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Gal Metal TG (Nintendo Switch)
From: guest (Jill) , 18 months, post #1
I thought this one was pretty interesting. The premise is aliens invade, kidnap a guy and girl and force them to swap bodies. The guy (now a girl) joins a female rock band as the drummer in order to fight the aliens.

Neat premise and I hope it gets an English translation at some point

From: guest (vebee) , 9 months, post #2 The first handful of minutes is quite good with some point of view stuff when he wakes up as the girl he's possessing.

From: guest (lwb) , 9 months, post #3
I don't think they actually swap bods, they share a body but the guy's in full control.

From: guest , 9 months, post #4
Message deleted by JayGee. spoilers
From: guest , 9 months, post #5
Oh whoops I forgot spoiler tags, I'll post it again if the mods wanna delete the above.

Click to show spoiler
Cynlrq guvf, irel fgenatr fgbel. Gur thl gnxrf pbageby bs gur tvey (Evaxb)'f yvsr juvyr fur freirf nf n cnffratre jub tvirf uvz nqivpr ba fbpvny vagrenpgvbaf naq ghgbevnyf ba ubj gb cynl gur qehzf. Lbh qb n zvk bs cynlvat vafgehzragf naq vagrenpgvat jvgu ure sevraqf ng fpubby va n ivfhny abiry sbezng (abar bs gurz xabj jung'f unccrarq). Ng gur raq bs gur tnzr jura gur nyvraf ner qrsrngrq, gurl'er erghearq gb abezny sbe n pbhcyr qnlf hagvy gurl'er noqhpgrq ntnva naq ur'f chg onpx vagb pbageby bs ure obql. Fur frrzf fhecevfvatyl bxnl jvgu guvf, ohg gura ntnva vg vf n pbzrql. (Ng bar cbvag vg pbzrf hc gung ur'f orra nibvqvat frrvat ure anxrq naq fur onfvpnyyl gryyf uvz gb trg bire vg, yby)Vg'f abg pyrne vs gurl rire tb onpx gb abezny. Gur QYP frg nsgre gur znva fgbel whfg unf gur ZP vagrenpgvat jvgu arj punenpgref naq svtugvat qvssrerag nyvraf va fbeg bs n fyvpr bs yvsr sbezng, bar bs juvpu vf n tvey jub trgf n pehfu ba uvz/ure.

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