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From: guest (Guest2) , 38 months, post #61
Damn, he's so close morphing into Iris, or any female characters in the series.

From: guest (Bud) , 38 months, post #62
Is The Thinker transgender? I only ask because he's been in multiple female bodies for a while and wears makeup, ear rings, and heels when he's possessing a female body. Is he just playing the part or does he have a desire to be a woman possibly?

From: guest , 38 months, post #63
I don't think he cares as in the latest episode the people are referred to as host bodies. To me it seems they are a means to prolong his life till he reaches his goal. My best guess would be one with an even distribution of dark matter as his original medical condition was because it was all focused on his brain.

From: guest (newcururu27) , 38 months, post #64
Possession or Shapeshifting in ultimate episode?

From: guest (Heri) , 38 months, post #65
Read post #60.

From: guest (Usnavi) , 38 months, post #66
Click to show spoiler
Fcbvyref sbe guvf jrrx'f rcvfbqr: Srznyr QrIbr znxrf na nccrnenapr, orsber whzcvat sebz Vmml'f obql vagb Rqjva Tnhff', naq gura vagb Enycu Qvoal. Lrf, fb gur rybatngrq zna vf abj qrnq. Ab zber tbbsl funcrfuvsgvat tvtf gb rkcrpg. Ohg abj gung QrIbr unf funcrfuvsgvat cbjref, ur funcrfuvsgf onpx vagb uvf byq frys. Gung pbhagf nf na ZgZ, ng yrnfg.

From: guest (Hugo) , 38 months, post #67
That sucks.

From: guest (Guest2) , 38 months, post #68
I just want this Thinker thing to end. No TG excitement at all. At least make Ralph back to next season, he has more potential for tg shapeshifting.

From: guest , 38 months, post #69
So the Izzy thing is done? Meh.

From: guest , 38 months, post #70
I have a theory the woman who keeps appearing in the coffee shop is one of the devoes from the future. I am presuming it is Marlize as she did find out about the drugging and probably will again and will try to escape and stop her husband before he gets too powerful/unstopable if possible this comes from the book she was writing having the symbols in it and knowing written words would be easier to keep out of devoes hand then on a PC.

Further guess from last nights episode
Click to show spoiler
Nf Pnvgyva'f cbjref ner tbar vf gur cflpur bs Xvyyre Sebfg, jvyy ur tvir gur cbjre gb Zneyvmr? Vs fur genafsbezf jvyy gur cflpur bs Xvyyre Sebfg erghea naq trg onpx ng gur guvaxre?

From: hskfmn , 38 months, post #71

From: guest (Huilo) , 28 months, post #72
No transformations from Ralph in season 5 so far, disappointing.

From: guest (That Guy) , 28 months, post #73
Yeah. He should have figured out by now that he can get free drinks on Ladies Night.

From: guest (guest) , 28 months, post #74
This is so random posting.

From: guest (Hulo) , 19 months, post #75
Next episode is called "License to elongate" and the description says that Ralph goes deeply undercover... it could mean some shapeshifting. It will air on November 19th.

From: guest , 19 months, post #76

From: guest (Heri) , 10 months, post #77
Well, the actor portraying Elongated man was recently fired, we didn’t get to see any MTF from him, as I wrote on post #14. Another totally wasted potential in this show.

From: guest (Freaky1) , 10 months, post #78

From: guest (djsaled) , 10 months, post #79
@Heri the disguise would have likely failed because i don't think he can reform his genitals into something different his shapeshifting works differently

From: guest (Guest) , 10 months, post #80
Uh that news was almost two months ago.

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