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Lifechanger (2018) Movie Thread
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From: Bodyswap1 , 19 months, post #21
Do they show the F2F change on screen in the movie?

From: OMON , 18 months, post #22
The movie is available for pre-order (set for release on 1st January 2019) in US iTunes Store for USD$9.99

From: Bodyswap1 , 18 months, post #23
Hopefully it will be leaked online.

From: guest , 18 months, post #24
Why don’t we just have people who saw it here leak spoilers? The wait is killing me sometimes.

From: guest , 18 months, post #25
I will buy and watch it on jan 1. I’ve been waiting for this for a while and will gove an honest review with spoilers that are relevant to what you all would want to know.

From: guest (ElGrego) , 18 months, post #26
Spoiler for those who want to be spoiled :

Click to show spoiler
Qerj, gur funcrfuvsgre orpbzrf n ubg erqurnq (cebprff abg fubja) naq ur fperjf hc ng gur raq bs gur zbivr jvgu Whyvn, gur jbzna gung ur unf nyjnlf ybirq (gur ortvaavat bs gur cebprff vf fubja)

From: guest (Nick Name) , 18 months, post #27
Thanks guest (ElGrego).
I'm not going to read the spoiler but still really want to watch and support this movie, and $10 is basically the price of me seeing it in theaters so I might as well go for it.

From: guest (Metoo) , 18 months, post #28
There better be sum ass growing or boobs growing if it’s some cheap face morph shot I’m gonna be mad lol

From: guest (Metoo) , 18 months, post #29
Message deleted by Bodyswap1. Duplicate Post
From: guest (Stag) , 18 months, post #30

Can you clarify the 2nd text in the paranthesis?

From: guest , 18 months, post #31
What is the ending anyways? Reviews keep bringing stuff like body horror and ‘no winner’.

From: guest (Stag) , 18 months, post #32
That’s what i wanna know

From: guest (Stag) , 18 months, post #33
El Grego

Click to show spoiler
" ur fperjf hc ng gur raq bs gur zbivr jvgu Whyvn, gur jbzna gung ur unf nyjnlf ybirq (gur ortvaavat bs gur cebprff vf fubja)"Qb lbh zrna ur zrffrf hc naq fgnegf gb gnxr ba ure sbez ng gur raq bs gur zbivr?

From: guest (Peoplesman) , 18 months, post #34
Click to show spoiler
Ur raqf hc gnxvat ure sbez naq yrgf gur guvat urf orra fpnerq bs gur ebg gnxr uvz va n tehrfbzr obql ubeebe tbbc ohg jura vgf nyy bire vg qbrfa'g xvyy uvz yvxr ur guvaxf naq ur eriregf gb jung ur bevtvanyyl fubhyq unir ybbxrq yvxr. Gur qverpgbe fnvq ur qvq guvf fb ur pbhyq yrnir vg bcra gb frdhryf "

From: guest (Stag) , 18 months, post #35
Click to show spoiler
qbrfa'g gnxvat gurve sbez xvyy gur "bevtvany"?

From: guest (Metoo) , 18 months, post #36
Any boobs growing? Butt growing? Hips? Hair? Anything seen in the transformation?

From: Bodyswap1 , 18 months, post #37
Can't wait til this movie is leaked online.

From: guest (Metoo) , 18 months, post #38
Well seeing that there is no response on the actual transformation bits I’m gonna say this movie is a let down on that department. Probably just a lil face morph and maybe a hand morph and that’s it. Another disappointment

From: guest (ElGrego) , 18 months, post #39
Click to show spoiler
Ab shyy genafsbezngvba vaqrrq, bayl fbzr snpr zbecuf naq unve zbecuf.

A very enjoyable movie in my opinion despite some mistakes and not digging too much in the back story of some characters, which could have been valuable in some instances. I still recommend it strongly!

From: guest (Ugh) , 18 months, post #40

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