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Why does suck so much?
From: guest , 12 months, post #1
Like, jesus christ, I just wanna read a damn story.
Stop giving me the 'limited servers' excuses when less than 500 people visit your site per day.
I'm not giving you my money, asshats.

From: guest (Shucks) , 12 months, post #2
Yeah they've gotten crazy aggressive with it lately to the point where they're going to drive all of their users away, textbook example of "How to kill a website."

Oh and even if you pay them, it doesn't get rid of ads. Good shit right there.

From: rugal , 12 months, post #3
It's definitely annoying but companies and websites of all sorts, not just, need to really think of ways to make money beyond ads. Not just because ads are frequent and annoying (as they are) but because often times a lot of bad ads get through.

With specifically, the biggest problem is how badly overpriced the paid accounts are. $10 for 3 months of Basic membership? $20 for a year? $50 for 12 months of Upgraded membership? Nobody's going to want to really pay those prices, to say nothing of the hundreds of dollars you'd be shelling out for Premium and Premium Plus. The reality is that there should only be one level of paid (the Premium level) charged, for example, around $2.99 to $3.99 per month or a one-time yearly purchase of $30 to $40 IMO. People, psychologically, react better to smaller numbers and it'd probably be able to get them to purchase things on a monthly subscription than $9.99 for 3 months of Basic membership.

But all that said, yeah the punishing of free users by throttling their ability to view stories is a shame as is the site's indifference to free users which amounts to "if you're not giving us money then buzz off". I'm lucky in that I've had the gift points necessary to get the Basic membership and if need be I could probably take commissions for GPs if I needed more, much like how Seuzz has been doing. But of course not everybody is a writer or wants to write or anything so that option doesn't exist for everyone.

From: guest (Not op) , 12 months, post #4
Wouldn't it better if they allow users to support the users(writers) like patreon and take a cut from there? Lol it seems like this move will kill their site entirely

From: guest (Not op) , 12 months, post #5
Probably should start backing up your favorite stories..

From: guest (IWishIwasALittleGirl) , 12 months, post #6
I hope the community moves on to another site/platform. I'm sure that are many alternatives out there. I'm not blaming them nor saying that they don't have the right to do what they choose to do with their page.... But...

Although, many users are not paying it... Many of those free users are writing stories for free as well, which is the precise reason for why people are going to their website.

If you kick out free users, you are also kicking out people who write for free. Which, I assume, adds value to your whole platform. So, I'm somewhat skeptical about how good is this business strategy. With this move they might end up alienating their users.

From: guest (IWishIwasALittleGirl) , 12 months, post #7
>Probably should start backing up your favorite stories..
Did it

From: guest (guest) , 12 months, post #8
The new FB guys are open to rehosting dead interactives over at They can't really stop anyone from posting live stories either but aren't going to actively encourage it for legal reasons.

But yes, it's clear that StoryMaster wants to kill the only part of his site that generates traffic, so probably a prelude to discontinuing offering them altogether. Best to back up your stories now so you don't lose them. has been blocked by w.c recently so even the robots aren't capturing the content anymore.

From: guest (That_One_Guy) , 12 months, post #9
It just seems like a dick move. I'm sure that the site's not exactly rife with ways to make money on the part of the siterunners, but throttling free users like this is really egregious. If interactive stories are such a sink hole monetarily, even with the advent of the optional mining stuff (which I'm guessing not many people do), why not ask for donations or something periodically to pay for server costs or some shit?

But hey, I'm not exactly an expert on this stuff, so what the hell do I know.

Also, 100+ dollars for year-long Premium and up? Fuck that, I could pay for Horizon: Zero Dawn AND Persona 5 for that much. I love ya, but I'm not made of money,

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