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Mother/Son swaps
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From: guest (Sarah) , 135 months, post #141
drastic is a body swap between a 10-year old boy and his 40-year old mom if the boy are sitting in his class.......and then.......POOF......he turn slowley into the body of his mom.....she is a bimbo typ of mom.......and she is a stripper in a club.....with big DD-cup boobs and a very femine curvy woman body.

From: guest (beeznatch) , 135 months, post #142
haha! yeah, thats a good swap! or the mom is trying on clothes in a dressing room and the son is at school and they switch! that would be cool!

From: guest (Anthony) , 135 months, post #143
I'm a fan of the mom and son swapping in thier sleep and waking up in thier new bodies, the son wearing his moms night gown and waking up next to his dad, now husband would be quite a shock. And the mom waking up in her sons mom probably with a hard on lol
quite big shocks when waking up
then trying to act like each other as to not give them selves away
I'm more a fan of swaps where the mom works so the son has to try and be his mom and do her job while she goes back to school

From: guest (beeznatch) , 135 months, post #144
thats a good one, i'm a fan of that too! the best is when they try to impersonate eachtoher at work/school and infront of their friends. it makes for a very entertaining swap!

From: guest (johndoe) , 129 months, post #145
I'd pay to see Bree Van de Kamp and her son Andrew swap in Desperate Housewives.

From: Anybody , 129 months, post #146
Does anyone knows any story out of FM and that involves Mom/son swap?

From: guest (Bamtfartist) , 129 months, post #147
Please see my work, search for author "Melissa Blake" (penn name)

From: Anybody , 129 months, post #148
Yeah, I've read your work. It's good.
But I was looking for something outside FictionMania.
I belive I've read them all.

From: guest (Jayzie) , 128 months, post #149
I think this is an awesome thread. I personally think it would be best if the mom was between 35-45 and the son was around 14-16. The son would be just some average kid, who doesn't make too well of grades in school, and isn't very popular, yet somewhat attractive to girls. The mother would work as a stripper to support her family.
The mother would have shoulder lengthed brown hair, blue eyes, and a cute, innocent looking face. Her breasts would be between B-C cups, and her body would be very curvaceous and her legs would be the smoothest, most slender legs you could imagine. Just like my mom.

His mother would come home late at night, after some customer gave her a special medalion, and she would go to bed wearing her sexy lingerie. During the night, her and her son would switch bodies, and both would let out a small pleasurable moan as the became each other. The next morning, the mother would wake up with her son's hard on, and the son would wake up in his mother's lingerie, shocked. He would sit up, and feel a slight jiggle on his chest, and look down to discover his motherly predicament.
He would let out a gasp in her voice, and slowly walk to the mirror, feeling his new hips sway, as he comes face to face with her reflection, looking back at him.

I so wish this would happen to me!

From: guest (joer) , 128 months, post #150
(Bamtfartist) penn name melissa blake, I want to talk to you about your story stealing catherine, if you would please email me at

From: guest (beeznatch) , 128 months, post #151
Hey jayzie, thats really cool! i wish that would happen to me too! my email is if you wanna chat more about this..

From: Allie , 128 months, post #152
Sign me up too! Lol. My YIM name is toxicallie. My AIM is latinagoddess617. Im mostly on AIM when not online.

Or email me at


From: guest (Jayzie) , 128 months, post #153
Do I? :D

Anyway, talk to you soon

From: guest (Jayzie) , 128 months, post #154
Anyway, some good mother son swaps that could happen in tv series are on V, where the mother is somewhat attractive, and on the Terminator series that got canceled last year.
Some cartoons would be Full Metal Alchemest, like they bring her back and one of them accidentally swaps with her. Also, I've thought about Dragonball Z, where Goten and Trunks switch bodies with their own mothers, and they have to fuse together.
Chi Chi and Bulma <3

From: guest (Bamtfartist) , 128 months, post #155
I got a kick back on your email.

If you want to contact me, my email is

From: guest (jjj) , 128 months, post #156
anyone have a suggestion for a one

From: guest (Jayzie) , 128 months, post #157
Dawg, it's been so long since I've been on yahoo, I can't find the instant messanger.

From: guest (beeznatch) , 128 months, post #158
best tg subject, ever!

From: guest (2Josephine) , 121 months, post #159
Love the stories, keep them coming and never be ashamed. Remember this and remember it well, We all started out as a female baby and then it was your body the made up its own mind to make you a female or a male and some of us be came more or less male, as with some girls became more male in feelings and in looks with more male
thinking and the same for boy's. The human body be it boy or girl have the same exact feelings regarding the touch to our skin, smell, and the desire to feel something soft and sexy on us and it therlls us to a sexual gradifcation that we can not ignore and we begin arosed and we give into this natural feeling and we begin to touch or selfs or want to be touch and want someone to touch us and you are a boy or man in femae lingerie and clothes a woman to help acheve that plato and have a full body orgasim. It is one of the most beautiful feelings you can share with some one or by your self. By NO MEANS THERE IS nothing wrong with this. Man or woman you have the right to feel the right to feel the way you do and you have the right to have no one hurt you in any way but to support ypou in your efforts to bring out who you really are.
God bless and be well. 2Josephine ps. if you want me to wright more on this sub

From: guest (Jayzie) , 106 months, post #160
I loved this topic. I had some ideas about it though, such as if the swap occurred during dinner time. Me and my mom would be passing some bread sticks around and for some reason when my hand touches her's, we swap bodies (probably because of a new hand sanitizer she was using). I'm looking at her feminine hand from a first person POV, and then I look up at her, who apparently has also just noticed the swap, and everyone else is completely aloof. We try not to call any attention to ourselves, so we just go about dinner normally.
My mom in my body would be awkwardly shifting because she isn't used to having a penis, so it would be uncomfortable for her, and I'd feel odd sitting on her big hips. I would try to sit up straight, but would feel the odd sensation of her boobs inside her bra the entire time, especially when I breathed.

This topic is awesome :)

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