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New Lalola? What should they do different?
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From: Holly Dunn , 30 months, post #21
Here is a link to Sabrina Ferilli, who would have starred in the Italian version circa 2008.

Sabrina Ferilli

It would have been fun to watch a glamorous busty supermodel type working in the men's magazine.

Although now that it is 2018, a men's magazine might be a dated environment for a new Lalola.

From: guest , 30 months, post #22
make it in women's magazine then. They are no less exploitative of women than men's magazine. Also, as their readership is made of women, it could be said that they are responsible for women's self image issues & problems like eating disorders etc.

American Lalo is a successful executive in a women's magazine who has built up his image as feminist and preaches female empowerment while exploiting women in his work, sexually harassing models and subordinates, unfaithful to his girlfriend(s) etc.

From: guest (tofu) , 30 months, post #23
No, it wouldn't work.

Part of the appeal of the Lalo/Lola character is his/her bluntness. That's what make the protagonist of various versions of Lalola endearing to us.

Make him a hypocrite & it's not Lalola anymore.

From: Holly Dunn , 30 months, post #24
What if he was a reporter or anchor at a national cable network or even a sports network like ESPN?

In order for women to be heard on those networks, they have to look good and are required to wear short skirts on the air.

Still, many women on those channels aren't taken seriously. Imagine him going home and people are posting videos of him on air with his new name and calling it "Eva Adams Short Skirt" or "Eva Adams Leg Show." That happens with female anchors on all of the cable networks.

From: guest (tofu) , 30 months, post #25

"reporter or anchor" LOL.. I know in the US it's kinda same kind of jobs. You enter as reporter & later "promoted" to be host or anchor. In my country we are following British system in which reporter and host/anchor are in separate lines of job. Reporter will not be anchor/host or vice versa.

Why I am saying this? Because I am all for American Lola to work as TV reporter, but not as anchor, which mean I am against her working as reporter because in American system they are in the same path of career progression.

I am against American Lola in any job like acting or hosting in which attractiveness plays a big part of the job. The message of Lalola works better if the protagonist is in a job in which attractiveness is theoretically not important but in practice it is.

From: guest , 30 months, post #26
"The message of Lalola"?

uhrmmm, it's a soap opera. looking for message is kinda silly.

From: Holly Dunn , 30 months, post #27
ESPN and Fox News have some harassment lawsuits filed against them for their treatment of women. Attractive women anchors are asked/required/pressured into wearing short skirts on air. Barstool Sports even took shots at ESPN's Samantha Ponder for not wearing revealing enough clothing.

Here is a clip of Fox news with all the women anchors wearing short skirts.

Fox News Babes

If you search Kimberly Guilfoyle & The five, you will see they always stick her n the end where the camera has shots of her legs.

For an American Lalola, I would love to see 1) The male lead have his own show, 2) He tries to keep his show as a producer going with guest stars including women in short skirts, 3) They mess his show up, 4) He ends up on air in a short skirt trying to continue his show. 5) The love interest becomes the fill in producer.

From: guest (tofu) , 30 months, post #28

stop trolling.


As I said in my previous post, the lesson in Lalola works better if the job is one of which beauty is supposedly not part of the evaluation but in practice it does play a role. The settings in men's magazine in original Lalola is perfect for this. Actually any regular office environment would do, but men's magazine especially suitable for this because like any regular other regular office job, theoretically whether you are pretty or ugly is irrelevant but in reality it matters, and in men's magazine it matters much more.

For jobs like actor or host or newsreader or model etc, it is a given attractiveness is a crucial factor. Having Lalola in those positions will dilute one important takeaway regarding sexism from original which is that women's attractiveness matter even in jobs that it doesn't supposed to matter.

If we are to translate the idea you proposed here to the original Lalola, it would be like having Lola working as model for the magazine instead of working in its editorial team.

If you insist on tv show as the background, having Lalola in behind-the-scene role such as producer or network executive or staff writer or showrunner fits more with the idea of the original.

From: Holly Dunn , 30 months, post #29

This thread is what would you like to see in a new Lalola. IMHO, the main Lalola character did not experience enough of a glass ceiling or being defined by looks, which certainly happens a lot. A ton of women are coming out and speaking of their experiences and how their looks played a part in getting to the career they wanted. That didn't happen when the original Lalola was released. Rose McGowan shared that when she was breaking into Hollywood she was told to have long hair because "If they don't want to f-- you, they won't talk to you."

I would like to see a new Lalola deal with some of that, which was omitted from the series 10 years ago.

From: guest (tofu) , 30 months, post #30

there are more than enough material to work with to write about story on sexism in office jobs or behind the scene roles in show biz. You know, the jobs where beauty is supposedly not important.

IMHO, having Lalola as actress or host is pretty limiting in exploring the sexism. Sure, you can talk about harassment, forced to have sex to get ahead etc, but you can also have that in regular office jobs or behind the scenes roles in showbiz, so I don't get why you cannot have the protagonist in these roles instead.

As I already said in my post above & let's me repeat here, as actor or host, your look is one of the legitimate criteria to judge you. You could say that they are too focused on this one factor to the detriment of others, or that females are held to a more stringent beauty standard than males, but could you seriously, with a straight face, suggest that your look should not be a factor in these jobs?

On the contrary, most people can accept that your look shouldn't matter if you work in office jobs or behind the scenes jobs in showbiz. It is therefore more easy to show sexism here by showing that despite this, your look still affect your prospect in your career even though it is really not relevant to your job.

From: Holly Dunn , 30 months, post #31
I worked in TV news and now I am with a non-profit charitable organization. In TV News, even the sales department had some hotties that got some special attention from male bosses and customers. In the non-profit world, charities hire business development directors that are often young attractive women whose job is to go to lunch with rich old men. In my 20's I went to a mass interview job fair in pharmaceutical sales. People at the upscale hotel thought it was a modeling event.

This thread is about what people would like to see explored in Lalola, and I would love for the new character to be good long and have to depend on that a bit more for at least part of the series.

Lalola is set in a male dominated world, yet the new woman walks right in and takes charge.

From: guest (Canadafan) , 30 months, post #32
It would be great if a new Lalola would play with the voice of the character more. In the original version Lalola shrieked when the soccer game on the TV quit and then she grabbed her throat in non-belief of her high pitched scream.

It might be fun if a new Lalola would play with female vs. male voice inflection in a more conscious way.

Guys don't like to sound like girls. It would be cool for Lalola to try to talk like a guy, but slip and notice it.

From: guest (Zhang Fei Fan) , 30 months, post #33
I would like to see American Lalola in small town settings. To make Lalola works, you must have a settings where open sexism is ok. It's hard to do that in metropolitan, that's why the original was set in men's magazine.

In the US I don't think open sexism is tolerated in the cities even in men's magazine or in entertainment business. I think the sexism in these industries is more tilted the "hypocrite" side that one of the users above me pointed out. For example, big names in Hollywood would talk big about female empowerment, strong female characters & all that but in practice they abuse women in their workplace. If we put Lalo in that settings, it would bring about a hypocritical personality which takes away the charm of the original Lalo/Lola's blunt character.

So I would think that small town settings should work better for the depiction of macho culture & open sexism for US version. Maybe in Deep South or something like that.

From: guest (Zhang Fei Fan) , 30 months, post #34
and I should I clarify that my understanding of US is not based on first hand experience so please do correct me if I am wrong.

From: guest (VoiceSwapFan) , 30 months, post #35
The scream after the swap is cliche, but I am happy most screamed with a low pitched female voice, instead of a high pitched scream.

I loved how in the original after 10 episodes in when the TV signal was lost during a soccer game, Lalola screamed like a girl, and then caught himself and grabbed his throat.

I would love for more voice inflection as the story progresses where the character reacts like a girl, and then catches himself to be more stoic like a guy.

From: Holly Dunn , 30 months, post #36
Part of me is in the "I will believe it when I see it," mode, but there have been some new reports about Lalola being remade on TV Azteca in Mexico this year.

Lalola remake news release

If you Google "Lalola TV Azteca" you will see a bunch of new reports, though translated they all read like they are off of the same press release.

No official mention of who will be the star of the series.

Anyone familiar with Mexican actresses? Who would you like to see as the next Lalola?

From: guest (Guest01) , 30 months, post #37
About the Mexican LLL, I believe we will get a release by end of the year 2018 earliest. LLL at Azteca TV was signed with another season of a soap opera that is currently in production. That means they're probably gonna wrap that one up b/4 production. With the amount of press releases on it, I think it is safe to assume that there's a pilot in production right now. But then again, this is just my educated guess.

From: Holly Dunn , 29 months, post #38
I am curious what the will differently in the Mexican Lalola confirmed for late 2018. The same network ran the Argentinian version and got good ratings in the last ten years. So if they remake it, are they going to keep everything the same but the actors?

They tried to remake The Odd Couple in the USA after about 35 years in the USA. But in the early 70's, two middle-aged men living together was scandalous in and of itself. And in the 2010's that just wasn't fresh/funny, etc.

So what will they do in this version of Lalola in Mexico running on the same network 10 years later?

From: Tuggy24g , 29 months, post #39
Wonder when it will be released and who is the main actor.

From: guest (LLL Fan) , 29 months, post #40
I found one site that said Mariana Torres. She is 30. Fairly average looking, though somewhat attractive. It is still early and that may not correct.

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