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Spoilers of Infinity War; Beware
From: guest , 25 months, post #1
I was thinking that Reality Gem could do a lot of mischief's...

From: guest , 25 months, post #2
Thanos is gonna transform himself into Black Widow

From: guest (Guest2) , 25 months, post #3
Black Widow is too mainstream. He's gonna transform into Scarlet Witch and take the mind stone to Vision.

From: JDRiley , 25 months, post #4
Click to show spoiler
Gurer'f abg ernyyl nal vyyhfvbaf yvxr gung, ng yrnfg abg gung V erzrzore. Ubjrire, gurer jnf n fprar jurer Gunabf hfrq gur Ernyvgl Fgbar ntnvafg gur Thneqvnaf bs gur Tnynkl, oernxvat Qenk vagb cvrprf naq gheavat Znagvf vagb fgevcf (erzvaqrq zr n tbbq qrny bs gur raq bs Xbea'f "Pbzvat Haqbar" ivqrb).

However, the story will conclude next year, so we may yet see more antics with the Reality Stone. What did happen in Infinity War was certainly more impressive than anything in Thor: The Dark World, where the Reality Stone was just the Aether.

From: guest , 25 months, post #5
Any chance we could get the Loki->Sif subplot from the comics?

From: guest (Gypsy) , 25 months, post #6
  1. 5 - I think to save the Marvel Movie Verse, they are going to reverse time at the end and get back to the moment at the very beginning of Infinity War.

With what happened to Asgard, and Hela, I am pretty sure no, though if they use the time travel they might

To answer your question, not at this point

As far as intent with the reality stone, I think it's effects are semi temporary, because Thanos doesn't leave those effected by the stone, he lets them revert back to normal, so any effect you place will not be forever

From: guest (MyCornerodaweb) , 25 months, post #7
I'm probably in the minority, but I found it underwhelming. I've been following the whole continuity since really Iron Man and I dunno, could simply be a case of too high of expectations or it's another case of adult.

Click to show spoiler
Zl znva vffhr vf gurl xvyyrq bss na Veba Zna be Pnc (juvpu gurl pbhyq rnfvyl or fnivat sbe Cneg 2) V jbhyq unir sryg zber bs n rzbgvbany ernpgvba V guvax. Fcvqre Zna unf orra vagebqhprq gb gur ZPH sbe jung gjb zbivrf, qvggb jvgu Cnagure, Fgenatr unf bayl unq uvf fbyb svyz, rgp, rgp. Cheryl bss bs gur svyzf, gurl xvaq bs xvyyrq gur zbfg fnsr crbcyr. (Lrf V xabj gurl xvyyrq nyy bs gur Thneqvnaf jvgu gur rkprcgvba bs Ebpxrg, rgp) ohg V qhaab. V jvyy or frrvat vg ntnva naq znlor V'yy punatr zl zvaq.

From: guest , 25 months, post #8
"I think it's effects are semi temporary"

not if he uses power gem to boost it

From: guest (Gypsy) , 25 months, post #9
I am pretty sure- in hindsight, that they left all the original Avengers alive plus Rocket and Nebula.

I was a little tired when I walked into the theater, and might have miscounted and right now a little to lazy to look...

From: guest (Kara) , 25 months, post #10
They did.
Also...what do Tony, Nebula, and Thor have in common?

From: Gray Ghost 35 , 24 months, post #11
I may be completely wrong here but what if it is a kind of flip the script type of ending? Where all the ones that lived are actually all the ones that died and the others are actually alive. It would sort of make more since then because all the ones alive except for Rocket have already outlasted their move roles in Avengers

From: guest (Kara) , 24 months, post #12
Hint: Loki gave up one of the stones for Thor.

From: guest (Guy) , 24 months, post #13
Yeah, Tony, Nebula and Thor were each spared by giving up the location of, or one of the stones.

Sif has not been seen, so she may still be alive.

We know Ant-Man, Wasp, and Hawkeye (or whatever name Clint will go by) are around.

From: guest (Kara) , 24 months, post #14
Ding ding ding!

They were spared from the culling because Thanos promised he wouldn't kill them.

From: Gray Ghost 35 , 24 months, post #15
It will all become clear that they were pawns in the Elders (Collector, Grandmaster) game. Called Marvel Contest of Champions Vs Thanos to see what would happen. Winners are the ones that have to give something for something? ring a bell?

From: guest (doc) , 24 months, post #16
let us not forget that when Strange went forward into the future, he told Tony that there was only one instance where the beat Thanos. As a condition of giving up the stone, Tony was kept alive. He is alone on a world with alien tech. We saw what he could do with scraps in a cave. There has to be a reason why Strange bartered for Tony's life.

From: guest (thanosfan) , 8 months, post #17
You are right doc. Tony is the one who would put an end to Thanos that's why Strange decided to save him in Infinity War.

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