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Stories in which roles (not bodies) are switched?
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From: guest (Ann) , 45 months, post #61
Thanks a lot @Tights I really enjoyed the story you shared is great and hot but I couldnt find the one where the daughter and father switched lives. Could you help me ?

From: guest , 45 months, post #62
@guest (Ann)

skip the details

From: guest (post 62) , 45 months, post #63
add post #62
I'm sorry. I didn't see the topic of the post except for body swap. :(

From: guest (re plyer) , 45 months, post #64
@guest (Ann)

Here's the specific branch I think you were looking for:

From: guest (Ann) , 45 months, post #65
Thanks a lot!! Is a great branch is too bad isnt finished

From: guest (Guest) , 44 months, post #66

Anything else new or that has not be listed?

From: guest (Ann) , 44 months, post #67
Does anybody knows if Itsme or any other autor make stories commisioned about role/life swap?

From: guest (Ann) , 42 months, post #68
Hi, does anyone had found something new or related ?

From: guest (Switcher) , 40 months, post #69
Short film called “Salt Please,” where a frustrated housewife makes a magic wish to swap roles and clothes with her husband — and somehow manages to reverse roles around the world. Bad acting, but a fun idea.

From: guest (Switcher) , 40 months, post #70
Link didn’t work. Sorry.

From: cj , 40 months, post #71
Working clickable link:

From: guest (momosam) , 40 months, post #72
I keep waiting until new stories are added.

From: guest , 39 months, post #73

From: guest , 39 months, post #74

From: guest (Shiro) , 32 months, post #75
I have a story on called “fictional clothes swap” where fictional characters swap clothes with each other

From: guest (CM) , 32 months, post #76
Synopsis: In the Lasagna Universe, Merrill/Merle can't help but to swap lives with Jamie/James many times, but the lasagna is always very tasty.

From: guest (T) , 31 months, post #77
This might be interesting to some users, I end up bumping with randomly on fictionbranches. Basically two friends wake up in an alternate reality where they are mom and her toddler daughter. Initially there isn't any body modification, in the middle to end the story takes a turn that it's not exactly my couple of tea (when the author starts to add body modifications), but until that point is amazing, I deeply recommend.

From: guest (T) , 31 months, post #78
I end up posting the wrong part of the story , here is the correct version, I would suggest you to read until chapter 38.

From: guest (Tweauk3410) , 29 months, post #79
Those are some mostly short stories about this theme that I saved throughout the years, most of them aren't complete and are mostly story branches from, but since content involving this kink is somewhat hard to come by I thought you guys might find interesting regardless. I will put a little description about what is each story about:

  • Woman has her life switched with her daughter, the daughter now apparently thinks she is her own mother (although the mother, living her daughter's life still remembers everything, but no one believes her). Not only that but her husband also had switched lives with one of his daughters, but he apparently doesn't remember his old life. This is a fictionmania story which is pretty goddammit good.

  • Evil scientist makes sibling boys switch roles with their father and mother, now the parents are both dressed and acting like little boys, and the former brothers go to a dinner, while the new children end up messing up the room and get punish for it:

  • Evil scientist makes mother and son switch roles without realizing it, none of them remember their old lives. Also, the evil scientist alters the former mother (who now thinks she is her own son) to believe "she" is a closeted crossdresser. When the "new mother" goes to the beauty salon with her new daughters/former sisters, the "new son" decides to try out women's clothes hidden from everybody:

  • Teen daughter accidentally switch lives with her father. Her father though doesn't remember his past life and thinks he was always his own daughter.

From: guest (Tweauk3410) , 29 months, post #80
  • Really short story involving a man swapping lives with a little a girl and there is a cat costume involved

  • Man with kink voluntarily switches lives with a little girl to be able to live his fantasy of being treated as a little girl and publicly wearing dresses

  • Woman is hypnotized by a pervert to force her child son to pretend to be a little girl. The young boy complains but he is also hypnotized to go along obey his mom, even though he complains.

  • Reality is changed and young woman who was shopping is now treated like an old man and taken to the nursing home and treated like crazy because no one believes her.

  • Reality is changed and young man who was shopping is now treated like an old woman and taken to the nursing home and treated like crazy because no one believes him.

  • Sister uses her magic powers to force her brother to ask their mom to treat him as a 6 years old little girl. She also rearranges reality to make other people to think that this is not that weird and that is somewhat normal for teenage boy to want to be treat as little girls. It's not quite a life swap, but it definitely captures the spirit of the thing.

  • Mom is brainwashed to reduce/treat her son as toddler, there is also a magic put in place so that the boy will obey ever suggestion his mom gives, so little by little he is more and more treated and regressed to a toddler state [PRETTY GOOD STORY, and somewhat lengthy

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