) , 21 months, post #15
Sorta reliving this thread again, lately I have been reading a lot of Japanese mangas, and it's somewhat amazing how much this thematic constantly pops up in it, there's even a category "gender blender" for it. Not only about body swap itself, but also of men just being transformed and waking up as a woman or possessing a female body and all that kind of stuff.

From: guest (Tights) , 14 days, post #16
Sorta reliving this thread again.. again. I ended up bumping with this japanese comic from 1905, although it has english subtitle, it seems to be from a Tokyo magazine, showing a grandson and his grandfather switching bodies:

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