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Opinion on using real people in captions?
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From: guest , 7 months, post #21
I’ve seen porn stars find out that they were used in captions and reactions vary from amusement to disgust.

From: guest (Marker) , 7 months, post #22
May I ask where, guest? Would be interesting to see!

From: guest (Penguinattack) , 7 months, post #23
Funny how I get attacked for asking a simple question. You know damn well what I meant by real people. I meant everyday people who don’t give permission to use their pictures.

From: guest , 7 months, post #24
Funny how you use the term real is if making a photo for professional erotica makes you less of a "real" person. If we knew there wouldn't be a discussion now, wouldn't it?

What makes you think that porn stars are more ok with/give permission to having their professional photos being reworked into niche fetish wankfests than "real" people?

From: DrunkenSneech , 7 months, post #25
Back when I used to make captions (and I was never prolific at it), I thought it was OK to use people from stock art, movie & TV stills, and porn actors. I mean, yeah, I wasn't paying them to use their image, so definitely theft of wages, but I considered it a venial sin. They were apparently already OK with their images being sold publicly, and I considered using their images as a form of remixing, like Rap artists sampling from a song or Warhol sampling from pop culture. I wasn't after their identity, just their physical embodiment of a (sexy) human ideal. Like my caption may use an image of adult actor Allie Haze, but the caption wasn't about Haze's public persona or her private persona, real or imagined; it was because she (and the scene she was in) represented a sexy, aspirational, feminine ideal that fit the narrative of my caption's vignette text. I wasn't into depicting degrading or cruel acts (it never did anything for me, really). I couldn't afford the upgraded hardware and countless software props to render my own 3D images of people. And I didn't use non-public images of public people (so no leaked images, no Fappening stuff) nor _any_ pics of underage people, celebrities or civilians. I thought I was staying in the whiter end of the grey area.

I mean, single people and loving couples often fantasize about making love to celebrities and porn stars, and Western society seems to consider that OK. I'm just taking that sexy little imagined fantasy, putting the picture(s) and words to it, and sharing it for free to other like-minded people. It was never intended to be real, or any intrusion on the person(s) in the photo(s). Just an appetizer to a quick (empty) orgasm and release, a brief escape at the end of a drudge-filled day. So, no harm, no foul... right?

But now, after reading this thread? It feels like I've been rationalizing my actions and causing harm, even if the subjects of the images were never aware of the harm.

From: guest (Jill) , 7 months, post #26
As I mentioned before I can take a photo of anyone and use it, it's the person who takes the photo that owns the content not the person in it. So I could use a facebook photo of a group of women as long as the person who took the photo doesn't mind me using it, the other people could be upset but they don't own the photo the person who took it does.

From: guest (Riley Avery) , 7 months, post #27
This is one of the reasons I quit captioning all together. Captioning does a really good job of filling in the void of TG content on the web, but the more I did it the more it felt wrong to use somebody else's photos without their permission in a context that they might not be comfortable with. I honestly still feel dirty about ever doing it.

From: guest (Penguinattack) , 7 months, post #28
@kathy @jill @para

Honestly I’m not even being defensive. You guys are the ones acting like I crossed a line when I was just asking an honest opinion. Some people don’t care what photos they use and some do. I’m in the latter camp nowadays. It’s with anything though. M2M M2F F2M’s all the same crap to me. If you want to continue writing them, be my guest. Don’t expect me to buckle under pressure or agree with just cause you think it’s okay.

From: guest (Penguinattack) , 7 months, post #29
These captions might seem like harmless fun, but most of them are mean spirited and cruel. There’s very few that have anything else to them aside from some depraved wish fulfillment. I’m not saying people are wrong to enjoy this stuff, because they can like whatever they want. What I am saying is that harmless captions have people in them who exist and live/lived in this world. That to me is wrong.

From: guest (Penguinattack) , 7 months, post #30
And I never stated using porn stars is more okay than someone you would see on Facebook. In fact: I think most of these celebrities and porn stars wouldn’t be too happy seeing this either. Fact is you can defend it all you like, but you are just causing yourself more anguish than me :)

From: guest (Jill) , 7 months, post #31
People can disagree with it but it doesn't make it wrong! That's the problem with the world today just because a person doesn't feel the same way about something, the other way is then wrong.

From: guest (Kathy) , 7 months, post #32
I had no "attack" intent. I REALLY wanted to know what you meant by "real people". Please don't attribute my lack of understanding that by "real" you meant "everyday as opposed to porn people or celebrities" (still not completely sure that that is exactly what you meant) as an intent to "attack" you.

In my book, asking for clarification of an unclear or vague statement is not an attack.

In response to your defensiveness and saying that you just asked a simple question... that was all that I did. :-P

From: Moose , 7 months, post #33
@Jill please don't take it the wrong way but applying that logic into real life someone can take a picture of someone as theyre changing clothes or naked without them knowing and then upload it on some porn or fetish site without their permission because well i took the photo therefore i can do whatever I want with it

From: guest , 7 months, post #34
If the photos are publicly available, there shouldn't be anything wrong with using them. I think that's what people are getting at here.

From: guest , 7 months, post #35
im sure there are women who wouldn't approve but in all honesty a lot of these women are posting naked pictures of themselves all over the internet. they want attention or else they'd never do it. you dont post naked pictures of yourself thinking 'god i hope no one sees this a wanks off to it.'

From: guest , 7 months, post #36
they don't exactly think "god I hope someone uses this picture to publicly distribute a detailed story about taking over my body against my will and violating it from the inside or transforming me into a dirty thong or whatever they're into" either

From: guest (para) , 7 months, post #37
backing up what Kathy said, I stated no opinion one way or the other on the ethics of using images for captions, simply that your use of 'real people' is ambiguous.

"Funny how I get attacked for asking a simple question. You know damn well what I meant by real people."

Honestly buddy, we didn't know. I literally thought you meant using animated figures versus photos of actual humans. By saying "everyday people who don't give permission to use there photos" you are effectively referring to the whole population, as very very very few people have given express permission for their photos to be used in the context of TG captions. You may as well just have said "Opinion on using people in captions?" or "Opinion on using non-public figures in captions?" if you take the assumption that being a willing public figure inherently means your likeness is in the public domain.

Why do you feel attacked by us pointing out that ambiguity? "You know damn well" is pretty harsh when we honestly didn't understand your exact meaning in an ambiguous question, seems pretty disingenuous to me when you claim to want an honest discussion.

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