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Ultimate sexual fantasy?
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From: guest (TLo) , 16 months, post #1
No restrictions, no holds barred. What is your ultimate sexual fantasy, in regards to the interests on this site?!

From: guest (IWishIwasALittleGirl) , 16 months, post #2
Switching bodies with a baby girl <3

From: guest (Lady _Hyde) , 16 months, post #3
The ultimate is being bound in another body, say my bisexual father, who lusts for my boyfriend. I'm trapped bound in his body in a chair, with a tv in front of my. Watching as daddy in my body loses my virginity to my unsuspecting boyfriend.

From: DB Cooper , 16 months, post #4
Accidentally flattening a woman permanently.

From: guest (Jill) , 16 months, post #5
with a steam roller or some other method?

From: Carlsbad , 16 months, post #6
I have too many to pick just one, but here's one of my recurring favorites: I turn into a girl or woman and have to pee. Sometimes I'm an adult, other times I imagine I'm a kid, maybe even a little girl who's still learning potty training. I feel what it's like to hold my bladder as a female, then go into the women's toilets, pull down whatever I'm wearing below the waist - training panties, or a shoolgirl's plaid skirt, or bottoms of a woman's pantsuit - and urinate with a set of female genitals. It's an intimate experience, and something which is totally mundane for most women, but which I have no personal experience with. Sometimes, I imagine I go in with some other women, maybe a girlfriend, and we pee together, and I hear the sound of them peeing and realize I am doing it exactly the way they are, just like a real girl. There used to be a lot of captions about this on OpenTGCaptions, which I am now kicking myself for not saving before the site went down for good.

From: guest , 16 months, post #7
Similar to above. Changing myself into a woman and visiting the ladies room. Sometimes for peeing, sometimes changing/shower room. The idea of being where only women are allowed and being there as one of them. Sometimes I like watching hidden camera stuff in changing rooms and imagining that I'm in there changing with them - it's a big thing for me

From: DB Cooper , 16 months, post #8
Jill: steamroller, wringer, falling object, whatever. Then folding her up and taking her home with me. You know, to keep her safe...

From: guest (mumbalo) , 16 months, post #9
Suddenly turning female from the waist down or from the neck down and having to hide the changes.
While having keep my new curves hidden by wearing loose clothes, binding breasts, etc I would wear feminine clothes in private. This goes somewhat in combination with Carlsbads fantasy.

From: guest (Lassitude) , 16 months, post #10
A complex genie wish, allowing me to meet my ideal female soulmate, who has a completely compatible gender-swap fantasy. After a steamy sexual encounter, she surprises me by painlessly shrinking/transforming me, using magic given to her by the genie, into my ideal, customized straight-female form, over the course of a few minutes, in a multi-panel full-length mirror room. Via the genie, I've previously spent considerable time putting my ideal form together... body, voice and manner... before having a temporarily memory block imposed on me about it, only to be lifted at the very last moments of my transformation.

I end up a little shorter, and even more feminine and beautiful than her, which is really saying something, and I couldn't look, sound or act believably male, at this point, no matter how hard I tried. I'm still me, mentally, but completely feminized... talking and acting like an adorable 21-year-old girl, without intending to. She then transforms herself, over a few minutes, into a big, handsome, well-hung, straight-male hunk. Having become easily a foot taller than my new 5' 2" frame, she physically and sexually dominates me, now that we've traded sizes, sexes, genders, orientations and traditional male-female roles. We have to stay this way for six months, and can only then change back if she decides she wants us to... which is very uncertain, since she has wanted this for a long, long time.

From: Weirdoid , 16 months, post #11
Here are a few I had lately, the first two are old favorites. The third is recent and may not be Ultimate.

1. A girl turns into a man. She rips out of her clothes and is scared. I come in, hold her tight and comfort her. Then I buy her female clothes, make her my girlfriend, and make love to her.

2. My male body gets thinner and more attractive and I grow large female tits. I become the envy and desire of men and women and get a boyfriend who loves my tits.

3. A girlfriend turns into a guy but upside down. She now walks on her hands, uses her feet to grab things, talks and eats through her ass, her nose gets hard when aroused, etc.

From: guest (Gypsy) , 16 months, post #12
A lovely 20 yr old with a tight athletic body, large breasts and a serious need and desire for me. Her body to be permanently taken by my wife.

I might have a fantasy about body swaps (M2F) but that does not mean I wish to have a real life experience with a body swap.

I would not be opposed to a friend being body swapped with a teen age girl looking to "test out" his new body.

From: Monsta , 16 months, post #13
Women begin growing male reproductive organs. There are no other physical changes, they just become functionally male instead of female. It's just a few at first, but after a few years it affects 25% of the female population. The affected women still want a loving romantic relationship with a man, but they also have desires for sexual activities with normal unaffected women.

Affected women are exceptional lovers, and not only are they better hung than regular men, they also are much better at using what they have. Over time it becomes normal for women in otherwise committed relationships to occasionally make love with a hung woman.

This fantasy was the basis for my "Avoiding the Obvious" story.

From: DirkWilson , 16 months, post #14
I had not read your "avoiding the obvious" story before and I liked it. I like the trasformed person to hide it, be self conscious of it.

From: guest (JunBlud) , 16 months, post #15
Making out with captioners like TehSwitcher,SwapGirl or CelebSwap. They seem like secret freaks.

From: guest (guesr) , 16 months, post #16
creepy on an all ages site

From: Forestier , 16 months, post #17
Turned into a woman, but I am chained in a cell in such a way I can have no sexual activity whatsoever.

From: CelebSwap , 16 months, post #18

From: guest , 16 months, post #19
It's always been possession.

Entering her body and becoming her, then making her shake her ass and tits in front of a mirror has always been my fetish. Sadly possession content has been very lackluster lately and good material is rare. Most sites that have good content are usually locked behind a payment or membership wall, and I've never trusted shady downloads.

From: yoyo , 16 months, post #20
The ability to transform anyone's body, mind and clothes (including myself) in any way i want.
Mostly I would probably just turn invisible and mess with people by changing them.

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