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Why do you think you have this fetish?
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From: guest (HI) , 64 months, post #1
For me, I think I'm so drawn to TG fiction is because I have a desire to be desired. However, I am sure that the reason why I am fixated on becoming a woman is because I perceive women as my sexual desire. This desire of women combined with a desire to be desired makes me want to become the very object of my desire: a woman.

What makes me thing this is that my SO really like how I look, and when we're in bed together all I want is her to desire my body, yet when I am left by myself all I want to do is become what I desire and have complete sexual control over the situation.

From: DB Cooper , 63 months, post #2
I never had this fetish until I was around 13. I was an awkward kid, not very macho. It have have had something to do with the idea that if I was a girl, I wouldn't be expected to fight or excel at sports. Plus if I were a girl, I'd have unlimited access to a woman's body, even if it were my own. The idea of becoming a girl, either magically or 'against my will' was a very tempting idea.

From: Monsta , 63 months, post #3
For me I think it's about 2 things: causing conflicting feelings and just plain wanting variety.

I'm attracted to the female form in real life, but the thought of something happening to that female form that makes me question my own feelings is enticing. That's why I love stories that involve established couples and elements of FTM. Something happens to challenge the guy's attraction. MTF on the other hand is just a dude becoming the thing I'm already attracted to.

And as for variety, well, it's just plain old craving for variety. There isn't a terribly large variation in the shape/makeup of most people. So, TF elements that change someone into something you wouldn't/couldn't see in real life is a way to experience something new, even if it's just a fantasy.

From: guest (IDK) , 63 months, post #4
I think I agree partially with Monsta. A big part of my love for transformations is that there is such a variety of living things, genders, body parts... that can all be different, yet we're pretty much stuck all our lives with what we got from birth.

The idea of becoming someone or something else seems like the coolest, weirdest and like Monsta said, conflicting, fish out of water thing that can happen to a person.

The suddenness of a transformation adds a lot for me too as well as the idea of it being an accident or due to someone else's actions (because I'm like that) adds a slight darkness to it which I also enjoy.

From: guest (crongo) , 63 months, post #5
While there are a lot of deeply psychological reasons why I'm into this fetish (like some reasons above), I cannot explain what got me into it. It feels borderline innate, I've always been into the genre since early childhood, and I didn't realize I was until around middle school.
I've heard people say what you watch as a kid determines your fetish and you can't control it, but other than that I can't think of a reason.

From: guest (Bud) , 63 months, post #6
I think for me it started when I watched Freaky Friday(the good one) when I was like 7 or 8 years old and I thought it would be cool to be the mom in the movie. Also, I did have a cross dressing phase when I was in middle school and high school mainly with pantyhose and heels. I don't know what it was but it gave me a thrill or rush and a turn on. After high school, I lost interest in cross dressing and got into the body swap fetish. I think for me it's about the escape and curiosity.

From: guest (ndc) , 63 months, post #7
Only because when I was four when I saw the Aladdin sequel where Jafar turns into Jasmine (who was my waifu). The reason I felt aroused is because it felt very twisted and wrong... Which I think is the base for most fetishes. Honestly it is wrong, and if I had kids, I wouldn't let them watch movies or TV.

From: guest (anonymous) , 63 months, post #8
i used to have reoccurring dreams of being this woman, born probably at least a century ago. I remember so many details from her home and life, including living in another country. I had dreams of being her like ten times growing up, but it gradually faded. i never shared the dreams, because i didn't want funny looks and im sure that would've happened. i always wondered about reincarnation because i don't know why i'd dream of being a specific very detailed woman that many times, i didn't know anyone like her

im a straight male fyi, but thats likely what started the fun fascination

From: guest (IwishIwasALittleGirl) , 63 months, post #9
Actually I made a whole vídeo about that.

[sorry about the audio, english is not my first language and my diction is horrible

From: guest , 63 months, post #10
post #9, that link isn't working.

From: guest , 63 months, post #11
try without the video part

From: guest (jessk) , 63 months, post #12
Hate to pull out the "I'm not like other girls" card but I really did hate my own femininity for a long while, especially during my teen years - I believe I was initially drawn to M2F (esp forced transformations) because I identified with the struggle of having to be a woman and it just grew from there.

From: guest (Should Be Beverly) , 63 months, post #13
Am just a big too much testosterone male who has always just wanted to be one of the girls.

Sites like this help me to cope.

From: guest (Penguinattack) , 63 months, post #14
Honestly my interest didn’t even stem from a tg related thing. I remember seeing Elizabeth Hurley on the poster for Bedazzled and thinking how much I’d love to be her.

From: guest , 63 months, post #15
Penguinattack, I feel like everyone want's to be Elizabeth Hurley. Her body is a work of art.

From: guest (sp) , 63 months, post #16
well for me it's possession that really catches my eye. It's basically a dominance thing, you have complete control of another person's body which in a way is the ultimate dominance but there's also the aspect of becoming and being in control of the very thing that fuels your sexual desires, a woman, unhindered if i may add

From: guest (guest15) , 63 months, post #17
sp, I completely agree, I love the feeling of being in complete control. If possession was possible, the person you possess is literally you at that point and you can do anything you want.

From: guest (Katung) , 63 months, post #18

That's interesting to hear. We don't have much girl's perspective here. From what you wrote I assume that you are not struggling on your femininity anymore & probably much feminine than your past self so what make you continue your interest in TG?

From: guest , 63 months, post #19
Abysmally low self esteem and unrealistic view of what it is like to be a woman.

From: guest (blimey) , 63 months, post #20
I think you TG people have a TG fetish because you are TG.


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