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Hergott entertainment new mom and son body swap
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From: guest (Life Lesson) , 19 months, post #21
Exactly.. the worst one is todays.. just look at the thumbnail!!!:

From: guest , 19 months, post #22
how empty is this guy's life if this is all he can do

From: guest (zmento) , 19 months, post #23

From: guest (Res) , 19 months, post #24
They arent going to stop posting their links to their videos here, the only thing we can do is report each of their videos. We dont want this stuff here.

From: guest , 19 months, post #25
its one thing to have a fetish like this, but it's another to get your kids involved in it

seriously, this guy is getting off on making these videos and dragging his kids into it

pretty sick

From: guest (Bun) , 19 months, post #26
Report their videos?
For what?
I didn't see anything inappropriate in the vids posted here
How do you know what the guy thinks or what his fetishes are?
Maybe it's like an ink blot test and you are projecting onto them... because I dont see anything perverted at al.. it just seems like kids swapped with adults.

From: guest , 19 months, post #27
Bun, seems that you have a connection to the family

using your kids in a fetish video is the same thing as imposing the fetish on them

and yes, this is a fetish. I would suspect some dress up is happening with the wife, which is okay, not saying it's not

imposing it on the kids is what is wrong, their minds are not yet mature enough to understand

From: guest , 19 months, post #28
from what i've seen i don't think the guy has this fetish but i still think he's a fucking creep

From: guest (the searcher) , 19 months, post #29
I did some research and it seems the family makes a lot of videos and other media presentations on many topics, mostly humorous and nothing overly sexual. I think they see body-swapping as funny, and it certainly has that element to it.
As to it being a fetish, it may be to some of us but the general public thinks of body-swapping as goofy fun in movies and other media. Disney has made 4 versions of Freaky Friday and did Swap last year. Are they jumping on a trend? sure. So why not a video making family? The 3rd Freaky Friday inspired a lot of homemade copies. This series seems to be a goofy series aimed at a younger crowd. We should leave it at that.

From: Regular Visitor , 19 months, post #30
@ the searcher
The problem, as I see it, is that he has a history of doing these videos before the Freaky Friday remake. I remember watching a couple, and they were pretty unsettling to watch. For exemple, his kid in his wife’s body playing with her tits, himself swapping with his niece and working out in her body, and also himself in his wife’s body insinuating masturbation. It was extremely creepy.

From: Regular Visitor , 19 months, post #31
Correction from my previous post: It was extremely creppy, because the content was/is "made for kids". I think that's a scape goat to get his family and friends to do these.

From: Regular Visitor , 19 months, post #32
Correction from my previous post: It was extremely creppy, because the content was/is "made for kids". I think that's a scape goat to get his family and friends to do these.

From: Regular Visitor , 19 months, post #33
Correction from my previous post: It was extremely creppy, because the content was/is "made for kids". I think that's a scape goat to get his family and friends to do these.

From: guest (Bun) , 19 months, post #34
Searcher is right. Im not connected to the family but if you look at the guy he's an actual director of a bunch of stuff. google his name .. who knows what anyone's sexual fetishes are in private.. that's really a stretch ... I never saw any videos about masturbation or anything like that .. maybe you have this confused with someone else ... All of these videos seem more about silly jokes .. I dont even know how you start to try and figure out what someone fantasizes or why

From: guest , 19 months, post #35
while i'm not sure exactly, i think some more recent posters are trying to play devil's advocate but let me assure you, this content is definitely not just "goofy", and definitely not kid friendly

From: guest (Bun) , 19 months, post #36
Really? Please tell me one thing in these videos that's inappropriate.. not just general allegations but an actual scene

From: guest (Mama Taco) , 19 months, post #37

You know, it's not necessarily just what's in the video but more generally what he exposes his family to.

Just check the comments under his youtube video. People "just suggesting" that the Mom should comment on herself wearing tights and stuff is barely the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, bodyswapping might be goofy, harmless fun to a lot. Another big group are these freaks who cannot differentiate between fetish and family venture, and I sure as hell would not expose my kids/wife to that kind of attention.

I cannot look into this guy's mind, but the general discourse and audience surrounding his videos on youtube make me question his motives for doing stuff like that, and if he actually realises what kind of creepy attention he directs towards the people he loves.

From: guest (Bun) , 19 months, post #38
Mama, Well you can't condemn the family for what other people ask or wish for, and thats exactly the point the vids are not showing whatever the suggestions are.. i scanned through and what I saw was a leaf fight, playing some sports, shooting each other with nerf guns and adults playing monster trucks.. im sure that there are fetish people for any costume genre as well.. There is Nerf War in the title and there is a lot of those kind of videos on youtube as well totally unrelated.. its basically parents and kids running around shooting each other with sound effects

From: guest (Mama Taco) , 19 months, post #39
Where and how exactly did I condemn the family, bun?

The argument was that the family is exposed to sometjing that it shouldn't be exposed to. And that somebody affiliated with the family posts links to their videos here does support this in a way.

From: guest (Bun) , 19 months, post #40
Well im speaking too all on here and at least one person was calling for having the videos reported.. like wtf?

People post links but its all anonymous.. i didnt read anyone on this thread who said they were affiliated with the family..

This whole thread is just speculation.. im sure there is way worse exploitation on youtube .. probably kids working in videos that don't enjoy it etc..

Its some goofy videos of silly pranks and people shooting each other with fake guns to noises.. and parents doing cartwheels.. if the mom was dressed in lingerie and feeling herself up in front of the kids I would have an issue with it, but I haven't seen anything close to that.

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