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A Time Traveler's Warning! New YouTube video from James
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From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #1
Hi All,

Just posted another new video on YouTube. This one's about a guy who get's warnings from future versions of himself, including one that's been turned into a woman. It's a short skit that we filmed the same time as The Magic Book, which was a Patreon sponsor video. So when you support us on Patreon, we try to film multiple projects on film days, but the Patrons are only charge once. Trying to stretch our Patreon dollars as far as they will go, so please consider become a Patreon member to help us make more great projects.

A Time Traveler's Warning video


From: Realfanjustthe , 18 months, post #2
justhe finnish watching it sir your the best. fanjustthe here still hoping for you to use my name

From: magicmaximus , 18 months, post #3
You actually used my idea, that was a pretty good video temporal paradox and all.

From: guest (Mr Helpful) , 18 months, post #4

This is such great work, and this new actress is truly on board with your vision.

I may be speaking for others here, but I would love it if you did a Male to Female Shapeshifter video with voice switching. A great theme would be two buddies and one is a shapeshifter and does it for various tricky reasons, and shows it off and might even tease his buddy with it.

Just a thought. Thank you again!

From: Forestier , 18 months, post #5
He did what I would have done... ;-)

From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #6
Thanks for the comments!

Realfanjustthe: Thank you very much! I just used a bunch of my Patreon's name's in The Magic Book.

magicmaximus: Nice!

Mr. Helpful: Thank you very much! That's an interesting idea, could be fun to do. Only problem I see is it would require a number of people, the two friends, the woman, and who else is involved in the various trickery. Fun idea, for sure.

Forestier: HA, yeah. Not a bad choice, all things considered.

Thanks again,

From: guest (hey) , 18 months, post #7
Hi James, I am glad you are back. Will you ever bring back Switching Channels? There are so many of us who like the 'female with male voice' shtick that think you executed it perfectly in the past. Maybe a voice swap video will be in the works (if you are willing)? Thanks again for staying in touch with this community. Keep up the great work!

From: guest , 18 months, post #8
I would Like it if u can bring back the teens and or the little girl from one of ur older vids. That is if u still can content them.

From: Nptox18 , 18 months, post #9
good job as always...

best regards...

From: guest (Also Interested) , 18 months, post #10
Thanks as always James. Along the lines of Mr. Helpful, I was thinking maybe an intentional M2M swap, but one of them gets accidentally swapped with a woman. Maybe the original guy had plans to swap and chickened out, tricking the other guy to swap with him, or he just forgot, or completely was thrust upon him by someone else.

From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #11
Thanks for the comments!

Hey: The switching channels was always meant to be done with other YouTubers, to cross promote our channels, but I don't really move in those circles, so don't run into to many other YouTubers. I recently was going to have an alter voice swapping ending, but to do it right you need to do a dub, and that means bring the actors back when the video is done to do the voice over. Unfortunately the one I was planning on, it was to far for the actor to come back for the. When I'm the actor it's easy, but we it's someone else, it makes it difficult. Maybe some day, but one problem I have is that a lot of my voice swap videos got 'flagged' by YouTube, so I'm a little hesitant to do them, but as long as they get cleared I'll consider it. So maybe some day again.

Guest #8: Not sure if that'll happen any time soon. One of the teens as since become a Mom, so don't think she'll have time, and not sure if the little girl even lives around here any longer. I did like do those videos, but they didn't get that many views compared to some of my others. I should check to see if she's available, but with the holidays there's a lot going on.

Nptox18: Thank you very much, glad you liked it! :)

Also Interested: That's funny that you mention that. I actually wanted to do a video like that with another YouTube YEARS ago. He had a crew who filmed with him and wanted to set up a premise that I was going to switch bodies with one of his crew, a dude, but then the girl showed up, and I ended up switching with her. Honestly, that would have been to much work for 'them' to do, but maybe I could change that idea and do it with some one around here. Have to think about that, but it's a good idea.

Thanks for the comments again!


From: guest (Bud) , 18 months, post #12
WTF? Why would voice swapping videos get flagged? Who on Earth is offended by that? People are too sensitive.

From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #13
Hi Bud, honestly don't know, but 65 of my videos originally got flagged, so I don't think they were specifically targeting voice swapping, but most of the VS videos got tagged. Funnily enough, one of the videos that got flagged was just pictures I took of people at a comic book convention, so there really was no rhyme or reason to it, which is why I'm willing to do more voice swaps in the future. :) I am just trying be cautious though.

From: guest (Bud) , 18 months, post #14
It's still sad but I guess they will do whatever they can to discourage "the little guy". 65 videos? That is ridiculous. Your videos are incredibly tame.

From: guest (Thanos) , 18 months, post #15
May be feminist flagged the video for M to F possession , where the transparent figure (say a ghost) of male is merging into opaqe body of female ...Feminist are bunch of idiots , I wish james will keep triggering them by making more such videos.

From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #16
Bud: I heard LOTS of people got their videos flagged, and lots of them, with no reason or even notifications given. Just went in one day and say a ton were flagged.It is definitely discouraging.

Thanos: If it was only my M to F videos, then that would be a reason I could understand, but it was a bunch across the board. I'm actually surprised by some of the videos that weren't flagged, after seeing the list of the one's that were flagged.

If you want to look at the list of the last 9 videos that on are on the flagged list, here they are:

Flagged videos

Actually it'd be really helpful if you (or anyone) watched the list. I need 1000 views to get YouTube to review them, and I am so close on a number of them.

Anyway, you can go on YouTube and find tons of videos from people who are upset with YouTube for this very thing, along with a number of other issues.

Thanks for the comments (and watching the playlist, if you do!) :)


From: guest (Thanos) , 18 months, post #17
@RdDrfjames , If M to F is not the reason for flagging , I Think google is applying algorithm on youtube video as well that make many videos get flagged ...I am working with the firms on this regards .

It may have been noticed by the algorithms and may be algoritm figure out it as mis-promoted online stands for reason which makes video getting flagged , users may not be flagging , it's google generated algorithm doing it under generated criteria .
it's all my techie guess , i am not sure about what's Algorithms are cooking in google's kitchen .

I am your old subscriber since 2012 , Don't worry about views and keep entertaining us. If you put more of a possession content , I think outside people look for more possession like stuff instead of transformation , may be it will work it out for you if you shuffle the content little bit .

From: guest (NewGuyTF) , 18 months, post #18
Hi James!! As always an amazing job, i really like your videos!!
If I can suggest something, i always like the theme of two male friends in which one turns the other into a woman for a mistake and then has to figure out the way of turned back into guy.
But is only a suggest, i'm going to watch all your videos anyway!

From: RdDrfJames , 17 months, post #19
Thanos: Google/YouTube is doing something with an algorithm of some sort. I recently posted a video for some people to review, wasn't made public, and didn't have any type of description of the video or tags of any sort, and somehow that video got flagged. So before anyone of the reviewers even saw it, with no keywords or meta data on the video (something YouTube might be looking out for), YouTube flagged the video. When I do post it, it will get a 1000 views and might get cleared (getting cleared is up to the discretion of the reviewer, so personal biases come into play, which I've learned from other videos I've had reviewed). It's very frustrating. I'm grateful for the help I got clearing the backlog of videos YouTube has flagged, and we got to 'push back' a little, but there are so many other people out there who get flagged and have no one they can turn to for help. Thanks for being around since 2012!

NewGuyTF: Thank you very much and thank you for the suggestion. I like the idea, could be fun and I might have to do something like that some day. I've had an idea, by no means original, but about a struggling magician who needs a 'beautiful assistant' and manages to turn his friend into an attractive female to help him out, but then can't turn him back. Don't know that I'd go with that, but that was an idea I had at one time.

Thanks again to everyone for all the help clearing my videos!


From: guest (KWfan) , 17 months, post #20
I like the magician's assistant idea a lot. Also--I watched a couple more flagged vids yesterday, but forgot to re-watch again last night--might have gotten a few more clear if I'd remembered!

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