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Bowsette TF Sequence (Commission Artwork)
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From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #1
I made up my mind. I'm going to commission a full blown TF sequence of Rule 63 Bowser. There's been A METRIC TON of artwork on this lovable (and quite fetching on the eye) character. However as almost none of it has been a proper TF Sequence...and even ones that attempt it are little better than chicken-scratch doodles. I want a real TF sequence done by an excellent artist. And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is to boot!

So what do I need from the community? Some advice on how to look for standard pricing on the market. Also who's a good artist who'll not cheat me, or make me wait for months...or kink shame. Yeah, that'd be nice to know.

So, does anyone have any advice and pointers? This'll be my first time commissioning work in the art community. What should I look out for?

From: guest , 7 months, post #2
Maybe you should look on deviantart for artists who already do that kind of stuff.
They'll probably charge you, like, U$100 for it.

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #3
Yeah I'm already familiar with a few artists from there. I'm asking around. You think $100 is realistically my ballpark price?

From: guest , 7 months, post #4
$100 could get you a multi-panel page or two, depending. If you just want 3-4 steps, it’s certainly doable at that price range. If you want really good, maybe double that. (This is of course excluding the REALLY good, pro-level artists who can be like 125+ for a single image)

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #5
We're talking those prices in terms of lineart, color, or 3D rendering?

To give you a better idea of what I'm looking for, it will be a 6-8 panel TF sequence. Probably my most cost-effective option would be white-black (aka lineart). So will that really cost me $200+?

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #6
I've asked six artists on DA and struck out six times. Seems like artists are busy during the upcoming holiday seasons and aren't available. I'm quickly running out of artists whom I like and follow.

Anyone know of any good artists who're open to commissions now and are "niche friendly" to our shared common interest? :)

From: guest (Shiftingfun) , 7 months, post #7
I do quite a bit of TF stuff on my DA and is always free for commissions :3

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #8
Hi ShiftingFun,

Looked at your profile. You're pretty good artist. And I see you've already done a bit of our leading lady in question... :)

So how do I contact you in private to hash out the details? Talking money on such a public forum is a bit uncouth.

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #9
Deal with Shifting fell through. Any other takers?
I'm really starting to think this is never going to happen... -_-

From: Valkan , 7 months, post #10
One option would be to wait out for the holiday season to end then hit up the first deviant artists you reached out to earlier. They'd be less busy then. Maybe save up more money during that time to get the sequence in color rather than black and white.

Sucks you can't get it done now but don't be discouraged!

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #11
Actually, I got plenty of "funds." However, I keep myself on the same budget each month to make sure I don't "overspend." The rare exception is when I find an artist who's skilled enough to reproduce something like the Mona Lisa (ok a bit of an exaggeration, but mega skilled artists ARE totally worth it!)

I love to haggle as I am a bargain shopper. Used to be in Marketing. Manager asked us to be penny pinchers when planning out a client's campaign...been one ever since, never looked back. I literally start crying blood if I think I overspent something on an item, even with regular groceries! XD

I will admit I picked a bad time of the year to bargain shop. Still, I'd like to get something done now. Any new fresh talent out there, willing to haggle?

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #12
Speaking of an ideal Mega Skilled artist. There's this legend I know who's an amazing TF artist, and I'm even on friendly terms with him. He goes by the name of Seonidas. Here's where you can find some of his artwork:

Anyways for some reason, he just won't reply to my commission requests. What makes this even more puzzling, is that he's in a serious money crunch situation right now and could use support from you lovely folks.

Yes, I know I shouldn't be advertising on here...but 1) he's a TF artist 2) He's an amazing artist 3) I don't get any money from him for doing this, I'm just a patron on his patreon 4) If you guys hit him up about this Bowsette sequence, he may just end up doing it...and we'll all be happy, cause I promise to share it with the world! ;)

What do you say people?! Please take a look at what he has to offer. And if you like please support him by sharing, liking, and patreon...and most importantly of all tell him to take on this bowsette commission! :D

From: guest (ndc) , 7 months, post #13
Guest01, the reason he's not responding is because artists behave like dodgy, fickle, womanly toffs who do nothing for you unless you practically beg them. I've been through this many times when getting commissions.

No matter how thin their workload is or how unpopular they are, they act like they're a celebrity being asked for an autograph. Don't give him any money on Patreon or anywhere until he at least responds to your request.

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #14
I'm never going to beg anyone for anything. Not now, not ever.

I think you misconstrue the situation. English isn't his native language. And generally, my requests are buried in a mountain of text. I just end up chatting with him about anything, despite his broken English. He's a pretty chill dude.

So he may not even register that I just asked him for a commission.

P.S.: I can totally relate though. I know a couple artists who string me along...then when I try to place an expectation of deliverables (aka a deadline) they just deadpan and end the conversation. They want my money, but not any responsibility? Heck no!

From: guest (TheStrangeOne2380) , 7 months, post #15
ndc & Guest01:

Many, many, MANY artists don't take commissions as a primary income - it simply isn't consistent enough to make that feasible. Accepting a commission means that they have to take time out of their lives outside of whatever real-life work they're doing in order to complete your commission, so it's typically on the client to make it worth their time. If they stop responding to you or refuse to work on your terms, consider the following:

1) Your deadline (if you're requesting one) doesn't work for them.
2) Your budget doesn't work for them
3) Your attitude doesn't work for them

TL:DR - Any time you're reaching out for any service, keep in mind three things:

Price, Quality, Speed - you get to pick two.

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #16
  • shrugs* I freely admitted earlier I am a bargain shopper. That's not going to change. I'll find someone who'll be willing to do things my way. Make no mistake though, I won't cheat anyone. I always operate on the policy half up front, half after the work is done. Anyways, all this is the beauty of the free market.

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #17
Also StrangeOne, I just love how you're indirectly insinuating that I've got a bad attitude towards artists when I'm trying to actively promote an artist on this platform.

My communication with artists have always been civil. I ask them to politely confirm if they decline my offer if they haven't immediately responded and they always do (to keep to professional decorum). So before you make assumptions on my character, ask what I'm talking about. Thank you.

From: guest (ndc) , 7 months, post #18
I have never lowballed an artist I've bought something for, and always am patient. IMO, they act like divas all the time, they act like they have no time to communicate with people. It's a general frustration I have with society, but commission artists exemplify it in my experience. There are many who don't even finish what they promise to do, or finish it after a half-year or longer. If they were painting still lifes I'd understand, but not cartoon artists with 100 deviantart watchers.

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #19
I can't speak for your experience ndc, but to each his or her own. That's the beauty of the free market. None of us have to agree, or live under one consensus. Though of course, there are social expectations and laws to abide by.

There is more than one way to live and conduct business... I've already stated plenty how I deal and approach business with artists.

From: guest (Guest01) , 7 months, post #20
Back on a more productive track for this thread.

ShiftingFun has started working on this bowsette commission again. We've finally agreed to acceptable terms. I cannot give you a solid ETA for the completion of the entire project, but I've already seen some sketches of the sequence and given my input. At least the first half of the sequence should be available within the next month. I am debating where to post the content as this will def be more of NSFW TF sequence. It will likely never public feature hard rated X material, but definitely a strong rated R. Any suggestions?

Regardless just wanted to share some good news with you folks. Perhaps this paints me in a better light to other artists floating about here in our community? I have more ideas for TF sequences. Please reach out to me, and I'm sure we can agree terms.

Now I think people can begin to see why I'm bargain shopping...I plan to solicit for a lot of commissions. This hobby of mine is no joke on the wallet. I have to be frugal to get the most cost-effective solution.

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