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New body swap series “Vice Versa” MTF
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From: guest (Guy) , 53 months, post #1 A Korean woman and white guy swap bodies

From: guest (luis000) , 53 months, post #2
Thanks for sharing this.
But I thinka the guy is Not White; I looked at his instagram and he is Arab (From Egypt)
So Its actually an Arab-Korean M2F swap
they need $20,000 to complete the series

From: guest (Bud) , 53 months, post #3
They don't hold back on the social justice.

From: Air Gear , 53 months, post #4
Better than anti-social justice, Bud.

From: guest (SirIsaacNewton) , 53 months, post #5
My lesser known 4th law.

The amount of my cringe regarding overtly social justice soap boxing is equal to or greater to the amount of my cringe regarding overtly anti social justice soap boxing.

I hope it gets funded, my personal feelings shouldn't never be "this shouldn't exist" and it isn't. It's just my personal taste and may very well be in someone else's wheelhouse. If that is the case, go for it, support it, enjoy it. And don't let someone like me keep you from doing that.

From: guest (Yeah no) , 53 months, post #6
Whether they get funded or not. This idea of "Oh no my idea was rejected cause I'm a woman" instead of it being rejected cause it sucked is silly. Money doesn't discriminate, it doesn't care if your black/white/male/female etc.

Any show that's built against that obvious truth is going to suck hard. This social justice nonsense will die in the face of logic and reason just like every other failed politically correct ideology.

The one good thing I can say about this is that at least their putting their money where their mouth is and creating their own media instead of demanding other industries change for them. So I give them props for that, but diversity for the sake of diversity is idiotic and leads to failure.

From: guest (IwishIwasALittleGirl) , 53 months, post #7
> body swap comedy about hijacking male privilege

Seems an sjw series made by snowflakes who believe that are 319412389591 different genders.

And to the garbage it goes.

I really miss the old body swap series/movies, I mean, TG content these days, hardly shows a man in the woman's body struggling to put pantyhose and so on. Probably because they are all like "Oh, let's avoid showing a girl doing ballet because we don't want to reinforce gender roles" and that crap. I mean, did you guys saw that Freaky Friday remake that they made? 100% dog shit.

Many are completely utterly trash (except maybe for some koreans, like "Ooh La La Couple").

I miss scenes like this, from "Pon un hombre en tu vida"

From: guest , 53 months, post #8
Money talks. These SJW incursions into media (whether it be games, movies, content creators or sports) have been proven to be financial flops. Of the successes, they were from ~3 years ago before everyone caught wind of how toxic this ideology truly is. Its on the death throes of a moral panic.

From: guest , 53 months, post #9
What a pile of rubbish. Western media is totally infected by SJW crap.

From: guest , 53 months, post #10
All I'll say is that I disagree with a few of the comments here, and that I'm looking forward to seeing the series.

From: DrunkenSneech , 53 months, post #11
A thread full of triggered anonymous snowflakes complaining about the mythical SJW bogeymen. Wow.

From: guest (Mindi Flyth) , 53 months, post #12
Without even getting into the politics of all this, I will say that it seems odd they're calling it Vice Versa. 1988's Vice-Versa already used the title and it's probably one of the better-known body swap movies.

From: guest (Bud) , 53 months, post #13
Why aren't women demanded equality in truck driving, construction work, coal mining, and trash removal? Could it be that they don't want to do those jobs?

The creators of this show need to be careful with copyright.

From: guest (Luv_To_Switch_Bods) , 53 months, post #14
Guest has a point. In the west we get a lot of the social
injustice topic forced on us. You don't see that in other
countries a lot. I think the U.S. invented it. I hope that
the series is made as I always welcome new material.
I just hope it's not one sided.

From: guest (eh) , 53 months, post #15
Sounds cool. Hope they get the funding.

From: guest (anon) , 53 months, post #16
The essjaydoubleyouuus! They're coming to get me!
This thread is hilarious.

From: guest (changewemust) , 53 months, post #17
The SJW has done tremendous damage to the TG genre. We must stop them before it's too late.

From: guest (Bud) , 53 months, post #18
So if I use leftist social justice warrior logic, does that mean the woman in the man's body is now the evil villain while the man in the woman's body is now the oppressed victimized hero? If a man, who apparently has an inherent magical and powerful advantage/privilege over women, is put in the body of a woman and she occupies his body then wouldn't that mean the woman now has said the magical and powerful male privilege?

From: guest , 53 months, post #19
according to those retarded SJWs, the answer is apparently yes.

From: guest (KJN) , 53 months, post #20
Yes by the majority, men run things.....and guess what, 99% of men are not one of them.

We live taking shit just like anyone else

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