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Legends of Tomorrow shapeshifter
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From: guest (Gnosis) , 30 months, post #1
This week's episode of Legends of Tomorrow (s4e03) features a female shapeshifter Charlie, currently in the form of a punk band leader. This leads to a pretty interesting episode and some surprisingly impressive morph special effects (at least better than the ones on Supergirl)
Click to show spoiler
Nebhaq 13 zvaf gb gur raq, fur qrzbafgengrf ure cbjre ol funcrfuvsgvat vagb gur Oevgvfu Dhrra, naq gjb bs ure onaq zrzoref.
Click to show spoiler
Nebhaq 8 zvaf gb gur raq, gur funcrfuvsgre unf genafsbezrq vagb Enl gb svtug gur Yrtraqf. Jura fur'f qrsrngrq, fur funcrfuvsgf vagb rirel pheerag Yrtraq zrzore. Gung'f evtug, RIREL BAR BS GURZ. Naq svanyyl, fur gnxrf ba gur sbez bs Nznln. Fnq arjf: Pbafgnagvar gura gnxrf njnl ure funcrfuvsgvat cbjref, fb fur'f fghpx va guvf sbez abj. (Irel fnq sbe hf vaqrrq. Jbhyq ybir gb frr zber bs ure)
Anyways, here's a clip:

From: guest (Usnavi) , 30 months, post #2
Not bad... prett entertaining I think. I do hope they restore her powers at some point...

From: Bodyswap1 , 30 months, post #3
I hope so too.

From: Greg , 30 months, post #4
Is the shapeshifter a human with powers or something else?

From: Bodyswap1 , 30 months, post #5
Guess we won't know until next week.

From: guest (da Doctah) , 30 months, post #6
SInce the conceit of this season is that demons and other magical beings are running around misplaced in various eras of the human world, I'm guessing the shapeshifter is not actually human in origin.

From: guest (Siren Tales Productions fan) , 30 months, post #7
Here is the source via witch full episode officially provided for streaming:
  1. in embed player, access by PId
  2. in embed player, access by MediaPId
  3. in embed player, access by GUId

From: guest (Gnosis) , 29 months, post #8
Click to show spoiler
Va guvf jrrx'f rcvfbqr, Pbafgnagvar nygrerq gur gvzryvar fb fur ertnvarq ure cbjref (rira gubhtu guvf pnhfrq na rira ynetre zrff sbe gur Yrtraqf gb svk)

From: guest (Gnosis) , 29 months, post #9
Click to show spoiler
Nyfb ng nebhaq 12 zvahgrf orsber gur raq, fur znqr na hafhpprffshy nggrzcg gb funcrfuvsg vagb Wbua Pbafgnagvar, erfhygvat va ure ybbxvat yvxr n uloevq bs obgu.

From: guest (Siren Tales Productions fan) , 29 months, post #10
Here is the source via witch full episode officially provided for streaming:

From: guest , 29 months, post #11
Episodes of Legends of Tomorrow are available legally and for free on the official CW site for about a month after they air, at least in the United States. You can find them here:

From: guest (Gnosis) , 29 months, post #12
Official clip from the upcoming episode includes ftf shapeshift

From: Bodyswap1 , 29 months, post #13
Looks like there will be a race change also.

From: guest (Siren Tales Productions fan) , 29 months, post #14
Here is the source via witch full episode 8 of its 4th season “Legends of To-Meow-Meow ” officially provided for streaming: officially provided for streaming:

From: guest (guest) , 29 months, post #15
I don't use official sources to watch videos.

From: guest (Gnosis) , 29 months, post #16
Well alright, shapeshift count!!
Click to show spoiler
Va guvf rcvfbqr, Puneyvr unf funcrfuvsgrq vagb: Fnen, Tnel, Nin, Znevyla Zbaebr, naq Snvel Tbqzbgure! Zbfgyl bafperra!
I'm satisfied.

From: naumm , 29 months, post #17
Was that an another shapeshifter at the end of the episode? Can anyone tell?

From: guest (Gnosis) , 29 months, post #18
From what it seems, he should be the big bad of this season. And yeah it seems he has shapeshifting powers too.

From: guest , 29 months, post #19
@Gnosis No actually its a demon possessing his body since the last episode it said Dez and the demon bounded their souls so they merged to get back at Constantine so he would had to kill his boyfriend if he wanted to kill the demon.

From: Bodyswap1 , 29 months, post #20
That was alot of shape shifting in one episode.

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