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New Sabrina series
From: guest (Hoipjb) , 1 months, post #1
Did anyone manage to find any tg/ftf in the new Sabrina series?

From: Random , 1 months, post #2
I haven't seen the new series, but if it follows the comic fairly closely then

Click to show spoiler
Uneirl vf xvyyrq naq gura oebhtug onpx gb yvsr ol Fnoevan, ohg Fnoevan'f sngure gnxrf bire Uneirl'f obql qhevat gur erfheerpgvba. Gurer jnf nyfb Znqnz Fngna fgrnyvat gur snpr bs Fnoevan'f grnpure(be fbzrguvat. Vg'f orra n ybat gvzr fvapr V ernq gur pbzvpf).

From: guest (George) , 1 months, post #3
Sabrina and three witches undress and make out and have steamy hot sex with a bunch of high school boys however it shows Sabrina and the three witches laughing at the background because the boys are actually among out with ea ch other ep2

From: guest (Dutch) , 1 months, post #4
It is in episode 2,

From: Bodyswap1 , 1 months, post #5
The TG is in episode 2?

From: guest (Anon) , 1 months, post #6
No tg. The boys are tricked into making out with each other.

From: guest (Actionmang) , 1 months, post #7
Any animal tf yet? Besides Salem, of course.

From: Bodyswap1 , 1 months, post #8
Hopefully they will do a TG in season 2.

From: guest (Anon) , 1 months, post #9
All the familiars (including salem) are goblins given animal forms. We see a few dead familiars who seem to be half goblin, half animal but no actual transformations.

From: guest (KJN) , 1 months, post #10
What a lost chance on TG....Would have been great to have changed all four of them into little girls, then everyone but themselves remember them as such, and they have to live out those new lives.

From: Bodyswap1 , 1 months, post #11
There was a f2f in the first episode.

From: guest (Stag) , 1 months, post #12
go onnnnnnnnn

From: Tal , 1 months, post #13
Hey Stag! I'm always thankful when you share things since you seem to have similar interests to myself. Sorry I didn't share this earlier, I've been busy.

There are 2 FTF transformations (Illusions?) in the series I'm aware about.

Episode 1 - series of events begins at about 4 mins in, transformation scene actually begins about 7:33.

Click to show spoiler
Srznyr ivyynva va gur sbez bs fbzr vaabprag tvey ercynprf zragbe / grnpure bs Fnoevan. Guvf ercynprzrag ynfgf gur ragver frevrf.

Episode 10 - scene begins about 12:55.

Click to show spoiler
Fnzr srznyr ivyynva gnxrf gur sbez bs n haxabja srznyr fghqrag gb yher/frqhpr nabgure fghqrag gb xvyy va gur sberfg. Tbbq ibvpr genafsbezngvba gbb nf fur erirnyf urefrys.

From: Bodyswap1 , 1 months, post #14
Good work @Tal.

From: guest (Stag) , 1 months, post #15
Thank you Tal, I really appreciate it!! Yes, we do definitely have similar tastes so I appreciate you reciprocating the sharing!

Im curious if the F2F in episode 10 was of an actual student at the school or just someone random she "conjured". She was really cute either way.

This show definitely has some potential in the future!

From: Tal , 1 months, post #16

I assumed it was a student, I don't think it is ever elaborated on. The guy definitely appears to be since he is seen walking through the hallway at school in the scene previously. I only skimmed through the episode. I believe the girl is credited something like "Meek Girl," so no further details or appearances per the IMDB listing.

From: guest (Stag) , 10 days, post #17
Season 2 trailer dropped today. Season 2 is scheduled to release April 2019...quick turn around!

From: guest (CJK) , 9 days, post #18
There's also a Christmas special on the 14th Dec

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