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Has anyone attempted to make any Deepfakes?
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From: guest (AAA) , 22 months, post #41
GDA, incredible work!!

From: guest (GDA) , 22 months, post #42
Here are a few more. Again I will ask you DO NOT REPOST.

No nudity, no sound, but probably NSFW. Running in bikini, slow motion.

No sound, DEFINITELY NSFW, sex scene.

Sound, no nudity, scene from The Orville.


From: guest (Erin otoole) , 22 months, post #43
I would love my face to be added into a porn clip. Id actually pay for it to be done to be honest.

From: guest (GDA) , 22 months, post #44
I understand, but I don't think I can make such an offer. It takes a bit of doing and a lot of raw data, and not every porn clip is really suitable. I've had a lot more failures than successes at this point, although I'm getting better at picking my battles.

From: guest (AAA) , 22 months, post #45
Does anyone know where I can find this app?

From: guest (GDA) , 22 months, post #46
I'm actually using an older version of FakeApp. I downloaded it from Reddit before the channel blew up. I've heard that other versions of FakeApp (or purporting to be FakeApp) were posted that have hidden BitCoin miners in them, so I'd be wary of anything you find on the Internet. You might try, where they discuss various competing versions and which ones appear to be safe to use.

From: greendoubleaught , 17 months, post #47
I've been doing some more deepfakes using my own face and I've come to the conclusion that you can't get too ambitious unless you have really beefy equipment and days (or weeks) for training. Mine work best when the target head is pretty small. In absolute pixels, we're talking about 160x220 — if the video is 720 pixels tall, then no more than 1/4 of the height of the screen. A medium body shot (from mid-thigh to the top of the head) is about what I look for.

I haven't found any Hitomi Tanaka yet, but I did find some YouTube bikini-haul videos and a rather busty Instagram model that all worked out pretty well.

From: guest (Jessie) , 17 months, post #48
Are you still using the old version of FakeApp? Are you retraining for every other body?

From: greendoubleaught , 17 months, post #49
Yes, still using the old version — I haven't wanted to download any new versions, because I didn't want to get a version with a hidden cryptominer in it.

When I train a new face, I start with a pre-trained model that I used for something else that was similar. For instance, for a face that just turns, looks, and smiles, but doesn't speak; after training one of those ("Model 1") I copy and paste the file (renamed to "Model 2") to use for another face with the same range of expressions. That way you aren't training from scratch and it takes less time.

From: guest , 17 months, post #50
How much time and storage does it usually take? For one face to one other?

From: guest (turtleneck_girl) , 17 months, post #51
Where can I download this app? Is there a version for OSX?
Any info would be appreciated.


From: guest (Erin) , 17 months, post #52
I know this might sound weird but I'd love to see more of your fakes greendoubleaught and as I said before I would love if someone could do one of these for me.

From: greendoubleaught , 17 months, post #53
Guest: storage of files ranges from a little to a lot depending on how many frames you have in both datasets, and how long you plan to keep the training data afterward. 30 seconds x 24 FPS = 720 images in your training data; if you create a fake using those frames it’s another 720 images in the “merged” folder. My rig can’t handle more than about 1500 images in the training set, so above that is kind of pointless; I just edit the video shorter. Training time is likewise dependent on your system. I have a GeForce GTX 1060 and I train about 2-4 hours when starting from scratch, 1 hour when I’m using a pretrained model similar to a face I’ve used before, and 15 minutes when I’ve got a previous model of exactly the same girl.

turtleneck_girl: My information is 14 months out of date. When I downloaded FakeApp it was found on Reddit and there was no OSX version, there being no CUDA-enabled Nvidia cards for Mac. There are now (as of Feb 2019) but I don’t know if there’s a Mac port. Also, the subreddit has been shut down; and many of the places advertising FakeApp downloads probably put cryptominers in them, so you’ll have to watch for that too.

Erin: I’m sure a lot of people want me to do a fake for them, but I can’t promise that. I’ve done free stuff for people in the past and it usually ends badly. I get buried, people send me unusable images, they get impatient, is it ready yet, is it ready yet, that’s not good enough, can I make these ten thousand changes, can I have five more all for free. Kinda always works that way on the Internet. Actually had someone ask if I’d do an unlimited number of photoshopped pics of them as a latex porn star that they could post to their social media account so they could pose as a woman forever online.

From: greendoubleaught , 17 months, post #54
More exact answer: for a video 0:39 seconds long at 30 fps, it's about 1.4 GB of disk space.
1183 raw frames and 1183 merged frames (470kb each), 1183 aligned face-only images (15.2kb each), the input and output movies, and a housekeeping file. This adds up to about 1.15 GB. The remaining 250 MB is the transformation model (which can be used multiple times with the same girl without getting bigger, that's what she said).

From: greendoubleaught , 17 months, post #55
Since you asked, here are a few more. Please DO NOT DISTRIBUTE these.

MP4, no sound, one-piece swimsuit:

MP4, nudity, no sound, definitely NSFW:

MP4, no sound, fashion model:

MP4, with SOUND, fashion model:

What happens when you use a model that's a different race, you ask? This is what happens:
MP4, no sound, fashion model:

and this:
MP4, no sound, fashion model:

Okay, I hear you say, so what happens if you use an animated face? Well, yes, but it looks weird and frozen:

GIF, nudity, definitely NSFW:

So can you do a deepfake with multiple faces in the frame?

MP4, bikinis, no sound:

Fine ... but can you do a deepfake with LOTS of faces in the frame? Kind of, if you're careful:

MP4, fashion models and bikinis, with SOUND:

From: guest (erin) , 17 months, post #56
Thanks for sharing those greendoubleaught and I understand what your saying about people wanting everything for free. I've found a good site (I think) and I'm really enjoying the fakes over there. Hopefully I'll get one done of myself at some stage.

From: guest (Konkaremote) , 17 months, post #57
Woah greendoubleaught those are great! I have also been playing around with deepfakes, but I dont think my computer is good enough to make high quality ones. I've been having some success using deepfacelab, but only on scenes where they are facing the camera. When their face is to the side the face becomes very blurry.

I'll share this one:


From: greendoubleaught , 16 months, post #58
You’re getting some good results, Konkaremote! I find the same problem when the head starts to turn; the automated system can’t target the facial landmarks well, and there are never enough source images to match up. (There’s only one way for a face to be straight on, but hundreds of ways for it not to be.)

You might try my method to see if you get any success. My source image files are about 60% my face; and 20% two other faces that have roughly the same proportions as mine). It often produces results that are fuzzy, or which drifts too close to one of the source people, but when you get in the zone it produces a recognizable and feminized amalgam of the male face.

From: guest , 16 months, post #59
Not sure if this has been posted before:

This is only for pictures though but the results are very good and very quick

From: guest , 16 months, post #60
greendouble---do you have the link/source for the original video for the red swimsuit vid? (I do fakes and that is the most perfect "basic swimsuit" vid I've ever seen)

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