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Stories in which roles (not bodies) are switched?
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From: guest (Tights) , 24 months, post #101
  • Gender Role Reversal: Life in the Suburbs - A Budding Romance by Sonnyjimjr

Not exactly a story where people magically swap roles, but this story takes place in an alternate reality where gender roles were always reversed: "A story set in a gender role reversal universe: Two friends while babysitting discover that they might be more than just friends."

From: guest , 24 months, post #102
it's gone. Is anybody save it?

From: guest (TA) , 24 months, post #103
It's working here, post #102.

From: guest , 24 months, post #104
Nice story #102

From: guest (TA) , 23 months, post #105
I find this story branch on fictionbranch pretty interesting, it's not exactly an alternate reality thing in the classic sense of "oh, lets make everyone to think you are someone else", but basically the guy uses a magic device or something to make his whole city to play a game where some people swap roles, and they take this game seriously, REALLY SERIOUSLY, and everybody plays along because they believe it is an important thing, and it's like an honor to be invited.

I'm not sure if I was able to explain the concept, but basically he alters reality to make everybody in the city to wish to take part of this game, and to take it very seriously. I found the idea interesting, if anyone knows any story like this, please post here.

From: guest (Soso) , 19 months, post #106
Any news on stories like that?

From: guest (Soso) , 18 months, post #107
Some of those aren't EXACTLY stories where characters go to parallel universe, but those might be interesting:

  • Alternative Reality by Dauphin
A little boy and his family are involved in car accident and the parents died. The boy wakes in a hospital with his distant relative grandma near him, the doctors explain that actually the boy was a girl and "his", actually her, parents had raised her as a boy instead. The grandma decides to raise the girl correctly at this time.... but, it turns out, the little girl doesn't want to be a girl, but her grandma forces her to do ballet and do all those girly things, like wearing tights and tutu. She doesn't like it.

  • TV Star by Dauphin by Dauphin
It similar to the Truman Show: a TV Studio decide to adopt a boy and raise him as a girl, that is basically the just of it. There is some "sissy" name-calling , that I don't like that much, I prefer cuter heartwarming stories but okay...

  • Force by Itsme
This one here contains like 3 stories or so, in one of them reality is altered by aliens so that the a man is treated as a little girl by his wife. He still have his original body but everyone else treats him as a little girl.

From: guest (Soso) , 17 months, post #108
This is not exactly a "role swap" in the traditional sense, like they are not switching gender perception, but they are switching AGE perception. If you are into ABDL/ageplay, you will most likely like those stories if not, yeah, sorry, I understand it's not your cup of tea:

>A Whole New World by Bfboy
Essentially a group of a young adults friends find a magic book that reduces the way society perceives them. They keep trying to fix the magic spell, but every time they do, it gets worse and they are regressed even further. The spell doesn't change their body at all (which is a pretty hard thing to find on these stories if you ask me, because they oftentimes mix up some kind of body modification, which immediately kills any interest I would have on the story). It makes them to be treated as younger and younger babies every time they try to fix the spell. The book change the reality to make so that people – everyone – acts like a baby until they are like 20 years old or so and only then then they start growing (with the difference that the other people in the world aside from their group don't know anything is wrong, so they just act accordingly). So people who are 25 years old act like they are 5 years old, people who are 30 years old act like they are 10 years and so on and so forth.

The final stage the magic book start regressing the people in the group mentally so they truly act like babies, like they were just 3 month old baby or so.

From: guest (T) , 16 months, post #109
I'll just post some ideas here, sorta using this thread to gather my thoughts on the matter, and, hopefully, maybe serve as inspiration to others wanting to write a story on this subject:

  • Reality is altered and child brother and sister swap roles, they still have their original bodies but everybody else see them like the opposed gender. Now the boy, trapped in his sister's life, has to go to ballet dance classes and wear girl's clothes and yadda yadda. I thought about something similar to Shishunki Bitter Change, mixed up with this story:

  • Recently married woman went to alternate reality where women act like babies until they are 20 years old and only then they grow up – so a 30-year-old woman acts like they are 10 years old. In this reality a recently married 20-year-old couple goes to it, now the woman has to pretend to be her husband's baby, literally (which on this reality is her father). He also aware of the reality change, but he has to act accordingly until they find a way to go back home.

  • A magic event swap bodies of 70% of humanity. Most end up swapping bodies with someone near them. Kids swapped bodies with adults, adults swapped bodies with babies, a pandemonium occurred. In the middle of this confusion an ABDL man with fetish for being a baby girl (who didn't swapped bodies with anyone), end using this opportunity to live his fantasy of being treated as a baby gril by deciding to pretend to be one of the many babies who end up in the body of an adult.

From: guest (T) , 13 months, post #110
Man goes shopping for clothes, and while he's at the store, reality is altered, and he finds himself swapping lives with a woman in the store next door. He doesn't understand what's happening and feels ashamed, thinking that people perceive him as a crossdresser.

From: guest (LoserMan) , 12 months, post #111
Hey guys! Always been a big fan of this thread since i love role swapping and i think its very underappreciated. To combat this, i started to write a story own on chyoa. Enjoy some new content :)

From: guest (TA) , 10 months, post #112
There are a lot of swaps going on (some are body swap, body parts, etc..) but there is an interesting story line where the son swap roles with his mother, and his sister swaps roles with child she was babysitting, so now she is a baby, although still having her female body.

From: guest (EXA) , 9 months, post #113
So, I will just put this idea here, maybe there is some story like this, maybe large language models get good enough to write (good) stories based on prompts: In the future humanity develops technology to copy mind and this is used as a punishment for the most serious crimes. So murders have their personality erased with their victims personality. Notice, this is not mind transfer, this isn't body swap, their victims are still dead.

But, although it's not their dead relatives, it's the closest thing, since they now have all the same memories and personality.This is used as alternative to the death penalty.

A 25 years old serial killer murdered a 5 years old little girl and now has his personality erased with the personality of the little girl. The father accepts this punishment instead of the death sentence (he does this without the mother knowing). The killer documents and ID are changed to the ones of the little girl, the family starts to dress him/her as a child and giving him hormones, etc.

Little by little they, specially the mother, learn to accept their new daughter.

From: guest (EXA) , 9 months, post #114
Story idea:

  • Husband and wife which roles their neighbors twin siblings. The husband ends up as 6 years old little girl and the wife ends up as his/her 6 years old little brother. The spells also prevents them from telling other people that also something what is going on , they can talk freely among themselves when no one is hearing though. Also, the spells force them to act accordingly, so the husband is forced to live the little of the little girl, and the same goes to his wife living the life of a little boy.

From: guest (Guest a) , 9 months, post #115
Post 114 it's far similar to the haunting of hill house but you can little change the idea that the couple intentionally switch there bodies and they want to grow up together as a perfect couple again even if they are in the body of siblings

From: guest , 9 months, post #116
All this and no mention of The Prince And The Pauper?!

It is a timeless classic story that revolves around a wealthy prince and a dirt-poor pauper who switch roles for a day and learn what it's like being in someone's shoes!

My favorite adaptation is easily the Disney one with the two Mickey Mouses! You should check it out! It is a lot of fun!

From: guest (EXA) , 8 months, post #117
『美少女H3』より 第2話『アナタワダレ』 (1999)
It's not exactly the same thing (in fact it's kind of the reverse context of the idea in the thread), but I found it an interesting concept. From what I understand, it seems to be an episode of a Japanese series where a man switches bodies and clothes with a high school girl, but he still keeps his original life (as a man and a father), the thing is that people don't see anything wrong with the way he looks/is dressed, so he just goes to work as if there was nothing wrong.

It's a shame that this seems to be something super rare to find, to the point that the only thing I found was 1 image. In any case, I'll add it to my long list of lost media to keep an eye. Here is the summary of the thing translated by DeepL:

Hiroshi Arisato was busy with his work and his relationship with his family had grown cold. Then one day he wakes up as a young girl in a sailor suit. However, his family treats him in the same way as before, so he decides to go to work, although he is still skeptical. After managing to finish work as a girl, she stopped at an unfamiliar bar and met a young man who began to tell her that she was actually a high school girl. It seems that there are other people who have become someone else as well.


From: guest (mumbalo) , 8 months, post #118
  1. 117 that sounds amazing!

From: guest (TXA) , 7 months, post #119
People might find this one interesting: It's story where someone in a school has a magical device that enables them to alter reality in the end of the story he swaps the bodies of all the children in the schools (boys and girls) with the bodies of their mother. The children in their female bodies still dressed and act like boys/girls.

Later on, he he decides to change girls so that instead of their mothers bodies they have their father bodies (they still act and dress as little girl, but now in their adult male bodies). The story as a whole is lengthy, but the part where this change happens is pretty close to the end, so sadly the idea isn't developed so much.

From: guest (Guest a) , 7 months, post #120
Could you name another story in which a mother is shapeshift into a teenage boy to spend time with his son and do some boyish talk or play video games. Could you help me with this

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