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Man to Woman transformation - Magic trick
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From: guest , 54 months, post #1
Anyone knowing good content about m2f transformation on magic show?

From: DB Cooper , 54 months, post #2
While I've seen a number of 'quick change' illusions, where the magician instantaneously replaces himself with a female assistant, they never pretend that she's the same person. Personally, I think this would be a fun trick. A male volunteer (but actually a shill from the audience) is turned into a woman wearing the man's clothes.

From: DB Cooper , 54 months, post #3
Actually, I forgot about this one. Magician turns a pack of cub scouts into girls:

From: guest (guester) , 54 months, post #4
Trick DB Cooper describe sounds fun.

Would be funniest if then the magician perform a quick change to the "new" girl clothes, turning her "old male clothes" into sexy assistent uniform. Then tell "him/her" she wiil be his assistent during the show, recalling sometimes that she is a transformed guy from the audience.
And then finally leave or disappear, with her leaving the audience yelling at him "Hey! Change me back!"

From: guest (ron42661) , 54 months, post #5
Probably getting senile, but I seem to remember an old Showtime skit show that had a magician and his beautiful assistant performing and in one of the tricks they body swap, The beautiful assistant is now wearing the tux and the magician the sexy assistant costume. They look disgusted and walk off the stage.

From: guest (switcher) , 54 months, post #6
Oh, man, ron42661, that sounds like fun. Does anybody else remember such a thing? Maybe if we put together enough details, we can track down video of it.

From: DB Cooper , 54 months, post #7
Ron, were the supposed to have switched clothes or bodies?

From: guest (Ron42661) , 54 months, post #8
The implication was their bodies

From: DB Cooper , 54 months, post #9
Here's magician Chris Angel pulling apart a couple and switching their lower halves:

Other magician's have done the same stunt during the 'double sawing' trick.

From: guest (Captain Pickle) , 54 months, post #10
I saw a live show with this once and it was a husband and wife team. The fun part was that it was part of the show and they acted it really well.

For the first half of the show the husband acted all flamboyant and over the top as he performed all the usual tricks and the wife was quiet and meek and did as she was told. Then half way through the show they would body swap (a rather impressive trick in itself where they get "zapped" by a machine and switch places physically but there seems to be no way for them to move out of the machine without the audience seeing).

The wife now acted like it was all massive screw up that they switched bodies and she perfectly acted all the husband's mannerisms and flare. She was impressively over the top and even copied the quirk of knocking over a particular glass bottle prop. You really thought it was the husband doing it all. They spent a few minutes trying to fix the "machine" (while doing other tricks like pulling an impossibly large wrench from a tiny briefcase) and then give up. The wife now does the rest of the show acting like the husband would. Meanwhile the husband copies all the wife's mannerisms and pretends to be quiet and meek.

It was a very impressive show overall and was more about entertainment than actual magic. The magic tricks were just a backdrop for their antics on stage. There were lots of subtle jokes about the differences between the sexes and a running gag was that like any man, the wife would grope her own breasts when she could.

What made it all work was that they were very good actors. It was an actual show.

From: DB Cooper , 54 months, post #11
Sounds pretty interesting, Captain Pickle. Do you remember the name of the magicians? Do they switch back at the end?

From: guest (Also Interested) , 54 months, post #12
Ron that sounds great. Tried searching with no luck.

From: guest (Captain Pickle) , 54 months, post #13
@DB Cooper #11

I wish i could remember their names but it was a show i saw in Vegas that my friends took me to see. It was 12 years ago. I have no idea if the magicians are still doing it.

Sorry i can't narrow it down further than that.

As for them switching back, they do "fix" the machine in the grand finale and use it. It explodes in an impressive failure (with them still in the two pods) and for a second you think they're killed. They appear at the back of the room and take their applause and everything. Then when the curtains close you can still hear their mics on and they complain their paints/panties feel different, the husband says he's going to check and a second later you hear a blood-curdling scream.

The implication was that they're back to normal but their genitals got swapped.

From: guest (Switcher) , 50 months, post #14
Hey Ron, I think I figured out what the show was, even if I couldn't find the sketch in question: There was a Canadian sketch comedy series in the 80s called Bizarre, with John Byner, which Showtime aired in an R-rated version with nudity and curse words. They do a lot of drag humor, and there are a few sketches where Byner is a magician, though I couldn't find one where they swap bodies and/or clothes.

That said, I did find this sketch, where Byner is emceeing a beauty pageant for prostitutes, and the winner's "talent" is that she takes him behind a screen and swaps clothes with him, so that she's in his tuxedo and he's wearing her clothes:

Is there any chance that was what you were thinking of?

There's a YouTube account that has 100 complete episodes, which is most, but not all, of the show's run. Would be really annoying if the sketch did exist, but was in one of the ones that's not online anywhere.

From: guest (ron42661) , 50 months, post #15
Unfortunately not the sketch I was recalling -- I do seem to remember that this series also had a guest who was promoting makeup for men -- after applying some on Byner, he gets disgusted indicating no man would ever buy the makeup where upon the guest storms off with his assistant who chimes in with a very masculine voice - implying she's a he who used the product

From: guest (switcher) , 50 months, post #16
But it WAS from Bizarre? Then we're frustratingly close: we know the show, but it doesn't appear to be in any of the 100 episodes that are on home video (and on YouTube), but from one of the other 41, which odds are will be lost forever.


From: JayGee , 50 months, post #17
I posted this before. In the early 1970's version of the PBS show The Electric Company, there was a magician who magically turned words into different words by adding a silent "e" at the end. To finish off his show, he did a final trick where me said he'd "turn me into May". Then he waved his wand and there was a puff of smoke and a woman was standing in his place. Presumably named "May". I've tried unsuccessfully to find it online.

From: JayGee , 50 months, post #18
It'll probably get harder. I'm pretty sure the magician was played by Bill Cosby.

From: DrunkenSneech , 44 months, post #19
With some editing, you could use the beginning of this clip: Magus Utopia auditioning for Britain's Got Talent (2018)

From: DB Cooper , 44 months, post #20
I'd love to see a trick like that, only to imply the woman is actually the male magician transformed.

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