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The Magic Book (New YouTube video from James)
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From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #1
Hi All,

We just posted a new YouTube video. This one is about a guy, who after his girlfriend breaks up with him, decides to fix things using spells from a magic book he just received. (Spoiler, things gone wrong!) :)

This was made thanks to our patreon supporters. If you want to help with future videos, please go to Patreon and search for Three Degrees Off Center Productions.

The Magic Book



From: guest (Yumi Kimura) , 18 months, post #2

From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #3
Thanks Yumi!

From: Bodyswap1 , 18 months, post #4
Excellent work on the new video.

From: guest (KJN) , 18 months, post #5
As a supporter through Patreon, wanted to say how much I liked it.....Trapped for ever as a woman, most likely best option now is to escape into marriage with a man, and be the mother of their children.

From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #6
Bodyswap1: Thank you very much! :)

From: guest (Rmp42661) , 18 months, post #7
Video is absolutely fantastic - your quality of work is always amazing

From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #8
Rmp42661: Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it! :)

From: guest (crongo) , 18 months, post #9
Feels like some of your best work yet!

From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #10
Hi cronge: Thanks! Glad you liked it. I was thinking about your comment and I have an answer as to why. Ever since I've started using Patreon, I've felt the need to really step up my game, I feel it people want to back my videos and put there hard earned money for me to make them, then whatever I put out had better be something special. Not saying I was lazy before, but there was only so much I could do when self financing my videos, and now with Patreon, I feel like people are putting their faith in me, so I don't want to let them down. Sorry, long answer for me just saying thank you. :)

From: Nixon , 18 months, post #11
i really enjoyed the video as well james keep it up, perhaps in the future a female to female body swap with clothes, maybe a updated Frenemies

From: guest (crongo) , 18 months, post #12
I agree. I hate to say it but there was a period where I felt a bit of a falling out. This is only my opinion, but I found that the videos got a bit pandering, which I didn't often see in your videos before. This video feels like a return to the healthy formula that people here love to see you make, not to say you weren't coming back around anyway. No worries about the long response, it's only showing of your passion

From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #13
Hi Nixon, thanks so much! I do have a possible for a female to female video. With m2f the stories are so easy. What's a good idea for a F2F video? Just one location, with the two actresses. Probably would take place in an apartment.. I've been trying to come up with a good idea, but have been drawing a blank.

From: RdDrfJames , 18 months, post #14
Crongo: I'm curious as to which videos your talking about. And now worries, I don't see this as a criticism, I'm just interested in your opinion. Sometimes TF/TG stories, if your not careful, can become a bit repetitive. Most people reactions, or at least what they think they would do, tends to be about the same. So it's hard to keep things 'fresh'. I do ask for suggestions from time to time, and I do try to implement so of the ideas, when I can. For a while when I was trying to post every week, it got to be exhausting, work a job, then coming home and working YouTube videos as a 'second job'. Now that I don't have all that 'free time', it feels like I can take more time and plan projects and give them a little more attention.

From: guest (Red) , 18 months, post #15
Hey James, I’m a huge fan of your work, especially all the TG and M2F stuff. I was wondering if you would put turn up the raunchiness. Like more emphasis on the guy checking out his new body, grabbing and fondling/bounces the boobs, showing more skin and whatnot.

From: guest (KJN) , 18 months, post #16
As a Patreon partner, can say I am only interested in TG.

From: guest , 18 months, post #17
Two things:
1) I thought you and David did a GREAT job with this! All around wonderful.
2) I liked the idea for the F2F you brought up in your other thread, where Morgan switches bodies with another woman to cosplay. I think the exciting stuff about F2F is how different women look than men. From their body shape (e.g., height, etc.) to their facial features, to their hair---all that! So switching bodies to cosplay makes a lot of sense because it's all about fitting a particular look, and I could picture the Morgan character especially wanting to change up her look for the sake of a cosplay.

From: guest (crongo) , 18 months, post #18
Once again, this is nothing against you, but since you asked, I found your work with Robyn to be a bit on-the-nose with the kind of stuff a lot of us like. So of course lots of people probably didn't have my same opinion; it just didn't appeal to me at the time and made me wonder where the channel was going. Though stuff "improved" if we're talking about my own opinion. Really don't want to speak for everyone

From: guest (Passing Through) , 18 months, post #19
Really fun video. I hear what James is saying about fear of being repetitive, but for all the cliche (show of hands for who thought he’d change back? ;) ), it was cute and well acted.

Feeling for our new recipient of creepy come ones— a follow up video as the new lady navigates those kinds of problems would be great

From: guest (KWfan) , 18 months, post #20
I agree with post 17----I think something along the lines of "borrowing someone else's body so as to be able to cosplay a different type of character" would be a GREAT scenario/video.

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