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Los Protegidos 2019
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From: guest , 59 months, post #181
At 9:40, he enters the bathroom as Sandra, then at 9:53 he exits the stall as the nerd girl. At 11:11, he's in Claudia's form (I think that's Claudia but I could be wrong), then at 11:39 he switches back to Sandra's form.

From: hskfmn , 59 months, post #182
Why are there 4 Claudias at one point sitting in the lab room like nothing’s at all strange?

From: guest (AK) , 59 months, post #183
Was that what happened? Where Lucas was sick and kind of passed his power onto others? I'm probably not getting it.

From: guest , 59 months, post #184
he hasn't been claudia in other episodes has he?

From: Heri , 59 months, post #185
No, it was the first time.

From: guest (Guest) , 59 months, post #186
which timestamp are 4 Claudias?

From: guest (jjj) , 59 months, post #187
more female shapeshift in episode 19? :)

From: guest (Guest) , 59 months, post #188
Why people so impatient?

From: guest (Zzzzzz) , 59 months, post #189
Our "main" hero, Lucas, is still struggling with his powers in episode 19. He briefly transforms into Sandra and try to fool Cobra, but he involuntarily transforms back before entering his room.

From: Holly Dunn , 59 months, post #190
Just a friendly shout out. More information is helpful. I find this thread and show very confusing.The show is in a foreign language, the transformations are brief, an they often don't happen on screen. Lucas pretty much acts as if he was the character he turns into, so there aren't many visual cues when watching.

There will be 70 episodes, from what you guys say, so looking through 70 episodes for brief moments will be daunting.

On top of that some of you post things like "Oh my God there were three transformations tonight," with little information to follow. Since there are episodes 5 nights a week, it becomes unsearchable even when someone trying to be helpful three or 4 posts down posts time codes (without episode references.)

This is a great forum. The more complete you can post your information, the more it makes it worthwhile coming here. It would be great if people posting could post the episode number along with some context of what is happening. This thread will be useless in a few months otherwise.

From: guest (guest) , 59 months, post #191
Uh there's male and female transformations tonight.

From: guest (Bobb Ross Is Overrated) , 59 months, post #192
So basically, if you're gonna post an update, please add the Episode Number so this thread is usable in the future :)

Episode 20 has some Lucas > Sandra stuff in it.

From: Heri , 59 months, post #193

Episode 11: He transforms into Hugo in order to talk to Vanessa, Hugo´s love interest, since the real one has never dared to do it (m2m) 27:37. The real Hugo gets hit by Vanessa´s jealous boyfriend 32:41. After that, Vanessa invites Hugo to hang out later that day, as an apology for her boyfriend´s actions 35:50.

Episode 12: later, Lucas hears Vanessa´s boyfriend telling a friend it was a joke and that Vanessa won't show up 16:10. After trying and not getting to convince Vanessa to talk to Hugo 34:02, Lucas transforms into her, talks to Hugo and even gets kissed by him (m2f) 36:05. He did this so his friend is not going to feel humilliated and broken-hearted.

Episode 13: While talking to Hugo on the phone, Lucas remembers when he was kissed while transformed into Vanessa (m2f) 3:06.

Episode 14: Claudia is sad because Cobra does not want to participate with her in a School show so Lucas transforms into Antonio in order to talk to her and tell her not to worry about it (m2m) 26:35. While being Antonio, Beto tells him he doesn´t feel well and he got permission to go home, so he must take him, they go to the Dominguez family´s house, talk for a while and then Lucas sends Beto to his room and falls asleep, he wakes up and transforms into Rosa when the real Antonio gets home (m2f) 33:21. He leaves as Rosa after rejecting Antonio´s efforts to have some intercourse with "her".

Episode 15: He transforms into Andres While being tied to a chair and tells Nuria to set him free (m2m) 26:01, the real Andres arrives a little bit later and Lucas transforms back to himself (offscreen). He transforms into Antonio in order to get information about Mario and Jimena´s location when Baeza is inspecting the Garcia family´s house (m2m) 37:03.

Episode 16: He transforms into Murillo for rescuing Mario and Jimena, but he arrives just after Baeza had taken them in the police car, then he calls Cobra (m2m offscreen) 1:23. Baeza arrives to Andre´s house and after pointing them with a gun, he is touched by Elena, Andre´s daughter and he gets old really fast as a result of Elena´s powers (Age progression) 11:09.

Episode 17: He transforms into Jimena involuntarily after breathing some smoke from Hugo’s Science experiment (m2f) 30:36. He gets sick as a consequence of this.

Episode 18: Lucas is sick and as a result of this, he is transforming involuntarily and the personality of the forms he takes are taking control of his actions. He also develops some kind of a very contagious disease that involuntarily transforms other people as well. He transforms into Antonio while sleeping (m2m) 0:43. Into Rosa, reading a magazine while still on his bed (m2f) 2:01 he takes off his distinctive necklace as her. He transforms into Mario and leaves for work, the real Mario arrives just after that (m2m) 3:02. Still in Mario´s form reading a newspaper he transforms into Nuria (m2f) 5:10. He passes walking by when Mario is talking to the real Nuria 6:59. he is teaching her students about superheroes 7:35 he sneezes on Lety 8:07, starting the disease spreading with this. He enters the bathroom as Sandra (m2f) 9:40 then he exits the stall as Lety (m2f) 9:51. He is in Claudia´s form on a bed talking to Cobra (m2f) 11:20 and he transforms again into Sandra (f2f) 11:33. He transforms back to himself (f2m) 13:55. He is transformed into Mario while reading a newspaper (m2m) 15:38. Lety is transformed into Claudia (f2f) 17:21 Claudia is transformed into Lety (f2f) 17:38. Transforms into Carlos (m2m) 21:45. While tied on his bed, he transforms into Beto and back to himself (m2m) 26:06 and into Cobra and back to himself 26:23 he escapes after this. As a result of Lucas disease, four girls are in Claudia´s form 26:55. Lucas takes the form of Marucia the reporter girl and acts as the Garcia kids´nanny (m2f) 27:55 , he sneezes on Lucia, Carlos and Beto so they get sick. Because of this Lucia gets Beto´s form 34:54, Beto gets Carlos´form 37:17 and Carlos gets Lucia´s form 37:41.

Episode 19: He transforms into Beto (m2m) 1:33 and back to himself. Claudia is in Sandra´s form 3:00 and is kissed by Cobra, Sandra is in Claudia´s form and is also kissed by Cobra 4:24. Lucas is transformed into Baeza´s young form wearing a security suit (m2m) 4:45. Cobra is in the male reporter´s form and erases the recordings they have. Lucas transforms into Sandra for playing a joke to Cobra, but he transforms back to himself without noticing it (m2f) 13:38.

Episode 20: People at school are taking blood samples for tests so Lucas poses as his family members since his blood is the only one that can be extracted without any secondary effects, he is in the form of Sandra (m2f) 0:16 he transforms into Cobra (f2m) 0:25 and back to himself (m2m) 1:32. He is in Sandra´s form as a favor for Sandra, she wanted him to talk to Cobra in order to persuade him from trying more experiments to be able to kiss her or touch her (m2f) 17:26, after talking to him, Lucas goes to the men´s restroom in her form and transforms back to himself after exiting the restroom (f2m) 19:33.

I remember when I first discovered this site, getting to know that there were all these people who shared the same hobbies and interests that I have was amazing, the only problem was that the website was in a foreign language for me…
What did I do? I learned the language… for this and more reasons like being worth twice.
I remember many times that moderators as well as other users have told people things like "this is not a website in spanish" or "Don´t write in spanish" or "learn english"…. whatever.
And please don´t take this the wrong way, I want this community to exist for a long time and have a good time sharing these hobbies that we love, it is just a reminder of how it feels to be on the other side of the first language, cheers.

From: guest (Vince) , 59 months, post #194
@Heri Thank you for your greats recaps:-)

From: guest , 59 months, post #195
Thank you Heri for the in-depth explanation, especially on episode 18! I figured it was a personality taking over thing when he, as rosa, removed his necklace, but wasn’t sure exactly what was happening to the other students .

From: guest , 59 months, post #196
Thanks for the writeup Heri.

Hopefully we get more transformations into Marucia! Seems plausible given that she's been talking to Hugo.

From: guest (Chris) , 59 months, post #197
@Heri Great Thanks !!!

From: guest (Gnosis) , 59 months, post #198
Thanks @Heri for your contribution!

I got a question: so in that early scene in episode 19, it seems Claudia is not aware of her transformation. Is Sandra aware of hers? Could you also explain what the dialogue between Sandra (as Claudia) and Cobra is about? Thanks!

From: Greg , 59 months, post #199
Thanks Heri for the descriptions of the various episodes. In episode 18 when you say the personalities take control do you mean he believes he is those persons or more he acts like them?

From: Heri , 59 months, post #200
Post# 198: No, she isn’t. In the dialogue He is telling her that he has been thinking about her and he wants to be with her but doesn’t know how because of her powers, she tells him she doesn’t know what he is talking about and why is taking him so long “not that I am your sister” . He asks her who she is and she tells him that she is Claudia, then she kisses her.

Post #199: Both things, in some cases he believes he is those people and he acts like them, while in other cases neither any of them, like when He transforms into Marucia and acts like the kids’ nanny, at that point he was really sick and he just took her form without even thinking about it.

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