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Searching for a F2M story written by Monsta
From: guest (Blonde Brunette) , 24 days, post #1
Does anyone know where I can read "Now You Know How It Feels" by Monsta? They mentioned in this thread .

I searched for it but couldn't find it on Fictionmania or Fiction Branches.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

From: guest (Blonde Brunette) , 17 days, post #2
If anyone knows how to contact Monsta, can you direct them to this thread?

I would love to read the "Now You Know How It Feels" episode in their "Harbinger" series but I can't seem to find it. :(

From: Monsta , 13 days, post #3
The whole series was an experiment, to try to write a script for a TV show. Like 99.9992% of my writing, it sits unfinished on the drive of unreasonable encryption.

But, since there is interest, I will dig it up and try to make an actual story out of it. This was the synopsis for the show, which in retrospect, was a Fringe/X-Files ripoff with a sex theme.

---SEASON 1---

Episode 1 - Far Encounters - The team investigates why multiple women in rural Idaho are having children whose DNA does not match their partners...or themselves. The women seem to think they have been abducted by aliens, though the agents suspect a far more terrestrial cause: the past work of Dr. Ben Khurmi, current head of development for Aphea Medical Corporation. As the new team forms Brad clashes with Jordan, but ultimately they agree to set aside their differences to continue working on Harbinger.

Episode 2 - The Devil Made Me Do It - A conservative and highly religious married woman in Texas finds she is growing an extra set of breasts. She then inexplicably abandons her successful real estate business and becomes a stripper, claiming the devil cursed her to be a "whore". The team investigates the possibility one of her rivals used Aphea tech against her. Brad ends up getting a little too close to the alleged victim for the team's comfort.

Episode 3 - The Undesirables- All the people living in an apartment building in Pennsylvania suddenly become asexual, and lose all interest in sex with their partners (or anyone else for that matter).The agents interview all the people for leads while Dr. Gailin and Jordan conduct tests. Natalie Rai is consulted not only for her medical knowledge, but also for her "personal experience" with asexuality.

Episode 4 - Alpha - A number of married couples on a cul de sac in Florida all have a cuckold fetish. The wives completely cut off their husbands sexually, and exclusively have sex with their "bull". Not only are the husbands ok with this, they seem oddly happy about it. But, talking amongst each other one night the men discover all their wives have the exact same "bull", a man named John. The agents investigate John the "bull" to see if he somehow caused the couples to develop the specific and coincidental fetish that enabled him to be the exclusive sexual partner to all the women on the cul de sac.

Episode 5 - Found - A man walks into a hospital claiming to be a woman that disappeared a year earlier. The man knows every single detail about the woman, except how it is she became a man. Nathan is distracted by a rather public fight with his wife Lori. Nathan reveals that he and Lori have been trying to conceive for over a year and the strain is taking a toll on both of them.

Episode 6 - Diminished - A street drug appears in Chicago that gives amazing highs, but also has the side effect of shrinking genitals slightly with each use. Hopelessly addicted people end up effectively sterilized after their genitals are no longer large enough for conception, gestation or even actual intercourse. The agents help trace the source of the drug, believing it is tied to research conducted by Aphea medical.

Episode 7 - Can't Help Myself - All the women in an office in Nebraska suddenly start masturbating uncontrollably. Dr. Gailin discovers their brains have been altered to have self-sexuality. Meaning they have a strong sexual attraction to themselves, but cannot be sexually attracted to other people. Trisha asks Dr. Gailin for help with a "personal problem".

Episode 8 - Dimorphism - A high school in Minnesota has abnormally tall and strong girls and abnormally small and weak boys. The average height of a female senior is 6'1", the average for males is 5'2". The agents find that all children born in that town since 1998 have the same reversed gender dimorphism. Stranger still, the adults in town are unconcerned about this unusual reversal.

Episode 9 - The Midas Touch- A man claims to be so fertile he can impregnate women simply by being near them. Seeking to disprove his claims that most of his female co-workers and neighbors have unknowingly had his children, the agents conduct DNA tests. Dr. Gailin is skeptical, but is cautious anyway. The case is particularly tough on Nathan, as he and his wife Lori are still struggling with infertility. Jordan conducts more tests on Trisha to try to determine why her breasts are growing.

Episode 10 - What Comes Around - A college man goads an intoxicated college girl into having sex with him. However, a few weeks later he finds out that he is pregnant. DNA tests reveal the woman he tricked into sleeping with him is the biological mother of the baby inexplicably growing in his otherwise normal male abdomen. Meanwhile, Nathan and his wife receive test results that confirm she is completely infertile.

Episode 11 - Closing Time - Near closing time at an interstate adult store a clerk is suddenly swamped with customers. They are all women, and they are all after vibrators and dildos. On his way home the man sees all kinds of cars pulled over with people having sex inside. All the women within 10 miles of the adult store suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to have sex. Dr. Gailin theorizes a radio frequency caused the females to become aroused beyond normal levels.

Episode 12 - The Roadrunner - While investigating what appears to be a dead end "persistent genital arousal" case, Brad is attacked by a woman with remarkable speed and strength. The team is able to apprehend the woman, but upon examination is revealed she really isn't a woman or even a typical human. Jordan believes the cure for Trisha's breast growth problem may be at hand.

Episode 13 - Now You Know How It Feels - At a right wing fundraising dinner, a conservative congressman gives a fiery anti-gay marriage speech. During the dinner, he gets a fortune cookie that reads "Now you know how it feels". The following morning the congressman's wife has suddenly become a man. The team tries to track down the people responsible, but find that they seem to always be one step ahead of them. The criminals even use their technology on Nathan's wife Lori, causing her to become a man as well.

---SEASON 2---

Episode 1 - Couple's Therapy - Nathan has taken a leave of absence from Harbinger since his wife was transformed. Nathan's wife Lori is now his husband Larry. Nathan and Larry head to a couple's therapy resort in Bermuda, to try to work out what they want their relationship to be going forward. At the resort, Nathan notices all of the female staff at the resort have very small breasts. He feels it is some sort of conspiracy while Larry just assumes Nathan will do anything to avoid spending time with him.

Episode 2 - The Milkmen - The men at a college frat all grow large female breasts and begin lactating. As the team investigates, they get an up close look at the sex lives of the fraternity members. What they learn about the fraternity's sexual habits may be a bit more disturbing than their sudden breast growth.

Episode 3 - Cheating - Kira, Nathan's personal trainer and longtime mentor, has long struggled to find a man that's man enough for her. But when she meets Nathan's husband Larry, she becomes smitten. With Nathan out on assignment and feeling abandoned by him, will the recently turned man Larry fall for Kira's advances? Jordan tries dating, but finds most guys are weirded out by her odd behavior and topics of conversation.

Episode 4 - Paranoia- Dr. North is seen with an unusually tall woman, and the agents wonder who she is and what she has to do with their work. Trisha dates a man who has extreme premature ejaculation, and suspecting he has been "dosed", she drags him to Dr. Gailin and Jordan for an embarrassing exam. Brad chats with a seemingly young woman at a bar, but finds she is far older than she seems.

Episode 5 - It's What's On the Inside That Counts - Three women seek infertility help at a California clinic only to discover that their ovaries are in fact testicles. Testing reveals they have Y chromosomes and are male, despite having very female looking bodies. While on the surface Dr. Gailin thinks it looks like a new twist on androgen insensitivity syndrome, these women produce highly virile semen, with sperm counts well beyond normal men.

Episode 6 - Thief in the Night - Five men all claim that a redheaded woman stole their genitals. Larry admits to Nathan he's been sleeping with Kira, and he has in fact gotten her pregnant.

Episode 7 - Head of Household - After a tip from an informant, the agents head to a town in Wyoming where they find a backwards version of 1950s Americana. The women are all tough ranchers and factory workers, while the men are all docile homemakers. While there, Trisha notices Brad and Nathan seem ditzy and indecisive, forcing her to become the de facto leader of the investigation.

Episode 8 - Scientific Method - The agents are in Natalie's lab when there is an accident which forces everyone inside the lab to be placed into quarantine. Natalie is freaked out but Ben insists they are all fine. The agents also begin to panic at every perceived symptom. Meanwhile, Dr. Gailin begins to question if their work is making a difference.

Episode 9 - Old Secrets - A young couple riding in a pickup truck in Mississippi strike a deer and are airlifted to a trauma center in Mobile, Alabama. A CT scan of the couple reveals not only their injuries, but the fact that both of them possess both male and female reproductive organs. The agents arrive to question the young couple after they have recovered from the crash, but they refuse to cooperate. When the agents' investigation leads them back to the young couple's hometown, they find an old secret that the residents there have been hiding for a very long time.

Episode 10 - Sexual Healing - A wife bored with her sex life buys "Sex Healing Powder" from a mystic, and when she uses the powder she grows a massive penis. The agents determine the powder is nothing more than curry and cinnamon. They don't believe in magic, but the woman has the evidence between her legs. Dr. Gailin can't explain the cause of the transformation or why she's so attracted to the woman.

Episode 11 - The Shoe's On the Other Foot - A large number of men of a Columbus Ohio suburb develop an obsessive foot fetish. It fact, it's so severe that it has begun to affect the birth rate because the men are only interested in having sexual relations with women's feet. Obviously, this leaves the women of the area...wanting. The result is an interesting social dynamic that draws in the team to investigate.

Episode 12 - Paradise Lost - During a wedding reception, the party is crashed by the groom's angry ex-girlfriend. That night the groom finds that his new bride's vagina has grown shut. All the adult women who were at the reception eventually find the same thing. The team arrives and confirms not only are the womens' vaginas gone, but all their internal female organs have vanished as well. Dr. Gailin describes it as being textbook "vaginal agenesis", but that is a birth defect. No cases of sudden adult onset have ever been seen before.

Episode 13 - Version 1.1 - Larry and Kira's baby arrives. It causes Nathan to lament the loss of his wife and the family he could have had. Jordan finds out her mother had seen Dr. North while pregnant with her. Brad uncovers a plot to contaminate a New Mexico town's water supply that seemingly involves Aphea Medical.

---SEASON 3---

Episode 1 - Symptoms Part 1 - The agents launch a full raid on Aphea medical, but fail to find anything concrete that links them to the outbreak in New Mexico. At the same time, the outbreak continues feminizing men and leaving them sterile. The team begins to work with the CDC to try to contain the mutagen. Brad discovers he has been exposed.

Episode 2 - Symptoms Part 2 - The team continues to try to develop a cure to the contamination. They manage to connect the contagion to biological weapon work Ben did for the military in the 80s, and use his knowledge to find a cure. However, even though the spread has been stopped Brad and 50,000 other men are left changed.

Episode 3 - Half - With Brad out on medical leave and Dr. Gailin stuck at the CDC cleaning up the aftermath of the New Mexico outbreak, Nathan and Trisha are left to fend for themselves as they investigate a grocery store where women tend to have spontaneous orgasms. Brad struggles with being "half a man", and seeks guidance from Nathan's ex-husband Larry due to his experience switching genders.

Episode 4 - Legacy - Aphea Medical is no more. Even though there is no hard evidence of any wrong doing, the company ceases US operations and sells it's assets to other companies. Ben and Natalie's lab is bought out by Foxman Eastwood pharmaceuticals. As they work to clean out the lab, they find old experiments and get into an argument about them.

Episode 5 - What's Good for Business - All the waitresses at a restaurant in Louisiana begin developing larger breasts and other exaggerated feminine features. They suspect the owner is doing something to them to attract more male customer business from nearby mining operations. The agents discover a link back to the condition Trisha faced a few years earlier.

Episode 6 - Weakness - There is a gym in Las Vegas where all the men seem to be losing muscle mass no matter how much they lift. Meanwhile, most women in the gym seem to be gaining muscle, without even trying to. Brad returns to the team, although he lacks much of the confidence of his old self.

Episode 7 - Mesmerized - A street magician in New York City has been doing the old hypnosis handshake orgasm trick on tourists for years. But lately, it seems to have been working a little too well. Everyone he meets seems to suddenly be highly susceptible to his hypnotic suggestion, and the magician is stunned to find just how far he can get people to go. When the agents are brought in to question the magician they find he may not be to blame for his suddenly captivated audience.

Episode 8 - The Rut - The agents meet a woman who is a real estate broker in Alabama that has grown antlers. What's even odder than the growth from her head is the fact that she doesn't seem to mind her new addition, and in fact she even seems to like it. Brad's struggle with his loss of masculinity continues to haunt him. He experiments with crossdressing to try to "pass" as a woman in public, and the results only reinforce just how feminine looking he has become.

Episode 9 - Recollection - 3 men in an Atlanta bar are discussing their wives and their sex lives when it becomes clear that all 3 of them have been having exclusively oral sex with their spouses for years. In fact, none of them can recall the last time they had regular intercourse with their wives, if ever. The longer the conversation goes on, the more the men begin to question if they have actually seen their wives' vaginas.

Episode 10 - Dropping the Ball - A housewife finds herself acting more and more aggressive and masculine. Then one morning she awakes to find some large and rather strange lumps in her groin. After a visit to her doctor it is revealed her ovaries have dropped down into her labia majora, giving her in effect, "balls". While still very much female, in addition to her odd transformation she seems to have a new sex hormone, one that has never been seen in humans before.

Episode 11 - The Space Between - The students at a high school prom begin gasping for air and breaking out in hives. As the agents race to find the cause of the pandemic, it would seem that the students have become allergic to pheromones of the opposite sex. This means girls are unable to be in close proximity to any males, and vice versa. Separating the students by gender relieves their symptoms, but without a cure, the students will never be able to be near anybody who isn't their own gender.

Episode 12 - Root Cause - A number of women in a small town in Nebraska begin growing facial hair and acting like stereotypical men. Thinking they have another New Mexico style outbreak on their hands the Harbinger team investigates. However, the cause turns out to be much more mundane: normal testosterone being distributed by the local drug dealer. But even though the physical cause has been found, the underlying reason why a hundred otherwise cisgender women suddenly decided to take male hormones remains a mystery.

Episode 13 - 43A - A skywriting plane operating over Miami Beach writes "43A" in the sky and then explodes in midair. At first it's seen as just a strange accident, but over the next few weeks the men who were on or near the beach at the time of the incident begin reporting sexual issues to their doctor, primarily premature ejaculation. The agents investigate and upon closer examination the affected men not only have ever worsening PE, they are also only producing sperm with X chromosomes. This means they are only capable of fathering female children. Jordan and Trisha follow up with the man Trisha had been dating a few years earlier who had the same symptoms. This case may be even larger than they imagined.

From: guest (Blonde Brunette) , 13 days, post #4
Thanks Monsta! I'm looking forward to reading whatever you come up with.

The "Now You Know How It Feels" episode interests me the most because the F2M transformation itself as well as the internal and external conflicts that could result from it.

I really enjoy stories that explore how a transformation can affect and challenge a loving relationship as well as the impact on their social & professional lives. This one would certainly introduce some mixed, confusing feelings.

From: Monsta , 12 days, post #5
I sent it to fictionmania, should be up by tomorrow. I reformatted it from a script to a story, so it may be a bit choppy. Hopefully it makes some sense.

From: Monsta , 11 days, post #6
It posted.

And, while I was on the drive of unreasonable encryption I found 2 sequels to "An Uninvited Wedding Guest". I sent in one today, should be able to send the other tomorrow. Truly truly random grab bags of nonsense. One of them, the second one I think, I wrote while I was on pain pills recovering from dental surgery. So, wow, it's out there. Probably why I never submitted them.

I really hope some of this stuff will bring some entertainment for folks, anyway. If there is anything anyone sees on the above "synopsis" I will try to dig it up and make something of it.

From: guest (Blonde Brunette) , 11 days, post #7
Wow, Monsta, that was fantastic!

That's exactly the type of female-to-male story that I've been looking for.

I love that it focuses on the relationship after the change. I love the type of man the wife physically turns into, the comparisons between her and her husband's bodies, the fact the she has needs, and how they genuinely attempt to adjust to it and make things work over a long period of time. And I really like how you ended it!

Great job on this! I'm so glad you posted it! Thanks again!!!

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