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Captain Marvel
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From: guest (JD Riley) , 8 months, post #41
Hell, there were rumours that Kat Dennings' character from the first two Thor movies (you know, the one who kept mispronouncing Mjolnir) was a Skrull...which to me is like making the "Jar Jar Binks was the real villain all along" theory canon.

I'm actually curious to see their shapeshifting powers in combat, I'm guessing that they're gonna be like an army of T-1000s.

From: naumm , 8 months, post #42
This could be a stretch but I would love to see some extreme plot twists... like some human beings on Earth were Skrulls in disguise. It could be the case that they forgot they are skrulls. In any case, I would love to see some dialogues between the extras after the moment of revelation. "My mom/sister was a male Skrull the whole time."

From: Air Gear , 8 months, post #43
Message deleted by hskfmn. Please do not stray (far) from the topic of the original post.
From: guest (Bud) , 8 months, post #44
Message deleted by hskfmn. Please do not stray (far) from the topic of the original post.
From: Air Gear , 8 months, post #45
Message deleted by hskfmn. Please do not stray (far) from the topic of the original post.
From: guest , 8 months, post #46
Message deleted by hskfmn. Please do not stray (far) from the topic of the original post.

From: guest (Bud) , 8 months, post #47

From: guest (Captain DC) , 8 months, post #48
it's worth point out that I don't think it will be the first cinematic portrayal of Skrulls. Aren't they supposed to show up in Dark Phoenix? Granted, the details are sketchy at this moment but given the grimdark nature of that movie probably they are planning for it to be a surprise reveal or something.

From: Air Gear , 8 months, post #49
Different companies hold rights to different parts of the Marvel Universe, so if they appear in one film studio's work, it's unlikely to appear in another unless they've made a special arrangement (eg: Quicksilver, Spider-Man, The Hulk). So, in the absence of detail about a deal, if the Skrulls are appearing in the MCU, they're not appearing in Fox's X-Men.

From: guest (JD Riley) , 8 months, post #50
Fox still has a stake in the Skrulls, since they're part of the Fantastic Four package. In fact, they have full control of Super-Skrull (at least, until Disney inevitably gets the rights back).

Although, there might be a clause preventing them from using Fantastic Four stuff in X-Men movies and vice-versa, and Fox was just boasting about the Skrulls in Dark Phoenix.

There's also rumours of Dark Phoenix possibly getting pushed back AGAIN.

From: guest , 8 months, post #51
I though Disney brought the bit of fox that had all the movie licences... research time :D

From: guest (JD Riley) , 8 months, post #52
They did, but Fox is in too deep to back out with Dark Phoenix and New Mutants (both of which started production before the sale), and the sale is not yet official despite approval from the Department of Justice and shareholders.

Maybe Disney will pull Dark Phoenix from its theatrical release and relegate it to their streaming service or DTV. I certainly have no confidence, given the director of Dark Phoenix has no experience beyond ghost-directing Fant4stic's reshoots (you know, the parts infamous for Kate Mara's cheap Samantha Stevens wig?)

From: guest (Captain DC) , 8 months, post #53
I am more concerned about his less than stellar track record than his experience. Plenty of directors had been successful at their debut. Also many of the directors of blockbuster movie had previously only made one or two small independent movies before being hired. I would say that someone like Simon Kinberg who has been producer & writer for big franchise movies has more experience in filmmaking than a director who has only directed one or two mini budget movies.

The issue lies not with experience but rather that he has been part of the team that delivered to us a very average franchise despite the enormous potential it has.

From: Air Gear , 8 months, post #54
Well, I may stand corrected. Or not. We'll see.

From: guest (Troll) , 8 months, post #55
In trailer, Skrull took form of old woman.

From: Air Gear , 8 months, post #56
Maybe ... or Captain Marvel just punched an actual senior citizen.

From: DaveS , 8 months, post #57
Or maybe Captain Marvel is the Skrull meanie who just punched a defenseless old lady...?

Nah, probably not.

From: guest (Troll) , 8 months, post #58
Trailer sucks...
But I think there will be some funny scenes with skrull.

From: Air Gear , 8 months, post #59
There'll be a second one with a different emphasis. That might work better for you.

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