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Lalola - HD Quality Stream
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From: guest (Guest01) , 28 months, post #1
Hello People of the Interwebs,

Wanted to know if there was any way to find legal streams or purchase hardcopies of any of the Lalola iterations, preferably in HD quality or at very least non-pixellated. The only HD quality streaming series I've found belonged to the original Argentinian Lalola.

I've found very poor quality streams for Lalola (Peru) and Lalola (Phillipines), both of which seem to be enjoyable watches. Additionally, some episodes are missing entirely for La Lola (Chile), Lola (Greek), and Margosha (Russia). It would also be nice to find better quality for Ele (Turkey) and LouisLouise (Belgium). And I've read on the wiki that there's an Italian and Vietnamese version of this franchise, but I cannot find anything online, not even promo clips.

Any help with the above mentioned plea for info would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

From: guest (guest) , 28 months, post #2
There is no Italian version.

From: guest , 28 months, post #3
The Chile version of Lalola is available on Canal 13's official YouTube channel:

From: Qwourt , 28 months, post #4
If you're looking for the Belgium version you can find it on this Youtube channel.
I doubt it has all the episodes but it has some.
Greetings from Belgium

From: guest (Guest01) , 28 months, post #5
Hi, thanks to everyone who responded so far.

I'm already aware of those sources. In regards to LLL Chile and LLL Belgium, they're either missing episodes, missing audio, or completely misnumbered episodes.

On a side note: even though I don't understand LLL Belgium, I just love the way the actress plays Louise, similar to Clara from Argentina without the excessive hysterics! I wish there was more of this particular version available!

Overall, for all these series we need something more complete, ordered, and preferably in HD high quality.

Lastly, I want to draw particular attention to the LLL Peru series, since that hasn't gotten too much love or attention on here (as far as I know). I think that's mainly because it started airing 2011 way after all the rest ended, so it could've easily skipped off people's radar. The streams I found were just atrocious -- pixelated 360p quality.

From: guest (Guest01) , 28 months, post #6

I feel kinda silly for doing this as I was the one who originally asked for help, but apparently searching google in the original Russian language did not occur to me. Margosha or Маргоша got me instant results to a possible legitimate legal streaming site called videomore. To my Russian friends on here, please confirm if videomore is a legitmate legal streaming site? I had to use google translate to research it. :) The catch to this site is that it's only streaming in Russia. But hey, it's in HD quality (as far as I can tell).

I leave it to people's discretion to use VPN or not to access it. I will refrain from posting links but will recommend that people just search google with "Маргоша 1 сезон" you'll get desired results in top of the first page.

From: Qwourt , 28 months, post #7
The episodes of LouisLouise may be complete because I remember the original episodes were around 25 minutes. It may be all the episodes of one week combines in one that's why it's called week 1. Correct me if I'm wrong.

From: guest (Guest01) , 28 months, post #8
Hi Qwuort,

I thought as much, since some scenes seemed to flow disjointed with continuity. Also the streaming segments were divided by approx 1 hr 40 min each, so it could fit like 5-6 episodes each? Hard to say for sure since the intro and outro were completely cut off. Perhaps they were edited into weekly segments. *shrugs*

I'll say in regards to the LLL Belgium stream, I mainly have issues with audio being blocked on YT with random episodes. This audio issue is especially annoying for Week 4 which is a critical point of the series.

And on top of that there are some episodes completely blocked in North America.

From: Qwourt , 28 months, post #9
If you want you can make a list with the videos that are blocked and I can see if I may be able to download them and put them in a zip file for you.

From: guest (Guest01) , 28 months, post #10
Thanks Qwuort, for now if you can get us access to the episodes for Week 4, I think I can make do. I've not progressed past that point too much, only randomly clicking on later stream segments to confirm the issue and randomly noticing the country block on a few.

Also just noticed week 6 is absent from the stream list. Please try and help us find week 6. To be honest, since these are soap operas the middle of the series drag along at a snails pace, so only the beginning and ending episodes really feel necessary and fulfilling (story arc wise).

From: Tuggy24g , 28 months, post #11

From: guest (Guest01) , 28 months, post #12

Allegedly the Mexican LLL was FINALLY greenlit earlier this year in January 8, 2018. I was just randomly browsing the LLL wikipedia page:

And under the Adaptaciones section for Mexico I found what roughly translates to english as this:

"The Mexican chain TV Azteca bought the rights for the transmission and later worked on a Mexican version that would be made in 2013, which was not released. However, on January 7, 2018 the realization of the Mexican version was confirmed and it will release at the end of 2018 at 7:30 pm by Azteca Uno, which will be starring Mariana Torres."

Can our friends in Mexico please confirm any official press releases or other news? I cannot bring myself to trust Wikipedia at face value... I remain cautiously optimistic till we receive a consensus confirmation.

From: guest (Bud) , 28 months, post #13
I'll believe it when I see it.

From: Tuggy24g , 28 months, post #14
Since we are talking about Lola aka lalaola I just wanted to know. I saw this video for the Chile Lola version but none of the scenes are in the actual episode posted online by canal 13. Does anyone know if this is just a trailer or

From: guest (Guest01) , 28 months, post #15
Hi Tuggy, I believe some of those scenes are excerpted from the Intro of the Lola series. I saw it on another video of the Intro on YT. The voiceover and only a few of the clips may have been filmed specifically for the promo.

From: guest (Bud) , 28 months, post #16
The trailer was misleading and false advertising. The main character in Chile Lola version wore a dress like maybe 3 or 4 times during the entire run of the show. It was mainly just dress pants and tight low cut tops and high heels.

From: guest (Guest01) , 28 months, post #17
I read in the comments of some of these episodes that the Canal 13 company that aired Lola were owned by a Catholic-affiliated organization.

It seems that the production was constantly being riddled with mandates from that organization, and the show nearly never made it on air...which would've been a shame since according to imdb shows Lola to be some 276 episodes...the longest running iteration of the franchise.

Also: the leading actress Blanca Lewin as Lola is pretty top billing in skills and looks too, so that just barely rescues the production from total mediocrity. The melodrama nearly killed it for me. There was some supernatural elements in there that were poorly executed for dramatic effect (I don't want to spoil the plot for people). Is that part of that Latin American Magical Realism?

From: guest (Guest01) , 28 months, post #18
BTW Bud, just was wondering how do you know that Lola only dressed up 3-4 times in a dress? Have you seen ALL of the episodes before? From what I can tell, at present there's only about 24-26% of the total Lola episodes released officially by Canal 13 on YT.

From: Holly Dunn , 28 months, post #19
Yeah. I remember running poor translations of articles about the Lola Chile series back when it was new. The Catholic Church owned Canal 13 and felt that having him fall in love as a woman as too far. I never understood the rationale why they allowed the transexualism, but drew the line at wearing dresses and falling in love in what is now a heterosexual relationship. I think the promo came from a pilot episode or an early episode they had to redo. Too bad it was never leaked.

From: guest (Bud) , 28 months, post #20
I remember watching them online a long time ago when they first aired. I believe they were on the old version of the Canal 13 website.

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