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New Supergirl TG
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From: guest (knowledge) , 38 months, post #41
Message deleted by hskfmn. Not the place for this type of discussion. Please keep discussion TF-related.
From: guest , 38 months, post #42
New episode just aired and John did shapeshift into a women it was a short tf but I missed some of the episodes and have to rewatch to see if I missed anything else

From: guest (Guest) , 38 months, post #43
what woman?

From: guest (Guest2) , 38 months, post #44
I still think that this series has the most missed potential TG content. Right now, Martian Manhunter and young Brainiac(they call him brainy) are at least the two main characters that can change form. And none of them as at least stayed in other forms for 5 minutes. Martian's disguise always stays for a brief seconds. And Brainy never changed himself into a woman.

From: guest (Gnosis) , 38 months, post #45
Click to show spoiler
Ur fuvsgrq vagb Rir Grffznpure sbe 3 bafperra frpbaqf.
Honestly this is starting to annoy me too. So much wasted potential for his powers.

From: guest (naumm) , 38 months, post #46
do we have a timestamp for that tf

From: hskfmn , 38 months, post #47
Episode 4x21 - Red Dawn @ 19:57

It literally lasts all of 8 seconds. The initial change is not shown. And he even goes behind a crate to shift back...

From: guest (Bud) , 38 months, post #48
Brainy won't change into a woman any time soon. He's acting like Brainiac so he doesn't have time to feel and express emotions. Can you imagine Brainiac meeting Brainy?

From: guest (Gnosis) , 33 months, post #49
Episode 5x01
Click to show spoiler
Gur yvggyr tvey va gur rcvfbqr gheaf bhg gb or W'baa'f rivy oebgure va qvfthvfr arne gur raq bs gur rcvfbqr

From: guest (mm) , 33 months, post #50
Did she appear earlier in the episode? I only saw her at the end...

From: guest (Gnosis) , 33 months, post #51
She opened the portal for Midnight.
Also seems like the new shapeshifter would have a larger arc for this season, according to this report:

From: guest , 33 months, post #52
She does appear 8:14 Min Mark in the episode!

From: guest (Zzzzzz) , 33 months, post #53
Martian Manhunter almost took Kara's place in accepting her award but her sister insisted to take it by herself. Dang it, we almost saw J'onn as Kara wearing a dress. And btw, Brainy loves him doing Kara's impression. I cant wait for Brainy's turn to impersonate her.

From: guest (tgfave) , 33 months, post #54
According to the spoilers I read today in reddit, White Martians are working with Malefic. Also, one of them takes Alex's form!! There might be more, but I'm not sure cause I haven't seen the episode yet.

From: guest (Gnosis) , 33 months, post #55
Click to show spoiler
Znyrsvp vzcrefbangrf Xryyl ohg Nyrk svaqf bhg. Ur xabpxf ure bhg naq gura vzcrefbangrf Nyrk naq svtugf Fhcretvey. Naq gura ur vzcrefbangrf Xryyl ntnva gb pbashfr Nyrk ohg fur vfa'g sbbyrq.Nyfb, Yran'f NV Ubcr raqf hc cbffrffvat Rir va gur raq.

From: guest , 33 months, post #56
Season 5 Episode 2 Has 3 Transformations the 2 From post 55 And Earlier in the episode the little girl is back from Season 5 Ep 1 Hear is that seen:

i only saw half the episode due to a bad storm cut my power and by the time it ended the episode was over. Still got to rewatch on demand monday afternoon!

From: guest (troll) , 33 months, post #57
In the recent episode, How do they detect him all the time?
Is there any clue?

From: guest , 33 months, post #58
Dont Know still trying to watch due to the bad strom!

From: guest (hey) , 33 months, post #59
Hi, was there any new tg in todays episode ?

From: guest (Gnosis) , 33 months, post #60
Mtm. He shifted into Sean Astin for the most part, and a couple of minor mtm as well.
Also, he now has mind control powers.

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