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Possession ideas
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From: guest (Steve) , 28 months, post #1
Hi folks! I do want to make a horror film, and I also want to make a porn movie, because I just love to work out my own movies, but now i cant imagine a good plot/story.

So please guys, let your craziest ideas about a guy with possession powers, in a porn movie, with girls etc. I just can't imagine a good story.
Maybe i will work using your ideas.

Thanks in advance!

From: guest (aras) , 28 months, post #2
Not my story but something like this would be awesome

From: guest (aras) , 28 months, post #3
Personally I prefer dark stories where the change ends up permanent.

From: guest (Steve) , 28 months, post #4
Tell me about it! Just tell me a nice plot, i kinda prefer darker ones to

From: guest (Imanonuymous) , 28 months, post #5
I have story ...if you want plot email me at my contact

From: guest (aras) , 28 months, post #6
General recipe that works for dark M2F and F2F: The main character acquires some magical or sci-fi means to escape limits of old age, sickness / death (maybe all 3), could be wealth based also.
Another far more attractive and youthful character ends up serving as a donor body.
Possible twist, the younger trusts the older, then is betrayed during the transfer. Twist two, maybe the younger donors memories/intelligence are absorbed as well.

From: guest , 28 months, post #7
Guy can also do partial possession. One of the girls is in on it. He partially possessions a girl and controls her arm to fool around with the other girl who pretends she's being controlled too. Girl freaks out a bit because she can't stop fingering this other person. Tries to scream and find herself muff diving so she won't be loud.

From: guest , 28 months, post #8
My favorite possession story is Student Bodies on A dude gets turned into a slime and can possess other people. He can separate his slime body into pieces and possess multiple people, and he can access his hosts' memories, personality, mannerisms, abilities, emotions, etc.

From: guest , 28 months, post #9
Personally I've always liked the idea of the risk of losing your own identity when possessing someone else. Like, you have access to their memories and personality and stuff, but if you're not careful you can get too intertwined with their identity and forget that you're not actually that person.

From: Nptox18 , 28 months, post #10
If you want dark stories there are alwys the stories involving turning people into skinsuits and wearing them...

From: guest , 28 months, post #11
Book of masks is also great.

From: guest (Drik) , 28 months, post #12
Hi Steve, Great!! these are plot possession/horror very interesting( I suggest you to read them)

plot in short: an bully guy for revenge, take possessions of the his victim's mom's body(very nice porn scene)
simple plot, very interesting for make a porn movie!

plot in short: A long time body hopper finds a person he can't possess. to understand why he fails with this guy, he take possessions of the mom and sister of the guy,trying not to be discovered and provoking sexually!! there are 4 chapters: - ( story introduction) (the body hopper take possessions of the mom of the guy, the best part porn and funny)
shudder is very interesting plot for make a porn movie!!
I hope I have been helpful, let me know what you think!

From: guest (Steve) , 28 months, post #13
@Dirk, sounds amazing! I have added them on my list!!

But i was thinking of a prom on a high school or so, where the date of a MC girl can't be there because he has vanished, but then he learns how to possess people, en he possesses her bestfriend, en after that, he possesses a dude zo he and his girl can chill together.

Let me know what you think!

And i want also a scene where the GF can see him, and she asks to the BF to possess her for a reason, any ideas about it! Thanks all! :)

From: guest (Drik) , 28 months, post #14
Thanks!! I'd be glad to see something like to the stories I have linked! :D
are you make amateur porn movie or have you an studio of porn movie?

From: guest (Steve) , 28 months, post #15
@Dirk, im a college student in filmworks, I've build my own setup/studio in the past few years, and i just have a fetish for possession things I guess. So i just wanted to combine these two :)

From: guest (Drik) , 28 months, post #16
Oh understand.. amazing! :) me too,but i prefer possession with adult( friend's mom, stepmom, mom, teacher etc...) so i have no ideas for your idea that you wrote above eheh... if you wont make it with adult possession, I have various chapters link and ideas :) let me know

From: f2flover , 28 months, post #17
How about an alternative version to Yuer Marn?

It is a lakorn about a feisty go getter MILF who is dying and a beautiful but useless 25 years old girl. In the lakorn, we understand that she used to sleep around but became unable to have sex. Our heroine also have the hots for the hunky boyfriend of the young beauty.
Unfortunately in the original version, the boyfriend discovered the truth, was totally ungrateful and unappreciative of the great sex he was receiving from his new and improved girlfriend. Our heroine then attempted to have her HIV positive husband (to her old body) whom she also slept with (but whose middle aged body wasn't satisfying to her now young body) to take over the boyfriend but was foiled... losing her new body in the process.

For reference, the full lakorn is available on youtube. A partially english subbed partial upload of the scenes from half of the episodes was uploaded recently telling in english sub the story of our heroine suffering the disappointment of discovering her original intended host her niece was sickly like her too,,, the joys of discovering that the body of the young woman whose boyfriend she has the hots for and her husband was lusting for was suitable as a host... the near failure of a successful transfer before the last full moon she could complete the soul transfer ritual... up to the episode where her husband foiled her from sleeping with another hunk who was hitting on the girl in the past. Oh yeah... this part should be changed too.

From: f2flover , 28 months, post #18
Did I mentioned the old ending was totally disgusting? The useless girl and stupid boyfriend live happily ever after in a song and dance... wasting our heroine's wealth on an orphanage... :(

From: guest (Steve) , 28 months, post #19

You can always show me some ideas, maybe i can combine them so a mom and a girl get possessed at the same time

From: guest (Steve) , 28 months, post #20

Uhm, okay, thats a plot where i didn't even think about, but it's kinda interesting as well

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