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The Flash TF alert
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From: Yoyoeldas , 40 months, post #1
Tonight's episode of The Flash is revealed to include at least two MTM shapeshifts, involving Elongated Man stretching his body. Here's one from the official clip:

From: guest (guest2) , 40 months, post #2
I didnt understand fully what Iris has said on elongated man. Does she told him to shapeshift into her and tammy( the other girl) too? I know the episode is almost up, but i couldnt contain my curiousity.

From: guest (boy25) , 40 months, post #3
at what time does she say that?

From: guest (guest2) , 40 months, post #4
I must have misunderstood what she said. Forget about the "Tammy girl" thing, its her and Amunet that she said. Youtube auto translate is so silly.

From: guest (bro) , 40 months, post #5
is there any MTF?

From: Yoyoeldas , 40 months, post #6
Updates: 3 MTM shapeshifts, 1 MTF possession at the end.

From: guest (Honest Abe) , 40 months, post #7
There is a significant MTF swap in there too, but it’s not Ralph.

Click to show spoiler
Gur frnfba ivyynva Qribr hfrf n znpuvar gb genafsre uvf pbafpvbhfarff vagb n srznyr Zrgnuhzna. Vg’f hapyrne vs vg’f creznarag ohg fur/ur fcraqf gur svany zbzragf bs gur rcvfbqr qerffrq va n srgpuvat srznyr bhgsvg qevaxvat punzcntar jvgu uvf jvsr.

From: Yoyoeldas , 40 months, post #8
Btw I am very optimistic by now! Our main villain has possessed a chick, and there's a shapeshifter as a regular member of Team Flash! Gonna have a lot to look forward to the coming episodes.

From: guest (Bud) , 40 months, post #9
Will he stay in the body long enough to experience the woman's period LOL?

From: guest , 40 months, post #10
Episode is on tonight so we will see what happens soon.

I have a theory based on current imdb listing (which may not show all appearances due to good secret keeping). Putting in spoiler tags in case i'm right or close to right

Click to show spoiler
Fhtne Yla Orneq nxn unmneq/orpxl/qribr vf abg yvfgrq sbe n shgher rcvfbqr fb qribr jvyy or fjvgpuvat obqvrf.Zvenaqn ZnpQbhtnyy, Vmml Objva'f npgerff vf fyngrq gb nccrne va rcvfbqr 17 naq 18 fb znl or cynlvat qribr gura.Vs V jnf qribr V jbhyq yrnir Vmml nybar sbe abj nf gur genvyre frrzrq gb uvag ng enycu xvaqn yvxvat ure fb gnxr ure obql yngre naq hfr vg gb gevpx Enycu njnl sebz grnz synfu gb tnva uvf cbjre nf vg frrzf gb or uvf raq tbny. Vs guvf cnaf bhg fvzvyne gb zl cerqvpgvba gura V jbhyq yvxr gb frr na npprag fjvgpu sbe gur erirny nyfb qribr univat gb cergraq gb or n zhfvpvna sbe n ovg.

Doubt I will be correct in any fashion but fun to theorize.

From: guest (Usnavi) , 40 months, post #11
Click to show spoiler
Thrfg #10 tbg vg! QrIbr unf abj yrsg Orpxl naq cbffrffrq Vmml (jub vf vznb rira ubggre)

From: guest (FreakyDuchess) , 40 months, post #12
I love that Devoe is F2F bodyhopping. Someone after my own heart : ) Even though his wife seemed to approve of Izzy's body, I think I would have liked Beckys more. JMO. I hope the last few are female too.

From: guest (guest) , 40 months, post #13
I doubt it.

From: guest (Heri) , 40 months, post #14
Hopefully we will see any MTF shapeshift from Elongated Man before they take him out of the show as they did with Everyman.

From: guest , 40 months, post #15
With flashpoint there is a chance that everyman is alive still, could have been a non fatal shot this time and Barry does not know. Ah hopes :D

From: guest (Bud) , 40 months, post #16
So what's the deal with the thinker? Is he transgender? Is that why he seems to love being in female bodies? I still would love to see him get pregnant.

From: guest (guest2) , 40 months, post #17
Elongated Man has a lot of potential for our dream TG scenes. He has this quirky personality and he might love having a feminine-shaped body. He could have disguised himself as Izzy and or the villain's wife to trick him.

From: guest (Usnavi) , 40 months, post #18
@guest16 In my opinion he is gradually losing his original identity as he bodyhops more and more frequently. He has always seen his body as a limitation for his mind so as his mind abilities expand his body's gender no longer matters. That's my intepretation tho.

(My question is: Why does he now have a southern accent when he's in Izzy's body lol)

From: Bodyswap1 , 40 months, post #19
What is his end game stealing all the powers and these peoples bodies?

From: guest , 40 months, post #20
@19 I would assume to make a body that was able to hold his mind with out deteriorating ie the perfect balance of dark matter all over as in the last episode they said the extra dark matter was not helping and early on it was all in his brain.

@18 To me it seems that the original identity may still be in there or at least personality traits/mannerisms are prominent as there was this face that Izzy pulled when talking/flirting with Ralph show here is also shown here when devoe has got her body

Also liking Miranda MacDougall's acting as well she come across very sinister to me as devoe and i am going to look forward to the future episodes with her in.

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