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Lull in the TG community as a whole?
From: cornerodaweb , 12 days, post #1
Does anyone else think there's kind of a lull or downturn in communication or collaboration within the TG community as a whole? I myself have my own little world that I like, but just looking at message boards like this as well as the one on Fictionmania, just seems like there's a lack of talk between people who are interested in this sort of thing.

There's certainly not a lack of content, plenty of stories, captions, etc are being posted, there's not a lack of interest in the topic. Just simply a lack of communication or so on. What do you guys think?

From: guest (bobby) , 12 days, post #2
I have been coming here for a while and what i have noticed is that if its something that someone doesn't like they bash it. Example James Hergot. he was making videos and posting them here. i liked them but others did not. instead of encouraging him people bashed him and his type of videos. i think if we made suggestions nicely he would have made different types of videos. but he kinda faded off the map.

We are all in a small niche.
some people like,

f2 animal

We used to do "TG Alerts" when we knew something good was coming on to give a heads up to everyone else. That doesnt happen anymore.

everyone wants something for free. the good videos that come out people refuse to pay the few dollars that the producers ask for and wants it for free.

i only come here every know and again due to the lack of moderation, spam, and people begging.

Maybe a revamp of this site with different subject topics. Also a few more active moderators.

just my opinion.

From: Mr. Ram , 12 days, post #3
This kind of thing happens every spring as the weather improves and people go outside to play. Instead of staying inside, hunched over their computer.

From: guest , 12 days, post #4
I think you should consider that there are southern hemisphere users too.

And I also think that we all miss CJ... the board isn't the same without him. Does anyone knows what happened to him?

From: Mr. Ram , 11 days, post #5
Yeah, but there are far fewer users in the southern hemisphere.

From: guest (Justin) , 11 days, post #6
I don’t know what to say, transgender people should support each other, their community is still a minority.

From: Bodyswap1 , 11 days, post #7
It has been a slow pace lately cause not to many anime series or rv shows are showing gender transformations in them.

From: guest (KJN) , 11 days, post #8
Happens to any TG only site, as this one was, that opens its doors to non-TG.

At first the non-TG is somewhat polite, then they get less polite, then they start whining about too much TG on the site, and runs the original TG folks off.

From: Mr. Ram , 11 days, post #9
Metamorphose is not necessarily a TG site, It's category range is quite broad. There is more interest in transgender changes on the message board than the other categories, but I wouldn't call it a TG site. Who knows, maybe furies will dominate the message board someday.

From: guest (KJN) , 11 days, post #10
Started out as a TG only site

From: Mr. Ram , 11 days, post #11
I don't think so.

From: guest , 11 days, post #12
'' Yeah, but there are far fewer users in the southern hemisphere.''

do you have data to support it or its just your opinion?

From: guest (KJN) , 10 days, post #13
"I don't think so"

Then you think wrong. Have been here since about day 2, when it was TG only

From: Alias , 10 days, post #14
What it was doesn't matter, what it is now does.

From: Alias , 10 days, post #15
As far as the southern hemisphere thing goes, only about 10-12% of the world's population lives south of the equator so it stands to reason there'd be fewer users.

From: guest (KJN) , 9 days, post #16
"What it was doesn't matter, what it is now does."

Gee, that seems to be my argument brainiac.

Where does it end?. "Hey does anyone know good stories where the big transforms into a little toe".

The site was better when it's focus was TG only, so part of the "TG lull" seen is being tired of, "I like stories where a cat and dog switch tails", and moving on from the site.

From: Mr. Ram , 9 days, post #17

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