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The Sex Trip [18+ Warning: Mature Content]
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From: guest (Guest01) , 27 months, post #1
I've been looking for a recently released movie for streaming called The Sex Trip. I've seen trailers in English and IMDb states it's an American production... However, the only known legal streaming services accessible in North America are Russian Dubbed versions.

Does anyone know where there is a legal streaming platform that has original English version? Here's a link to Danish Blockbuster page of the movie. Unfortunately I cannot purchase it, as there appears to be a region blocked.

Any advise or insight would be greatly appreciated.

From: guest (Me) , 27 months, post #2
Blockbuster? You must be old if that’s the first place you looked good grief

From: guest (Achilescomic) , 27 months, post #3
Post#2 be kind please rewind

From: guest (Guest01) , 27 months, post #4
The first places I looked were YouTube, Amazon, Vimeo, iTunes, and IMDb. But there wasn't any promising leads. Blockbuster is the ONLY legal site that I CAN confirm sells the English copy. Like I said, Russian version are quite easy to find.

What's more the movie's website is down, so it appears that the English version cannot be easily purchased by North Americans...ironic as the production company is American. :-/

From: Valkan , 26 months, post #5
Would a proxy ip override the region block? Change the IP to the right region.

From: guest (Guest01) , 26 months, post #6
I'm sure it could allow me to register for the site, but that still leaves the problem with purchasing the product. As far as I can tell that Blockbuster site only accepts Danish currency.

That's the main issue here. The normal channels for digital distribution in North America doesn't have this movie (in English). So I'm trying to figure out what legit vendor accepts international currency or at the least cryptocurrency for indie movies such as this one?

From: Bodyswap1 , 26 months, post #7
Trust me the sex trip ins't worth watching. I have seen the movie on youtube.

From: guest (TheDetective) , 26 months, post #8
So Bodyswap1, you're saying you've seen it in English? Or at least English CC?

All I've seen on YouTube is the Russian dub. The movie may not be worth it, but I at least want to be able to watch it in a language I know.

From: guest , 26 months, post #9
My two cents on whether the movie is worth it. It has the same overall plot structure as Sam (2015), which itself is derivative of Switch(1991) somewhat. The plot is the same for both those movies, however the acting in those movies set it lightyears apart. Switch is more engaging thanks to stellar performances, Sam however is not.

Now as for The Sex Trip movie, the Russian Dub is really not A-lister material. However, I've seen the actress Jade Ramsey who plays the protagonist in The Sex Trip act in other movies, and she can definitely act! She has this saucy British accent and brings a lot of charisma onto the screen. You can still see some of that in the Russian Dub in her body language, facial expressions, and mannerisms. I want to give this movie an opportunity to impress or at least entertain me, and that's why I want to watch it in the original English.

From: Valkan , 26 months, post #10
Is anyone on the forum from one of those region locked countries? Send them crypto or international currency for them to buy it with their own currency.

From: guest (Guest01) , 26 months, post #11
Hi Valkan, I'd like to stay out of such informal exchanges if I can. Let's just say that I'll consider it a last resort option if there's no alternative vendor to procure or rent a legit copy of the movie. I wanna see if people on this forum have spotted any other options.

I'll add that I also checked Netflix just to be sure. No dice. But I kinda already figured it wouldn't be on there since this is very niche and indie.

From: guest (Guest01) , 26 months, post #12
I found another website that is a legal vendor for the English version of this film.

I was able to sign up to the site, I was even able to purchase credits for the site, however for some reason the site wouldn't allow me to purchase/download the film itself even with a VPN Proxy on. They must have a special tracker on their site or something...

I'm just so frustrated that a bunch of Scandinavian countries, where English isn't even an official language have access to the English version while we in the USA and/or UK (actual English speaking countries) cannot even purchase it. How! How the heck is that even possible?

And, is there anyone who can help me get there no other legal options out there just to watch the English version?

From: guest (Dan303) , 26 months, post #13
I watched the Russian dubbed version of Sex Trip, and after that I don't need the English version. I liked Sam a lot, and the basic plot in Sex Trip is the same, but it develops in a much more conventional and timid way. A good tg film deals with the emotions of a shifting orientation, and SAM does that well.Click to show spoiler
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From: guest (Guest01) , 26 months, post #14
Dan303, can definitely see where you're coming from on this. The plot of the The Sex Trip isn't original and I think it was put into production shortly after Sam came out, so it's clearly a ripoff at worst and a spoof at best. It's even advertised as a Rom-Com, so it isn't trying to win any drama or performance arts awards.

On paper Sam is definitely the superior story. However, I don't believe that a movie's entertainment value is made entirely by the writing or plot. Sam is the inferior movie in terms of cinematography, especially post-production editing of the scenes. Some of the jump cuts and scene changes are so bizarrely put together it's plain jolting and draws attention away from the story. The actress playing the protagonist, Natalie Knapp I believe, is also somewhat annoying to watch. I think I'd have enjoyed the movie more (aside from the random jump cuts) if they choose a different actress, or at least had Natalie dial it down a bit.

In The Sex Trip, I believe that the acting or performance carries the movie. The actress, Jade Ramsey, who plays Edna is not just a pretty face, she CAN act. Like I said before, I've seen some of her earlier works before. I guess you could say that as a fan of hers, I just want to see the performance as the production originally intended, in English (i.e., with her voiceover). For me, Jade carries this movie. None of the other actors really stood out in terms of body language, mannerisms, and facial expressions. Like I said, even with the Russian dub, her performance somewhat still shines through.

Most Russian Dubs of English movies are just piss-poor at best. So here I am hoping for some help finding what I'm looking for -- just some decent entertainment over the weekend.

From: guest (Supi) , 26 months, post #15
I don't get this weird fixation against "changing back" ending that some posters in site have.

This annoying bunch of people is no different from the people that get angry whenever the villains defeat the good guys at the end of a story. It's ok if you PERSONALLY don't like that, it's fine. What's not OK is that using YOUR personal weird fetish as a yardstick to judge the quality of the work as a whole.

Personally I like that most movies end with the character changing back at the end. They learn the lesson, becoming a better person, it's time to change back. If you like "stuck" ending, there is enough works in Fictionmania to satisfy your fetish.

Of course, that is purely my personal taste. I don't use that as a yardstick to judge the quality of a movie, unlike some posters on this site.

From: guest (KJN) , 26 months, post #16

I prefer the character not change back, it is a let down to me if they do, it reduces the quality of the movie for me, and I voice my opinion on that.

Quality - the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.

From: guest (Guest01) , 26 months, post #17
Supi, in general I agree with the point you made about changing back for the protag. However, I cannot be too sure...but I don't think Ed/Edna learned his/her lesson, other than a woman's broken heart(?) The Russian Dub complicates things for interpreting the plot, but it seems Ed is still his playboy "ladykiller" self by the end of the movie. The whole point of being turned by the Witch/Sorceress was for him to be taught a lesson. Him changing back and still acting scummy feels random and robs the story of any thematic depth.

Like I said The Sex Trip story falls short, but the acting and cinematography is top-notch in the B-movie range.

From: guest (Guest01) , 26 months, post #18
That being said, I'd really appreciate some help guys and gals on getting info on where I can purchase a legit copy of the English Version of this movie.

I don't feel too comfortable critiquing a movie without fully understanding it. I mean, do you feel comfortable critiquing it while only understanding the most basic elements of the plot?

From: guest (Avedo737) , 26 months, post #19
I've watched both SAM and SEX TRIP (Rus. version) and Sam's production values didn't seem noticeably bad, and Sex Trip's didn't seem noticeably good. Acting? It is hard to compare, Sex Trip being in Russian, but the characters in S.T. didn't seem genuine. In fact, for what she projected, I liked Natalie Knapp better. And plot does matter; something that is done right makes all the elements of something that is done wrongly look the worse. Natalie's Sam makes us feel good with her character regeneration; Jade's character simply slips the noose of her punishment without noticeable improvement. I didn't warm to her character very much. This isn't a slam against Jade, it is a criticism of the shallow and even pointless script she had to work with.

From: guest (Guest01) , 26 months, post #20
Avedo737. I hear you. Good for you finding points to enjoy. That's the purpose of entertainment.

So does ANYONE know how to get the English version of TST? I REALLY want to find a way to fully enjoy this movie. :-)

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