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Stories in which roles (not bodies) are switched?
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From: guest (TA) , 7 months, post #121
Allison is a woman in her 40s who suddenly finds herself living the life of an 11-year-old boy attending middle school. Although she retains her adult identity, memories and body, everyone else perceives her as a young boy. At school she meets Diana, another adult forced to live as a boy. They plan to stay in touch but Diana later warns Allison not to speak to her again after finding herself living an even worse experience as an elderly woman. A month later, Allison has made some friends as a boy but keeps her distance from another student she suspects is an adult as well. Resigned to her plight for now, Allison continues pretending to be a middle schooler, hoping someday to return to her real life.

From: guest (TA) , 7 months, post #122
Playing a little bit with AI generators, I end up generating this photo:

It made me to think about a burglar who breaks into a rich family house, in the middle of the action the burglar feels ill and fall off the stairs. When he wakes up, he and the little girl, daughter of the family, had swapped roles. Now, that's Twilight Zone material in book haha Including Rod Serling narration made with AI as well

From: guest (Hanko) , 7 months, post #123
Guest (TA) excellent photo! Just wish we could see the young burglar girl now.

From: guest (TA) , 7 months, post #124
It's not perfect, had to made a few adjusts here and there on photoshop, but... XD

It's honestly amazing seeing this evolving so fast, I believe in 10 years or so, maybe even less, we will be able to make our own movies. It will creative renaissance.

From: guest (Hanko) , 7 months, post #125
Not bad at all! I'd love to talk about this more. . My favorite idea is the same concept but with a mother and the homeless guy down the block.

From: guest , 7 months, post #126
Any great stories of a life swap, or role swap, where the primary focus is female who then gets male?

From: guest (Jjk) , 7 months, post #127
Hey Hanko, you did one on with something about a boyfriend switching his girlfriend with a homeless man didn't you?

From: guest (Hanko) , 7 months, post #128
Very good Guest (Jjk) I've added a bunch of chapters on P.A.I.D (Personality Altering Interactive Device) however not all are role reversal based.

This chapter is one where the roles are swapped between a young and old couple. I know I did a homeless man chapter. It's in there somewhere unless it was deleted.

There's also these clothes swapping chapters I've just started adding as well. Some of you may have an intrest.

The best way to keep me writing, is to add to the chapters. As always, feel free to email me at

From: guest (TA) , 7 months, post #129
> Any great stories of a life swap, or role swap, where the primary focus is female who then gets male?
The only problem with this one is that it's too short: Teen daughter accidentally switch lives with her father. Her father though doesn't remember his past life and thinks he was always his own daughter.

From: guest (TA) , 7 months, post #130
>My favorite idea is the same concept but with a mother and the homeless guy down the block

So, I played a little bit with this concept on Bing Image. My prompt was essentially a man dressed as a woman walking in the park with his new son and the woman (now dressed like a homeless man) would be in the background asking for food or something. But I rapidly realized that as soon as I tried to add this new element to the prompt (the woman dressed like a homeless man), the AI comprehension of what I is going for started to break down and it started to messing things up. It also tended to add beards on many of the men and if you typed "shaved", it turned the man bald. So, the best result would most likely be to generate the man dressed as a woman+child with a random homeless man in the background and then modify that part of the image, and then replacing him with a homeless woman dressed like a man. Anyway, here are some of the results:

From: guest (Hanko) , 7 months, post #131
Really great guest TA! Thanks for the attempt! I'd love to talk more about it!

From: guest (TA) , 7 months, post #132
Also, playing a little bit with the concept of a man swapping roles with a japanese teenage girl:

From: JDRiley , 7 months, post #133
I posted some story ideas on FIctionbranches and CYOC about a woman in her late 30s who ends up in the life of someone else.

Mostly, I wrote the beginnings of three scenarios - waking up as a goth teenager, a kindergartener and a private schoolgirl.

From: JDRiley , 7 months, post #134
The stories are here, BTW...

From: guest (Hanko) , 7 months, post #135
Guest TA you've got great ideas, but lets see the other side of the affect. Try turning a mom into a biker, and obese slob, a homeless man or dangerous convict! We are all different but for me, I enjoy seeing both parties of a swap. FtM content is extremely rare. I once saw an old man crossdresser and a young college woman switch clothes/roles and it was fantastic! That should be a story idea!

Hallway of lives is an excellent story by the way. I've made man additions but they focus heavily on FtM. Here's the link. Tell me what you think....

From: guest (JJK) , 7 months, post #136
Hey Hanko, thats funny thr PAID story is one of my all time favorites on and the one I've actually added a couple chapters to.

Saying that your chapters with Alex and Karen acting like Wendy and Larry are some of my favorites on there. Also wondered where they would go next but could never come up with anything good myself.

From: guest (Hanko) , 7 months, post #137
It gets to a certain point where it gets a bit played put. Feel free to message or email me here. I'm always happy to discuss role swapping. I have several chapters in various stories. Recently I attended a wedding and couldn't help but thing it's a perfect role swapping location. Also, I attended my first ever drag show recently. So many gorgeous women in full attendance. They apparently feel safe, so they become more free. A role swap there could be fun as well. Help me build up my inspiration and I can do more writing.

Thanks for reading

From: JDRiley , 7 months, post #138
Personally, I'd like to see more FtF role swaps, like a woman in her 30s-40s having to live as a little girl or a teenager.

Can anyone recommend any stories like that?

From: guest (TA) , 7 months, post #139

From: guest (TA) , 7 months, post #140
So, I really find interesting the idea of a spell, where you sorta force into obey other people and act accordingly.

And I thought about a boy, who was about to have his first communion, waking up in an alternate reality where everybody think he is a girl (as usual on this thread, he still has his male body). But on this reality he was a tomboy girl until that given day – but his mother had decide that enough was enough and that she was fed up with her daughter walking like a boy. And the mother is like "Honey, you are becoming a young lady, people are starting to talk. Look at your hair, it's too short. From now on you will dress like a girl!" The spell also forbids him to disobey his mother.

Some AI image illustrating the concept:

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