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Has anyone attempted to make any Deepfakes?
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From: hskfmn , 30 months, post #1
Anyone who isn't familiar with what a Deepfake is, you can check out this Subreddit.

I would attempt it, but I'm fairly certain my home system is not technically proficient or powerful enough to perform the operations needed to create these videos. But if anyone else has a more advanced/powerful computer, I would really be interested to see what you could get up to.

There's so much potential for face/head/voice swaps. I would really be curious to see some people here make the attempt.

From: guest , 30 months, post #2
I seem to be one of the very few people interested in it for "PG"-rated purposes. I'm actually awaiting some stuff to upgrade my PC--I've done a few experiments, but results are fairly poor due to hardware. But once I get the new stuff....

Anyways---here is a family-friendly, great example of the things that can be done:

From: guest (troll) , 30 months, post #3
I tried TF movie character with emma watson.
And Failed.
Quality is so bad.

From: hskfmn , 30 months, post #4
@guest #2

I agree with the assessment that we should have some more PG-rated Deepfakes as well. People on Reddit seem exclusively interested in utilizing Deepfakes for use in porn. I'm more interested in movie clips and celebrity interviews, etc.

From: guest , 30 months, post #5
Exactly, those are main two things----like, take a movie clip and "cast another actress in the role". Or like for an interview---maybe swap the interviewer and interviewee.

From: guest (Seth McFarlane) , 30 months, post #6
Seth Macfarlane on a girl's body (NSFW):

From: guest (Jennifer Cage) , 30 months, post #7
Nicholas Cage on Jennifer Connelly body during interview:

From: greendoubleaught , 30 months, post #8
I am attempting to do this now. Over the years I have done a number of photomanipulations of my own face as if it were female: different angles, different expressions, different poses, and morphed halfway with many different female faces. Ideally it will produce a recognizable amalgam of my face with female features. I do not know whether it will work because a) I only have a hundred or so images of me, b) they may not be similar enough to make a good model, and c) my video card barely meets minimum specs. If it doesn't work, or if the quality is low, I may be able to justify a computer upgrade during the summer after I get out of grad school and try again.

From: hskfmn , 30 months, post #9
Well Reddit just banned the /r/deepfakes subreddit, on the grounds of “using celebrity likeness in explicit situations without consent.”

From: guest , 30 months, post #10
Could the program be used for like putting an actress face from like teen wolf that’s in werewolf makeup onto a porn Star ? How many images are needed?

From: greendoubleaught , 30 months, post #11
The official recommendation is "hundreds," which is what you can get in 8-10 seconds of full-motion 24 fps video. In my very limited experience watching the training sequences progress, the reason you need that many is so you have as much variety of angles and expressions in your target as you do in your overlay. In other words, if the target's face is moving all around, talking, blinking, seen in profile, looking up and down, then you're going to want enough images in your overlay to roughly match that variety. On the other hand, if your target has only one expression (eg, smiling) or only seen from one side (eg, the front) then your overlay pictures can be mostly smiling from the front too.

Would it work for an actor in heavy prosthetic makeup? I don't know. Perhaps. It depends how well the two faces line up. It might take forever, or it might not work at all, if starting and ending images are too dissimilar.

From: guest , 30 months, post #12
For prosthetics---the "replacement" face will not have them--that may or may not be your goal. The AI is remarkably good at "stripping away" things when replacing---extreme eye makeup, even mustaches. But it also means it can handle "extreme" situations like that.

From: guest , 30 months, post #13
Wait, think I got that backwards---you wanted the girl in werewolf makeup, to be the face that is replacing the original one in the video? Then it should work fine, keeping the makeup.

From: guest , 30 months, post #14
Yea ^ so that could be done with like 10 pics or so then?

From: guest , 30 months, post #15
10? Highly unlikely, unless the clip used only has the woman with almost zero variation in facial expression and angle/positioning of head throughout the scene, and the 10 werewolf girl pics matched that almost perfectly.

From: greendoubleaught , 30 months, post #16
I should also mention that the first step is automated facial recognition. If the app can't recognize either face as human, it's not going to know how to match it. Facial recognition technology is based on taking a directional histogram of a simplified form of the image: basically, sensing where the picture is getting lighter and getting darker. If it matches a certain basic configuration, the algorithm says a face is present. Whether this works on a werewolf face depends, I suppose, on how extreme this makeup job is and what camera angles you're using. A wolf face from the front might match as human. From the side, maybe not. A spotted Dalmatian dog with lots of extraneous light and dark spots? A cow face with the eyes toward the outside? Maybe not at all.

From: guest (BarackObrahma) , 30 months, post #17
This kinda reminds me about how bodyhoppers trope started. =]

From: guest (jessie) , 30 months, post #18
On a similar note, since reddit banned r/deepfakes (which had all the technical specifications too -_-), does anyone know where it migrated to?

From: guest , 30 months, post #19
The actual technical part/guide for how to use it, r/fakeapp, is still up. After that, seems to have about the best info, compiled from Reddit before the ban. Most all other places that splintered off are nothing but porn, and porn requests.

From: guest (Ky) , 30 months, post #20
r/FaceApp just got banned. doesn’t work. Where has the migration of deepfakes gone too?

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